Step-by-step demo on self-strangulation

Pix by Avisag She’ar-Yeshuv/Ynet: Commando ‘Captain R’ was stabbed and thrown from the deck of the Mavi Marmara.

Gobind Singh Deo, the lawyer representing Teoh Beng Hock’s family twitted about MACC prosecutor Abdul Razak Musa’s questioning of Dr Pornthip:

  • Now Dato Razak says that TBH strangled himself. Demonstrates in court!
  • Yes. Demonstrated in court! Had to stop him when he was trying to strangle himself. He is safe now.
  • Well, put left hand round front of neck. Then put right hand around back of neck. Then press hard. That’s what he demonstrated.


Malaysiakini had the best transcript of the proceedings in its report headlined ‘Have you ever jumped off a building?’

A reproduction of the Malaysiakini article can be read at Quah’s blog (url as above).

“In an effort to make his point, [Abdul Razak] asked if Pornthip has any experience jumping off a building.

“Exasperated by the barrage of provocative questions Malik Imtiaz Sarwar – representing Pornthip and the Selangor government – stood up to say: “With questions like these, we would all want to jump off a building.”

Jumping off buildings bring to mind the Mavi Marmara “mercy workers” throwing an Israeli soldier from the upper deck of the ship and hitting the lower deck. That’s a fall the distance of 30 feet or roughly someone plunging from a building’s 4th floor window.

The soldier sustained serious head injuries.

The YouTube below is an aerial footage showing the soldier tossed over the railings.

YNet news has a blow-for-blow account.

4 Responses to “Step-by-step demo on self-strangulation”
  1. casper says:

    Unfortunate for the good Doctor and us, we were regaled by MACC’s finest – most ‘haprak’ – truly believing his own performance.

    Having strained to make his point in an B-Grade reenactment (self strangulation), his performance can’t mask Pornthip’s keen eye, having spotted marking on Beng Hock’s neck. By all counts, evidence of him being harmed holds more water rather than the suggestion of ‘self-strangulation’ – here lies the mother of all contention – was Beng Hock conscious, if at all when the inevitable happened.

    Just can’t get it off my mind, wtf did they do during the ‘interview’ that eventually led to Beng Hock being subjected to the ultimate ?

    For now, our moans and cries won’t amount to anything BUT it is my belief, the truth will come out eventually. Betcha, there is someone with close proximity to key players conducting the ‘interview’ with Beng Hock bursting with anxiety to have the truth out.

  2. wahaha says:

    Thank you MACc for the 1/2 six comerdy.

  3. telur dua says:

    Would Abdul Razak be kind enough to demonstrate to us how he can f… himself? He has exceptional talent.

  4. Billy says:

    It is as good as asking someone, “Have you been shot dead before?” Even those who want to practise law by reading from “Law For Dummies” books could have done better. Oh God, I beseech thee. Spare us from this imbecile.

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