Umno also praying that Guan Eng converts to Islam

Pix/Parpukari: Lim Guan Eng caricatured by Umno blogs.

Guan Eng, now do you see what can happen!? Talking about ‘rope’ and giving your enemies enough of it to hang you with …

Following the path beaten by the Perak mufti, Mahathir (we’re using him one name, like ‘Madonna’) found an easy opening to take a sly dig at LGE while riding on his favourite hobbyhorse of ‘Malay unity’ and exhorting that “Muslims cannot be weak”.

Bernama reported the ex-PM as saying — “The name of the nation’s Muslim leader must be mentioned in Friday sermons in mosques because Islam is the official religion of the country” — during the breaking-of-the-fast at a Perkim function on Tuesday. (Icker-Tee, btw, is a Perkim national council member and the two pious men keep each other in good company.)

Going into his usual scaremongering mode, Mahathir continued: “Don’t think one day it will not be possible for Friday sermons to be mentioning the name of a non-Muslim leader because they are in power and we [Malays] are weak.”

When Utusan frontpaged the story about the mention of Guan Eng’s name in the doa in Penang mosques, Lim Kit Siang condemned the article as the “most irresponsible act in the history of Malaysian journalism”. Lim Sr demanded that both the newspaper and Ahmad Zahid Hamidi who first to raised the ruckus must apologise.

Penang state exco in charge of religious affairs Abdul Malik Abul Kassim and Anwar Ibrahim quickly came to Guan Eng’s defence although Nik Aziz chose to keep mum.

Since then, the Umno leaders and rank-and-file have had a field day grinding this grist for the mill.

Insider reported yesterday:

Malacca Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam accused his Penang counterpart of fanning “communal” politics and challenged Lim Guan Eng to state if he planned to become a Muslim, referring to the continued khatib controversy in the island state.

“I want to ask Lim Guan Eng, (do you) want to embrace Islam? Lim Guan Eng, do you agree with the Penang mosque praying for you to enter Islam?”asked Mohd Ali.

“If yes, I will also pray for you,” he told reporters here, straight-faced.

Guan Eng’s political opportunism to win the heart — and vote — of the Malay masses has turned into ‘senjata makan tuan’. You can bet that Umno will work the ground to rile up the grassroots and the ‘citer’ (story) will grow in the telling in the Umno-controlled media and blog propaganda.

The Caliph Umar Abdul Aziz wannabe will now need all the firefighting help he can get from his PAS and PKR Muslim counterparts just to contain the flames fanned by Umno.

If the ‘amar makruf nahi mungkar’ showman did not so overdo his “holier-than-thou” act to begin with, detractors would not be having this fresh prong to attack him on.

LGE is left balancing the tightrope of his own Christian beliefs in private and his very public ‘let’s go Islamic’. He’s really brought it upon himself the risk  of being charged a hypocrite.

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16 Responses to “Umno also praying that Guan Eng converts to Islam”
  1. My2cen says:

    Same goes for Nga Kor Ming in Perak. Unless you’re a religious scholar, all others should stay out of using religion to court votes, be it Islam or Christianity or Hinduism or Buddhism. Stop quoting something from the religious texts that one is not really familiar with. In particular, quoting Arabic verses, as they usually pronounce it wrongly.

  2. Peter Masry says:


    • taykesit says:

      Do not play fire !!

      Why UMNO example like that , scare of losing power , losing deposit , losing wife , losing mansion , losing everything that they had taken from RAKYAT ? The more UMNO desperate the more punishment from GOD to them.

      My fellow UMNO MUSLIM , please respect the others honor . Please do not use the media , RTM , newspaper etc. to cause anger of the others .

