Why debate when you can hack?

Pix: Rosie ben-David, 16-year-old administrator of a pro-Israel Facebook group

‘Gaza Flotilla – the world should know the truth’ is a Facebook group with some 256,000 members.

Their objective is “to share the truth about what really happened on that boat”.

About three weeks ago, the site was hacked. The hackers deleted all the photos, all the videos and removed 3,000 members. Well, that’s one way of ‘winning’ an argument. Not too far removed from the Perkasa method of gertak.

In our posting ‘They carried metal rods, chainsaws, knives, axes, and they used all of them’ last Tuesday, we linked the BBC documentary Panorama which explored the truth behind the Mavi Marmara raid.

In an open letter to the BBC’s Director General, some 150 signatories have accused the BBC’s coverage of the Gaza flotilla of being “little more than an extension of Israel’s PR offensive.” The list of signatories reads like a who’s who of Israel haters, observes Honest Reporting.

That’s another way to avoid making a substantiated rebuttal. Just shoot the messenger.

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