Ridhuan Tee: “8 out of 10 rich M’sians are Chinese”

Excerpts from his Utusan weekly fitnah which can also be read in his blog ridhuantee.blogspot.com; the article ‘Belajar dari bangsa berjaya’ (Aug 22)

Ridhuan writes that the ultra kiasu websites are very unhappy with the statement by the SP Setia developer who praised the NEP, whom he – as only to be expected – defends to the hilt. (You can read ‘SP Setia chief claims Chinese thrived under NEP‘ in Insider.)

Ridhuan claims Chinese individuals control 73 percent of the wealth owned by the 40 richest in Malaysia “dan lapan dari setiap 10 orang kaya adalah Cina” (and eight out of every 10 rich people are Chinese).

Ridhuan also rapped the ultra kiasu on how they, with only a small victory in the recent general election, have become so “brave” anf thus try to imagine if they had managed to rule the entire country fully. “I request that we (‘kita’) open our eyes and our mind” [to see their real behaviour].

“Lihatlah betapa liciknya perancangan segelintir mereka.” See how slick some of them are in the way they do things. They will only be satisfied when the bumiputera housing discount is abolished.

He also wrote that many among the [ultra kiasu] do not return to Malaysia [to serve the country] after studying abroad even though they were on government scholarships.

Alluding to the title of his article, he said: “I feel quite worried with our attitude that wants to show that we [Malay-Muslims] are accepted by everyone. We want to be applauded [get a pat on the back] whereas they have other plans. I suggest that we busy ourselves having a lot of dialogues with the ultra kiasu NGOs, only then can we discover how  ultra they really are. If we only encounter them once, there is no guarantee that we will be aware of what they are up to.”

Ridhuan wrote that the ultra kiasu voices received strong opposition from several Malay organisations like Perkasa, including police reports made. He said he is certain that the government will give in to the demands made by the ultra kiasu (e.g. by the Economic Congress organized by MCA recently).

“Yes, we will not give them everything that they ask for, but we will give a little. That ‘little’ [gain] is a big victory to them. This is how a successful race employs one strategy after another. Why is it that we have still not learned from them?”

27 Responses to “Ridhuan Tee: “8 out of 10 rich M’sians are Chinese””
  1. 1288 says:

    cos..chinese cant go t in any governmant servant,so what can they do ! tell me.

  2. If the Chinese are rich it is not through the policies of shenanigan Mahathir’s who literally compelled them to take the risks that the Ketunan Melayu were not only willing to take. More than 94% of the million of civil servants were accepted by the civil service as required by the shenanigan’s pro-Melay policies and as such the Chinese has no other ways to earn a living but to take the risks of becoming business men.
    No doubt, just like everything in life, a very small percentage of the more than 10 millions strike it rich but Tee overlooks to state the number of them, a very large number of them are still living in poverty and are still struggling to make ends meet. This Tee only sees and shows those who succeed just to justify his claims but fails to show the very large number who are still struggling. You don’t become rich being a lazy and corrupted civil servants and is it the desire of the Chinese to take such risks ?
    May be Tee, the shenanigan Mahathir and the likes should look at the large majority that did not make it and who was it that implemented policies that forced the Chinese to become rich and some of them will take their wealth to immigrate to foreign land. That surely is the reason why so many have left Malaysia with their wealth before the Ketunan Melayu will think of ways to forcefully take them away from them after they tried the many tricks to take their wealth failed ! This is not to mention the most important thing in life being well educated, not in below par education system in Malaysia, for their children.

  3. May says:

    Of course 8 out 10 rich Malaysians are Chinese. If you are talking about legit business. What you don’t see are the rich Malays that cannot openly declare their asset in this country from their ill gotten gain from corruption. Really recommend Ridhuan to work in a foreign bank based in Singapore. Then he’ll know how many of the rich Malays park their assets over there. And in European banks. Please ask all the Malaysians politicians to declare their assets. You would be surprise. After all even UMNO bloggers harp about Slumberjack’s property in Perth and KJ’s massive wealth in London.

  4. max says:

    Middle class chinese & indians get to be rich through hard work & perseverance.

    The really super rich chinese & indians get to be so through connections with UMNO / proxy companyies for UMNO elites, like Ananda & Vincent Tan though Dr M.

    And the Malays remained poor? Because the Gov’t said to them “don’t worry, i’ll give you money even if you don’t work, the gov’t will take care of you in any ways”. Often i heard that Factories cannot get local workers at all (have to resort to foreign workers), so where did all the malay boys go to work then? The last i heard was that they would rather play guitar under the tree, lepak, then work, whereas you see the Malays gals working harder than Malay guys.

