Guan Eng’s mistake – The evidences

by Sharifuddin A. Latiff

Lilian, a blogger/video journalist who works in the communication department of the Penang CM’s office, pointed out to HartalMSM that the official web-blog for the Penang CM is to be found at-

And when we checked on the posting of “Perutusan Ramadhan Al-Mubarak ” at this site, the message ended with the correct wording i.e. Amar makhruf nahi mungkar.

[In an earlier posting, we have used the ‘re-published’ Ramadhan greeting made by LGE as found at – – which showed ‘Amal‘]

Should HartalMSM therefore apologise to the Penang CM?

Well, we don’t intend to and here’s why (click on images to enlarge) :

Screenshot of Penang CM’s message at the official blog on 10th August 2010.

[URL here]

Screenshot of Penang CM’s message as re-published at Anwar Ibrahim’s blog on 13th August 2010.

[URL here]

Screenshot of Penang CM’s message found re-published at a DAP blog.

[URL here]

On all these screenshots, the ‘wrong’ word – Amal – was evident.

Did LGE’s office realised their error and subsequently made the necessary rectification? Apparently, that is the case at the time of this posting.

On the other hand, if you are to ‘Google’ the phrase – ‘perutusan-ramadhan-al-mubarak-oleh-ketua-menteri-pulau-pinang’ – and open the cached link on items found, don’t be surprised to find the ‘earlier’ versions of LGE’s message littering the Internet.

It is not HartalMSM’s intention to disparage the Penang CM on this issue but considering it is the second time that LGE had ‘allowed’ it to happen, it becomes a hindrance on the good governance he wishes to attain through C.A.T.

On a brighter note, at least HartalMSM now know that we are being read/monitored by Pakatan Rakyat in as much as we are watching their every move.

5 Responses to “Guan Eng’s mistake – The evidences”
  1. lilian says:

    I am merely pointing to the right URL of CM’s official blog. I am in no position to comment on the spelling nor am I authorised to log into the state’s blog to make any amendments. My previous comments did not mention anything about the spelling. So, whatever assumptions you have is much regrettable.
    Lilian, we had no assumptions on your intent. The first two para say as much – shar101.

  2. Jubilee says:

    Petty. All too petty.

    Better off channelling your energy on more pertinent issues, and engaging in more critical journalistic analyses.

    You’re effectively clutching at straws if you feel that this deserves several posts.


    Hartal MSM: The more one’s posturing is a sham, the more revealing when the costume slips. We found LGE’s slip-up amusing lah. You might want to put aside your partisanship for just a micro second & think over the big picture with a little bit of neutrality.

    • Jubilee says:

      It’s funny how one almost always brings up the notion of partisanship, indirectly reducing your audience into mere party/leader sympathisers without a significant thought or contribution. Fair, if not neutral comments can and do exist on their own, if you manage to look past your own self-importance simply because it’s on your site.

      My point was that you could play your responsible mature role in this by pointing out the mistake to the CM, and then move on. It’s a mistake indeed and one that’s been willingly corrected since, whereas you seem apt to describe it a debacle, a sham. To equate this to “a hindrance on the good governance he wishes to attain through C.A.T.” is over-reaching to say the least, never mind betraying your ‘amused’ outlook.

      Similarly, I implore you to follow your own advice and look at the bigger picture too. Partisanship aside, there’s plenty of posturing in the concept of 1Malaysia. Its costume has slipped invariably copious times and what’s been revealed thus far? I hope you’re able to doggedly pursue them too … oh, with a little bit of neutrality, yah? 😉
      Jubilee, “Amar makhruf nahi mungkar” can be loosely translated as “maintaining what is right (good), forbidding what is wrong (evil)”. The same phrase however with ‘amal’ inserted does not have the same interpretation.

      LGE’s ramadhan greeting was intended for muslim folks which will include those in the malay heartland. A mistake done once is quite forgivable as malays are .. well .. a forgiving lot. Doing it twice makes a mockery of ‘competency’ within LGE’s mantra on C.A.T. hence a hindrance to his own goals, isn’t it.

      Najib’s 1Malaysia is stillborn. Nuff said! – shar101.

  3. tigakupang says:

    All leaders make mistakes. Not just a few mistakes, but many mistakes. It is said the longer the tenure, the more and greater the mistakes that are committed.

  4. Serious Shepherd says:

    The meaning does not lari much. Like spelling rakyat as rakhyat. I mean it’s not like Solat Jamak spelled as Solat Jimak or pertubuhan mispronounced as persetubuhan 🙂 (I found those words at Kitab Fikah on forbidden things during the day on the month of Ramadan, not thinking dirty or anything)

    Amar makruf literally translates as ordering (people) to do what’s known i.e. good values. Amal makruf, if there was ever a misspelling, is to do what’s known i.e. good values. Again, the meaning does not lari much.
    And I rove you too, Serious Shepherd 🙂 – shar101.

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