Cannot eat in canteen/cannot screen documentary during Ramadan

Pix: Sue Blackwell

The Bukit Selambau case: According to the Chinese papers, the school cafeteria was closed for the fasting month and non-Muslim students had nowhere to eat. So they sat for breakfast at the recreational tables in the common area.

The Malay-Muslim principal saw red that the Chinese  students were eating and threw a Ridhuanesque tantrum.

Deputy Education Minister Wee Ka Siong twitted:

On Friday 20th August 2010, @weekasiongmp said:

I do agree that non muslim stdts in SMK must be sensative [sic] during Ramadan. Should respect muslim classmates who r fasting. Re place to eat for non muslim, Sch Principal shd arrange properly to avoid misunderstanding.

On Friday 20th August 2010, @weekasiongmp said:

However, principal shd not scold non muslim stdts by saying “u can go back to China”. It is unbecoming & wrong for sch head to make such remark. Will leave it to DG to deal with the case in Bkt Serambau [sic]. DG shd remind Principals to be racial sensitive. No more such incident!

(Btw, just like LGE, WKS is dyslexic with his ‘l’ and ‘r’.)

But we digress … Wee is saying the principal “should arrange properly [a place for them to eat] to avoid misunderstanding. But where, pray tell, might the non-sensitive alternative place be? The assembly hall? School field? Store room?

Meanwhile in the UK, critics of Israel are furious that a BBC programme was not as hostile to Israel as they thought it should be. (See Hartal’s earlier report on the Panorama documentary).

A group called the Muslim Defense League will be protesting outside the BBC on Sunday, complaining: “Enough is enough, we all know the truth of the terrorist attacks committed by Israel on unarmed peace activists!

Sue Blackwell, a major player in the call to boycott Israel academia, was indignant: “Scheduling the broadcast during the evening in the first week of Ramadan, when many Muslim viewers were unlikely to be watching because they would be breaking their fast, [was unfair].”

Reading is believing — story in Jerusalem Post.

11 Responses to “Cannot eat in canteen/cannot screen documentary during Ramadan”
  1. vasantha says:

    I think the jokers in Malaysian politics today are the non malay clowns like Wee ka Siong , Health Minister and of course the biggest hypocrite Koh Tsu Koon. I am at a lost at remembering these clowns’ names for I have for some time now stopped reading whatever crap they have to say. They sit in positions of power but do nothing to speak up for the rights of the minority races they represent. We all aspire to achieve high office in life but alas only a few succeed. These few must see their job as a ‘calling’. They have a moral obligation to speak the truth, even if it is not going to win them some brownie points. As human beings, we all serve only one master – god.
    Children are vulnerable souls and should not have to go through humiliation for being born in a certain race or religion. A school is a place where every child should feel loved and safe. A school is actually a microcosm of society. A school is a place where young impressionable souls are nurtured. What more can one say?

  2. Jokersland says:

    From all the bro-ha these day, looks like we are going back to the stone age instead of moving forward. Jokes is circling around Penang lately with some of the worst clone durians. Bo Lan Hoot Wekasiong clone that taste sour. Taliban LGE clone without taste. Mad Dog Ebrahim clone that infected with disease.

  3. Pak Su says:

    The trend is sickening. First Kulai, now Bukit Selambau. The quality of Malaysian educators nowadays is really really giving me a straight nausea. Spare that lazy and incompetent crap, now they’re also a bunch of prejudiced bigots. To make matters worst, I also heard that many Malay students actually cheered upon the principal’s remarks and that a Malay teacher even approached some Chinese students and told them that AirAsia has got promotional tickets to China. Such sickening level of intolerance just goes to show that our education system is really the biggest joke the world has ever seen. So much for ranting about national schools plus that integration bullshit. So much for ranting about 1Malaysia.

  4. kobold says:

    Well, the NUJ’s Vice President Donnacha Delong calls for NUJ members to protest outside the BBC, and for BBC NUJ Chapels (ie branches) to put out ‘a statement’, presumably condemning one of their own members for writing something they disapprove of.

    And another senior NUJ activist wants the NUJ to force the BBC to commission another Panorama that is more politically acceptable to them.

    It’s a real shame – but no a surprise – that senior activists in a journalists’ union are prepared to throw out their founding principles in favour of attacking Israel.

  5. toast says:

    What pisses me off further is the fact that the current baby-dumping issue is a hot pisang goreng in ALL the media, and here is Utusan Malaysia printing such photos as if to turn on young boys including matured men? And think about what? S*x? Plus, knowing that their mainly Muslim readers read the newspaper in the morning when they have just started their fasting day?
    There goes the rest of their fasting day I suppose?

  6. wandererAUS says:

    As an upright Muslim, I have four wives, what is my quota for a week!!?
    I am sure UMNO sex bugs have a ready answer for me…..

  7. My unit the 7th Rangers was shifted from it’s home base in Sg Patani, Kedah to Bukit Cina, Kelantan, Okay it was fun during Ramadan, my boys used to have great fights beating the shit out of the Kelantanese moral Police when they were interrupted whilst happily eating during that period. The reason being Iban/Kadazan soldiers had names like Mansor, Salleh and etc, etc. After that they were abit more careful who they disturbed. They never had a Ranger Regiment before based in their state. Those were fun days beating the shit out of the moral police. None of them got arrested, I guess they did not want to meet their makers. There was of course 5th Royal Malay Regiment and the 20th Royal Malay Regiment long there before us. Those guys were there long before us. They never got into fire fights. Within the short time we were there we managed to engage the 10th Regiment of the CPM numerous times. That is another story.
    Long time no see, Major. Good to have you dropping by – shar101.

  8. oo beng hoe says:

    By right the school should provide an eating place for non-Muslim. Where? Toilet? Muslim and Non-Muslim should have mutual respect. Muslim should have a resting place and Non-Muslim should be eating at the Canteen.In this case,this stupid principle has failed in his/her duty,and yet the non-Muslims are accused of disrespect the others.
    Pls learn from the private establishment,Muslims are provided with resting place and canteen is the place for others to eat.
    So,if the principal is wrong,where such an easy and delicate matters also cannot handle,sack her please!

  9. pesertaria says:

    The real culprit is the principal. He knew all along there are both muslim and non-muslim students. Why was his school canteen nont opened to non-muslim them to eat there? Did he expect them not to eat as well? Secondly, this land belongs to all the chidlren born here, irregardless of color and religion, and doesnt belong to him alone. Amazing, its ramadhan and you have an dumbo principal acting like a mad dog.

  10. max says:

    the chinese & indians can eat in the toilets during ramadans

  11. cslee says:

    What does one eating has to do with the other not wanting to eat or observing his or her fasting? Tell me why must your liberty or freedom be restricted for my religious belief. Those who fast shouldn’t go to the canteen or eateries so that business can go on as usual.
    We don’t have these problem during our schooling years. I don’t know why we getting so sensitive if not petty over these thing.

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