‘They carried metal rods, chainsaws, knives, axes, and they used all of them’

NEW BBC documentary screened on Monday (Aug 16)

What was the real agenda of the so called “peace activists”?

Israel gave 5 warnings to the Mavi Marmara to turn back.

The world does not want to know the commandos had paintball and stun guns.

“They [Mahathir says they’re “mercy workers”] came at me with knives … they beat my hands with clubs”.

The Israelis say it’s not possible to fire while abselling from a helicopter. They insist their audio shows their commandos did not use live rounds until they were shot at.

“We found bullets and shells of weapons that is not in use in the Israeli forces.”

Turkish volunteer protects Israeli hostage from being killed.

BBC Panorama reporter: “But I found that two thirds of the medicines are out of date and useless.”

At the end of the day … it wasn’t about bringing aid to Gaza. It was “a political move” to put  pressure on Israel …

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