Rottie Ridhuan Tee & Raihan, the Ibrahim Ali female clone

By Sharifuddin A. Latiff

Utusan prints lies.

The Umno Rottweiller Ridhuan lies when he wrote the “ultra kiasu columnist of the Centre for Policy Initiatives (CPI) repeatedly mentions his [Ridhuan’s] name in her article.”

Helen Ang mentions him directly just once, in this sentence: “NEP phase II yields Ketuanan Islam. For its poster boy, Ridhuan Tee is the face.”

Indirectly, there is only one other allusion in her article — to Ridhuan as being the brother of Ahmed Burhan, another Muslim convert.

Ridhuan on the other hand is Wormtongue and fails to mention Helen by name but resorts to his favourite blood libel “ultra kiasu” to refer to her.

He employed the same Wormtongue-ish method previously when it was clear that he was referring to Lim Guan Eng, Ronnie Liu, Tony Pua, Jeff Ooi, etc, but stopped short of mentioning them by name. Every single Chinese on the planet and even the sovereign nation Singapore is his “ultra kiasu”.

Who’s really ultra kiasu? Ridhuan is the ultimate hypocrite when he rails viciously against the right of vernacular schools to exist, and yet sends his own children to Chinese school.

He lies when he claims non-Muslim houses of worship are many times the number of masjid and surau. He will not be able to back up his claim with the location addresses.

He lies when he sneers at the non-Muslims for complaining that the government does not provide allocations for churches and temples (as compared to the majority of surau and masjid which — Ridhuan asserts — is erected purely from zakat money).

All that the Perkasa-types know to do is lodge police reports. Read ‘Police report against Nga Kor Ming for questioning funds for mosques’. Nga made a statement that the government spent RM748.26 million to build 611 mosques between 2000 and 2008, while it did not build any house of worship of the other religions.

To read how Ridhuan calls Helen “mata sepet”, see Insider.

Rottweiler Ridhuan isn’t the only one baying for Helen’s blood. Perkasa’s Wiranita chief urges the Agong to strip Helen of her citizenship, but at least the Perkasa woman has more scrotal gumption than Ridhuan.

Unlike him, Raihan Suleiman Palestin, who is from Puteri Umno, is at least not shy to finger Helen by name.

The way she screamed in her blog – “Helen Ang yang biadap”, “kurang ajar”, and “Helen Ang harus di sumbatkan ke dalam ISA” – sounded very much like her male counterpart Ibrahim Ali.

I worry for the future of Malay womanhood when these Raihan types are making as if they are the Melayu jati flagbearers. Shudder, shudder.

More shudder – it looks like the lynch mob is setting the ground in the Malay media and blogosphere to tear Helen Ang to pieces.

Ridhuan is all bark and possibly no bite but I can well see how Raihan might be filing her teeth to sharp points now and ready for the kill.


Your reference guide to Rottie Ridhuan, click Icker-Tee Top 10.

8 Responses to “Rottie Ridhuan Tee & Raihan, the Ibrahim Ali female clone”
  1. amoker says:

    If we study their arguments, it is the same phrase reharsed again and again. No need idea? No new ways to insult?

    Salam ramadan to both of them.

  2. Jokersland says:

    A real scumbag who took full advantage of religion for his selfish gains. Every weekend coming out with the same topic and a Batuapi. Unfortunately, his articles reach its targeted rural readers. Even some of the good police officers whack him for fanning racial hatred. In one of his article, he said a school dropout like me is not entitle to speak. Must refer to a specialist like him with a Permanent Head Damage degree from Tanjong Rambutan.

  3. Hypocrite says:

    Dear Holyman Tee,
    Do you want to know why Christian’s 2nd most important commandment is LOVE THY NEIGHBOURS (means your fellow human beings) ?

  4. Mike Tan says:

    Wah! This cina apek malay wannabe sends his children to chinese school?He is not so stupid afterall.He wants the best of both worlds. Not surprise one day he will even claim that he came out from the wrong —.

    Comment edited – HartalMSM

  5. telur dua says:

    The Perkasa types and Spinmeister Tee lose their coherence very easily. A well taught secondary school student would out-debate them anytime.

    Despite his religious front. Tee has a fertile mind for crap. He may have qualification but he is not educated.

  6. Dr. Pang HC says:

    No hope la this country.

  7. wahaha says:

    Tee Kor Peh is a disgrace to his God.

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