    Fine for the Gov’t to tax the chinese & indians to support the Malays (according to Dr M how many malays actually pay tax?), but how long can this go on? Someday, the chinese & indian populations is going to decrease so drastically (in Indonesia, the chinese population is only 1%), that there will not be enough taxes to give away blind supports & financial alms to the huge malay base.

    As is, our EPF is slowly running out of money as well, i.e. the big foreign companies (factories / high value
    added industries) are leaving (hence no job opportunities & lower salaries that lead to lower EPF contributions), the previous & current years’ employees with higher EPF contributions (i.e. higher salaries) are retiring, and withdrawing their EPF pensions. So where is the money to support Malaysis with 1st world infrastructure, and Malays going to come from? Petronas (with dwindling reserves)? The new low value companies i.e. McD, KFC, that pay peanuts & peanuts EPF contribution?

    Well, it will be before long before Malaysia will be famous just liked Indonesia & Philippines for exporting Maids (female), and construction workers (males)!! God saves us all!

    Meantime, BN is busy politicking as usual !!

  5. cheah sin kooi says:

    8 out of 10 chinese are rich.Reaaaaaaaaly???From which data base you get this from?Your own? Clarify,please.

  6. snow says:

    Excuse me, why are you only focusing on rich Chinese and not poor Chinese? You obviously have forgotten your root so you do not understand how hard most Chinese work. The Chinese are not spoonfed and they have emerged as being capable and rich by their own rights. The NEP enriched not only certain Chinese but non-Chinese as well and who is to be blame? Please focus on how to help poor Malaysians rather than harping on racists issues.

  7. Kapala hotak says:

    En Tee;

    What SP setia fella implying is this:- The NEP is stupid, we can bastardise it in notime, and bigtime, in the excuse of ketuanan melayu, just like what you are trying to do. We are the evidence of the bastardisation! hence, m’sian have to think, really thinkl, if you would like Umno style of NEP and Ketuanan idiot-logic where it allows people like you to ‘cari makan’ and become 8 among of 10 richest Malaysian at the expense of nation building.

    By the way, kiasu has its value, when a society under pressure, they behave kiasu-ly and that raise their competitiveness, that is hardship needed to uplift themselves. The problem is you are not kiasu, you already ‘su’! there is no element of ‘kia’ anymore. In another word, if you are neither black horse nor white horse, you are a zebra, therefore stop arguing if you are white horse with black stripes or black horse with white strips, you are just zebra. Go watch Madagascar!

  8. cslee says:

    What an idiot you are. How many family member do you have and please add that to your relatives as well as your ancestors and count whether you have the number that you mentioned in your article. I have nine in my family plus my in laws and my relatives far and near in numbers of hundred also I can’t one that suit your description.
    I am appalled that you call yourself a doctor and that you become a lap dog for your political master by continuing to attack the people whom you yourself belongs too.
    Now you tell me if you are not having any agenda whatsoever to indoctrinate the not so illiterate masses in the Utusan Malaysia with your nonsensical rhetoric that stink to high heaven in order to instill hatred and anger towards the others then what isn’t.

  9. Rich thru hard work says:

    Here’s a list of rich non Chinese Malaysians:-

    1) Mahathir family
    2) Badawi family
    3) Abdul Taib bin Mahmud family
    4) Razak family
    5) Toyol family
    6) Al Bukary family
    7) Nazri and family
    8 ) Ananda and family
    9) Rafidah and family
    10) Samy and family

    The list is endless and many are richer than than many top 40 richest man in Malaysia.

    Malaysians are not unhappy about people getting rich. Work hard and reap the financial rewards is not wrong and I dare this Tee idiot were is Quran says working hard and getting rich is wrong. But I bet Quran did say getting rich by stealing and robbing is wrong.

  10. The Penquin says:

    If what you said is true then it shows that the NEP has failed the Bumis after so many years of implementation. Where has all the money go to ? Is it to a few rich Malays, Chinese and Indians ? Are you one of them ? I am a Chinese and I am sure I am not. Maybe the more direct benefits that are given to the Malays will indirectly prosper the Chinese…no ?

  11. L H TAN says:

    Dear Tee Abdullah
    You should investigate further your findings. I’m one of the middle income Chinese. The rich ones comes from the following categories:-
    a) Thru heritage generation to generation (forefather) and thru sheer hardwork with govt help, the sons/daughter steer the company to greater heights.
    b) Thru own innovation and start up capital. Company started to grow and enterpreneurship becomes success. – own hard work
    c) Joint venture to make it success.