  3. Peter Masry says:


  4. I will not become a muslim !
    The muslims in Malaysia are extremely corrupted and extremely bad examples,
    just look around you in Malaysia the former P.M. shenanigan Mahathir,
    and members of his family,the late Klang railway gatekeeper, the former
    Selangor M.B. Toyo with his Bali Palace and Sarawak’s M.B.Taib with his
    empire and mansions all over the world this is just to name a few. All these
    muslims even with all the wages they earned over the years as civil servants
    put together they can ill afford even a small fraction of the assets in their name,
    not to mention those they illegally parked at different banks and hideaways and
    just like the shenanigan Mahathir goes annually to London ,without fail,on transit to
    the banks to audit his ill gotten gains. Especially at his age and with his heart
    condition instead of staying home to play with his half Chinese grand children
    and rest his heart.
    Is it any wonder why not a single one of them ever being charged for corruption ?
    This is because shenanigan Mahathir did not sanction them to be charged just so
    their support in Umno for the shenanigan to remain as President of Umno and thus
    remain as P.M. of Malaysia. That was for him to continue enriching himself and his
    family members and to his many cronies while in the name of Malay and NDP
    he continued to steal his mega commissions on the many mega projects he implemented .
    None of these muslims were borne in rich families like Robert Kuok or Ananda and inherited
    the billions they have.
    No, they are all extremely bad examples of what muslims are in Malaysia and are extremely
    bad examples for non muslims to become muslims ?
    Of course they are not here in this world to help convert the non muslims to become
    muslims but aren’t all muslims are supposed to show what good muslims are and thus promote
    the very religion they are in. Or are they doing their share to promote their
    religion, I am sure you know now why so few non muslims ever get converted despite the
    many incentives !!!
    If Islam in Malaysia do not compel all children borne by muslim parents to become muslims I
    think there wouldn’t be many muslim left in the country in time ! Just like President Barack Hussien
    Obama of America , his father was a muslim and he is now a Christian ! He must have been
    a muslim when he was in Indonesia and chose to become a Christian when he went back to America
    because there you have the freedom to embrace the choice of any religion you believe in. Unlike in
    Malaysia they compel a person to become a muslim using all kind of excuses but are these muslims
    really muslims ?

    • Serious Shepherd says:

      A couple of years ago, Jeff Ooi slapped his face in public. Why? Because back in 1999, he and the Chinese community voted for corrupt Muslims over Keadilan and PAS (not to mention DAP where even LKS and Karpal were voted out) since these corrupt Muslims are ‘the devils that we know’ while the opposition parties are ‘the angels that we do not know’.

      Only in 2006 the Chinese community learnt that ‘devils’ have lots of secrets when UMNO’s fiery ketuanan Melayu speeches went live on Channel 94.

  5. Steven says:

    Many churches in Malaysia pray earnestly for the wellbeing of the King and PM, especially for the King when he went overseas for treatment, so according to the Perak mufti we should not pray for another person of different faith, so now what is right or wrong we are confused. If umno says cannot pls issue a decree to ban these interfaith praying, case closed politiking stopped.

    Hartal MSM: Not just the Perak mufti but also the other religious authorities, and now even Mahathir is saying so. The religious establishment seems insistent on the kafir and ummah dichotomy — you would clearly be a “dhimmi” in their eyes.

  6. umar rentaka says:

    Dearest Harris,
    I still cannot fathom what’s huh hah all about.
    I’m sorry, but for a simple minded and simple
    intelligence like mine, it is UMNO who is the
    real dalang here.

    LGE’s dalliances with Islamic slogans is
    both political and administrative. But, as I
    said before, Islamic administration are very
    much secular principles. So, what’s the issue?

    • shar101 says:

      Umar Rentaka, I believe Haris is at The People’s Parliament, not HartalMSM.

      LGE’s faux pas to court muslim votes will be resurrected again and again by UMNO Baru and its propaganda machinery.

      If you consider it as a non-issue, why did Mahathir and his ilk continue the ‘media’ onslaught on LGE.

      The religion card is a powerful weapon that can cut both ways. And UMNO Baru know how to play it well.


