Insulting Islam!!!

Picture above: We Malaysians feel his pain!

  • Palestinians are Muslims
  • Palestinians are beloved by Malaysians who are citizens of Malaysia, an Islamic country
  • Jews are an accursed-race-enemy-of-Islam detested by all good Malaysians
  • Therefore Jews attacking Palestinians is a double attack

*** an attack on the maruah of Malaysians who so love our Palestinian brothers and sisters

*** an attack on the dignity of Islam because Palestinians are Muslim

Big Ooops! The man’s a Jew lah …

7 Responses to “Insulting Islam!!!”
  1. leekh says:

    How about a flotilla to help our Muslim brothers in Pakistan? Forget about Haiti. They are not Muslims!

  2. TALHAH72 says:

    Dont be stupid. Muslim are not supposed to hate Jews as people. Moses was Jew, Jesus was one too. Isaac Jacob Jonah Joseph David Solomon and many more. And Muslim are supposed to hate these people? Oh please. The Jew was in fact the “Muslim” before Mohammad. And they were more “Muslim” before the Jew. Confuse? please read more about Islam. Suffice to say Islam did not begin from Mohammad. Mohammad WAS NOT the founder of Islam. If you really dont know this, meaning you are truly stupid. And if Muslim who really think that Mohammad is the founder of their religion, they are stupid too. Like wise those Muslim who think that muslim are supposed to hate Jew as people, they are stupid too. Go back to your Religious teacher to teach you more. If your religious teacher think the same slap his/her face 3 times whilst telling them that they are too stupid to be your teacher.

    But i bet you know that but choose to conceal the fact. Why? because they are many lazy people in this world to do their own research of which is very fine with you. You like ignorant people and feed them with this rubbish.

    and please dont give me taken out of context the Koranic surah about the Jew that you people so fond of. That is so juvenile. zzzz go learn arabic and Islamic history first.

  3. FenceSitter says:

    Nobody insults Islam more than the muslim radicals themsleves.

  4. Four Hirsemen says:

    Not all muslims are terrorists but Most Terrorists are muslims

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