You gotta lurrrve this guy

By Sharifuddin A. Latiff

Icker-Tee, eat your heart out.

We thought the clip below worth bringing to our readers’ attention. Now, we all know that deejay Jamaluddin Ibrahim speaks good Mandarin. However it brought a grin to our faces to hear this Melayu fler speaking English with an endearing Chinese accent.

The dude rocks!

As for the Caliph Umar Abdul Aziz wannabe, there is still room for improvement in his spoken Malay.

Disyorkan supaya Lim Guan Eng mempertingkatkan tahap penguasaan bahasa Melayunya terlebih dahulu sebelum berjinak-jinak dengan bahasa Arab. Jangan hok lebih sudu dari kuah, asyik nak out-Islamisize rakan-rakan dalam Pakatan. Cukuplah dengan kerenah si kolumnis Utusan tu, ini pula bersaing habis-habisan.

5 Responses to “You gotta lurrrve this guy”
  1. telur dua says:

    In Bolehland you get victimised for speaking the truth whereas a bullshitter gets to write a column in some stupid nwspaper.

    There no sicker place on earth.

  2. vasantha says:

    Jamal, you have beautifully said what ails our society. Everyone should read Kurt Vonnegut’s Harrison Bergeron. We are fast heading towards the society satirised by Vonngut in this short story. George Orwell also warned against such a scenario. It is time for society watch dogs like the Bar Council to make a stand. The intelligentsia of malaysia must wake up from their slumber. Hartalman and Haris Ibrahim need to know that you are with them. Walk with these guys.

  3. Choon Wai or Choon Tooi? says:

    Hey Due Telor,

    That bullshitter is not only a bullshitter. He’s also has has no spine and no balls. Someone suggested Jamal contest against Chua Soiled Leg in GE13. I will fully support Jamal if he contest in GE13.

    We need all the right minded people for Malaysia.

  4. lee wee tak says:

    he grew up in Beijing, give him a break

    if you listen to him in Chinese then you know why he was so feared

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