    There’s none so blind
    As those with eyes that can’t see
    The need to be so kind
    That love flows out to the sea

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 280810
    Sat. 28th Aug. 2010.

  8. Maz says:

    The disingenuous collaboration between PAS and DAP under the rubric of PK is akin
    to sex between a burro and a donkey-it is neither pretty nor particularly productive as
    the byproduct is effete and sterile. This farcical dance where DAP politicos play up
    their Islamic credentials (while supposedly remaining secular) while PAS pretends
    to be secular for non-Muslims (“Kami takkan ganggu ‘nons’ la..”) and yet remain
    Islamically correct for Malays would be laughable if it weren’t so cynical and dangerous.
    If you believe PAS will protect the rights of non-Malays if they form a coalition government in
    Putrajaya then I have a dam for you to buy in Sarawak. The Chinese who now fawn over
    PAS in the naive belief that anything is better than UMNO (no, there is actually something
    worse than Mr Pink Lips..) are as dangerous and masochistic as Adolph Abdullah Tee…
    when I read all the nauseating laudatory comments about terrorist and post-bomoh
    ‘Tok Guru’ as if he were Allah’s gift to Malaysia I have to laugh. PAS is HAMAS and
    Anwar is Obama (all talk no walk..) and DAP has gone from a party that truly defended
    non-Malays to a sycophantic old boys club where even old man Lim kisses PAS’ ass
    with Islamic fawning (just read Lim’s blogs where he sounds almost like his son..
    maybe we can have Caliph 1 and Caliph 2 ?).

  9. Maz says:

    The ONLY Malay (Read: Muslim) in Malaysia with any credibility is (perhaps) DAP’s Tunku Abdul Aziz
    who has the unfortunate characteristic of calling a spade a spade, having actually worked for
    a living, understands the meaning of integrity, and has consistently supported secularism
    in Malaysia which was the sole basis of the Constitution established under the Tunku and which
    has been bastardised by successive governments post Tunku…this PAS and DAP business is as
    revolting as UMNO..liars to the last one and narcissistic through and through….god help Malaysia
    because none of its leaders surely will….let me be clear (even if it means arrest under the ISA)
    Islam must be completely and unequivocally removed from the State in Malaysia and Malaysia
    must be ruled ONLY by a PURELY SECULAR Democratic government-no public Muslims please
    in Putrajaya (or for that matter dogmatic Christians or Hindus). PAS and DAP and Anwar bemoan
    the racialism and nativism in Malaysia-but they are just as guilty in playing the race and religion
    card as UMNO-no difference. Forget Dr Syed Husin Ali. He is not secular. Read his blogs.
    He talks almost like any PAS member. Malaysia will not survive without a leader who will
    do to Malaysia what Ataturk did to Turkey which is to completely reform and secularize all
    the institutions and if PAS and the Ulama don’t like it…they can have a one-way ticket to
    Mecca or Gaza or Tripoli or Waziristan…in fact it wouldn’t hurt Malaysia to adopt a local
    version of Pancasila (I know how we Malaysians just love to take advice from Indonesia).

    • Adam says:


      Agree 100% with you. Malaysia must remain secular for real peace to be achieved as originally agreed. Any other way would create unfair situations for different sections of society and create ill-will. Real unity will never be achieved the way Malaysia is going now.

      May good sense prevail.

  10. Maz says:

    I am afraid using a white Christmas lichen decoration as a fake’un-Islamic’…

  11. Paul Warren says:

    I am a little confused. How does being Christian or having Christian believes and yet going Islam over administration make one a hypocrite? If it does then maybe they should confine all the so called “Islamic” products, especially Islamic financing confined to the Muslims and not violate or adulterate it by letting non-Muslims partake in it!! Can you imagine a pork seller, taking an Islamic finance like a mortgage from a Halal Certified Islamic Bank to buy his house?

  12. Serious Shepherd says:

    LGE is NOT A PORN STAR unlike some other party’s President which is very close to UMNO.

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