    The way your review is not up to standard. You are not using a paint just to paint the wall. Please give constructive comments.

  12. hasilox says:

    Ah Tee’s statistic;
    Ah Tee, his wife, 2 children = 4 rich chinese
    Ah Tee’s neighbour = 1 rich malay

    4 rich chinese vs 1 rich malay which translates into 8 in 10 isn’t it?

    Why many orang melayu got no job and this Cina Tee has several?
    When ketuanan Ah Tee talks about ketuanan melayu. lol

  13. Malaysian says:

    Dear Riduan,
    Wake-up/Wise-up, young man. The people u mentioned actually got rich becoz they worked hard bro- BLOOD, SWEAT n TEARS.

  14. Pharisees says:

    Thank you YAB Riduan Tee for giving me hope that i’m consider rich so that people dont look down on my family who are rubber tappers, farmers and a hawker stall owner in small town. I thought we are among the poorest uneducated ones but you have encourage us greatly that we are rich in people’s eyes, Thank you again YAB for motivating us.

  15. charleskiwi says:

    Please please tell us the Chinese where did you get your P.HD. or to be precise which university did you get it from ?
    I am sure many of us will ensure not to send our children there and please don’t call yourself a doctor, you can’t even treat yourself if you are sick ! You are just a very sick person and with the wrong skin colour !!

    • johngoh says:

      This ah tee got his degree from UKM,and he is a prof at universiti pertahanan malaysia(dnt even know that there is such uni until i took a drive along jln semarak one day.His only wish is to be the first chinese malay bumi vice chancellor..kah..kah

  16. casper says:

    Isn’t this piece of SHIT true reflection of a (minor few) that Islam is the currency that allows one to lie ! Sad and ironic because the piece of SHIT is not proper representation of a Muslim or one who propagates true teachings and the wisdom as found in the good book.

    Again, it is sad that my Malay brethren continue to stay mum while this one piece of SHIT continues with his insidious doctrine of hate, in favour of his master.

  17. MC says:

    Don’t waste time on this idiot anymore. He most probably got where he is today with the help of top UMNO politicians. I will not be surprised one of them is the racist Defence Minister. Afterall he is at the Defence University and you will wonder why this University takes in idiots like Ridhuan Tee if not from the instruction of top politicians. No action is also taken by the Defence University to stop this idiot from doing more damage. Do you think any Defence University will allow their lecturers to say things like they glorify Hitler and not throw them out? Why is he undermining Najib’s 1Malaysia? Najib is trying hard to reconcile the different races, but this idiot is undermining all of Najib’s effort. If you follow the political scenario, others who are undermining Najib’s 1 Malaysia are Muhiyuddin, Mahathir, Perkasa and Zaid Hamidi. Could it be that they are trying to oust Najib and put Muhiyuddin up as PM and Zaid Hamidi as Deputy PM? Looks like UMNO is split right in the middle. Najib and Mama Rosma should know who their enemies are.

  18. Peter Masry says:


  19. Ah Tee- where are we getting at with this kinda talk. Also- can you base your articles on better fact/ figures/ analysis instead of writing crap. You are a disgrace to your faculty and uni. And also disgrace to phd holders. Pensyarah kanan konon. I’m appalled by the quality of your blog.

  20. veryupset says:

    i really need to comment.
    So what..! Doesn’t that Tee feller knows that its all thru hard work & smart work too? The Chinese did NOT get NEP, NEM & WTF to assist them in whatever.
    Where did your assement come from? Where did your so-called Phd come from? Where did your dislike for the Chinese came from? Where DID u come from?????

    Don’t just sit there & make such remarks. But “Thank You” for the compliments…!
    Why not do a comparision & research on “WHY” you & your lot cannot, I repeat cannot be RICH?????

    Don’t talk about being rich coz of no help, hard work & smart thinking.
    Do your research based on ALL the help & benefits “given” to your lot & still getting to nowhere…!!!

    Do that & you’ll get your answer yah! (Phd.)

  21. Grace says:

    Ah Tee,

    I’m one of the remaining 2 poor ones. Ah Tee, I’m struggling to make ends meet and the govt does not recognise me and instead call me a “pendatang”. What say you?

  22. Maz says:


  23. SuperST says:

    most responses seems to be from an orgy of morons! you simply get what you work for if you dont fall under “special class” citizens

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