Licensed for silence

By Sharifuddin A Latiff

Freedom of expression and speech (aka F.O.E.S.) in Malaysia took another knock from the BN administration through the MCMC this week.

Yes, we are referring to the suspension of DJ Jamaluddin Ibrahim at Star’s 98.8 FM pending investigations into alleged ‘offensive’ content.

The MCMC issued a letter on this matter on 18th August.

Paradoxically, it shows how quickly the BN government can address a ‘sensitive’ issue when compared to the recent school principal faux pas in Johor which took a week before anything official is done and despite 17 police reports filed.

Star RFM chairperson Datin Linda Ngiam stated the investigations is a management matter and further mentioned (click on image below and watch video – 3:06 mins onwards) – “I don’t consult political masters .. should do, shouldn’t do .. because I think if I do that I won’t be good in my job … This is totally a management problem … “.

Yeah right! And my uncle’s monkey named ‘Einstein’ also wrote the alternate Theory of Relativity i.e. E = MC2 (Energy = Makan Cepat2)

*DJ trivia – Did you know that Beijing-born Jamaluddin Ibrahim is the son of CPM leaders Shamsiah Fakeh and Ibrahim Mohammed? Perhaps, that is why Bernama changed his name to Jamaluddin Hassan or was Bernama being inept as usual.

2 Responses to “Licensed for silence”
  1. wahaha says:

    funny, no one seems to believe the boy who cried “wolf” once too often.

  2. tokkingkok says:

    all this r prelude to ops lalang 2. u can silence one person but the whole nations know.

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