Charge the ‘surau man’ with assault on a minor!!

Poster: Kids deserve a second chance

So how did the police so quickly know to finger the culprits who splashed paint at a surau in Taman Pulai Impian?

Elementary my dear Watson.

Police apprehended them on the night of Aug 24 and the morning of Aug 25. But guess what? Malaysiakini reported that the 13-year-old sister of one of the teenagers had lodged a police report on Aug 24 itself.

Her report claimed that her brother and his friends were “provoked” before the incident.

The girl said that she was with her brother and five other friends at a playground nearby the surau and they had gotten into an argument when a separate group of 20 men tried to chase them away.

“A Malay man in a red T-shirt and a songkok from the group became angry and called us babi (pigs)” — the girl said in her police report.

“We demanded to know why they used such language against us. That was when another group of men came out from the surau and reprimanded us.”

She explained that as her group refused to admit that they were at fault, the confrontation turned violent and one of the men, whom she claimed was from the surau, slapped her brother and chased them away.

See, something happened to trigger the vandalism… the insult ‘Cina babi’ — that incessant verbal abuse against the minorities. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Before the police arrested the boys, shouldn’t they also have arrested the grown-up bully who assaulted a teenager and gertak a 13-year-old girl?

Yet it is some Chinese voices who have been most strident that the Chinese boys who threw paint at the surau be punished most severely.

MCA central committee member Loh Seng Kok called for the surau vandals’ citizenship to be stripped.

Bernard Khoo (blog: Zorro Unmasked) urged that “the full force of the law must be used as a deterrent. If whipping is enforced, well and good.”

Note that the NST article had this to say: “One of the four suspects is jobless, while the rest are employed.”

Those Chinese boys are merely 16 and 17 years old. How come at their age they’re already working and one unemployed?

*** Why are they not in school? ***

Deprived of the chance of furthering their studies? Their fathers are mechanic, carpenter, trader — quite possibly unable to afford.

The number of Chinese dropouts is a national problem that MCA should be paying attention to instead of Loh Seng Kok wanting to have the poorly educated juveniles stripped of their citizenship. His over-reaction is outdoing the Malays who have been more forgiving. Loh looks like another LGE by being so ‘over’.

How you have utterly, most miserably failed the community you claim to represent, MCA, and now you descend to this low by haranguing errant boys?! Shame on them but BIGGER shame on you, Loh and MCA.

Think! Vui Kong sitting on the death row in Singapore. Why did he not have better opportunities in life? He could have been in college.

And even now, all some people can talk about is punish, punish, punish.

What about ‘HELP’ for a change? How about uplifting the marginalized?

Church arson vs mosque vandalism — proportionality


Two Malay youths were sentenced by Judge S.M. Komathy Suppiah of the Kuala Lumpur Sessions Court to 5 years’ jail.

The youths aged 24 and 22 were found guilty of setting fire to the Metro Tabernacle Church near Taman Melawati in January.

They had claimed trial for the offence and did not publicly express any remorse for their act.

They had been charged under Section 436 of the Penal Code which carries a maximum penalty of 20 years jail and a fine.

The church suffered more than RM1 million in damages when its its entire ground floor was gutted and has since relocated to a new building.


Three Chinese teenagers have pleaded guilty to charges of lobbing bottles filled with paint at a surau in Seremban, on Aug 22.

The trio, aged between 16 and 17, are awaiting sentencing by magistrate M. Mageshwary of the Juvenile Court.

They were charged under Section 427 of the Penal Code which carries a maximum penalty of 2 years jail and a fine.

Their offence is for causing damage “to the amount of RM25 or above”.

The boys have publicly apologized for their act.


The Malay youths were sentenced 5 years — a quarter of the maximum penalty (20 years). Going by the same ratio, the Chinese boys should be sentenced to 6 months jail.

The fact that the Chinese teens have said sorry and the mosque committee forgiven them are mitigating factors. The material damage in terms of monetary cost is not much — some turpentine and a new coat of paint.

Did the vandals fully realise the ramifications of their act on our fraught race relations?

(In comparison, the Malay youths surely knew they were setting a match to the religious tinderbox by doing what they did at the time they did it.)

Nonetheless the Malay youths have been receiving rounds of support from Malay blogosphere whereas the Chinese boys have been hurled sticks and stones by certain Chinese themselves.

Calling to revoke citizenship and for whipping is going waaay overboard!

5 Responses to “Charge the ‘surau man’ with assault on a minor!!”
  1. casper says:

    Son of a millionaire or son of a carpenter should have no relevance in the eyes of law because there shouldn’t be any such distinctions of how rule of law is to be applied.

    Mitigating factors, yes, but that is only a job for lawyers to perform and that said, the boys should have to face up to the consequences of their actions, provocation notwithstanding. I agree fully with Zorro and Co but not the shit spewed by that and any MCA piece of shit.

    Just watch, for the very political existence of ALL Chinese base parties aligned with UMNO are about to be annihilated once and for all the next time we go to the polls.

    • hartalmsm says:

      We mentioned the professions (carpenter, etc) of the boys’ fathers as our speculation on why they are not in school at ages 16 and 17 (i.e. perhaps parents cannot afford). It was not in the context of “justice is blind”.

      As for being punished, we did not say that they should be let off the hook. In fact, we pointed out 6 months as proportionate to the church arsonists’ sentence but would recommend less in this case given all the mitigating circumstances.

      However, it is important to stress that the boys’ act of vandalism did not occur in a tabula rasa. There is cause and effect. Twenty adult men gertak a group of 6 teenagers and a young girl is nothing short of Perkasa-like bullying, and the big group further had ‘reinforcements’.

      And then we must also view the retaliation of boys against the provocation of adults who ought to know better but nonetheless behaved like brownshirts. Hence, our call that if the police are charging the boys, the man who slapped one (or more) of them should at the same time be charged for assault too. There are TWO parties to this controversy and the assaulter is equally culpable.

  2. vasantha says:

    The MCA guy is really unbelievable! Sometimes there are mitigating factors. Adults should be able to use tolerance and common sense when they are dealing with very young people. It is for nothing that James Dean popularised the phrase ‘A rebel without a cause’. The Adults should not have provoked the young people with such hatred. They should have exercised some patience.I do not justify their action but one have to take into account that they retaliated in anger. Why was that their anger was so great? Something was triggered within them – what is this something? We have to consider this carefully or else be faced with a racial issue of colossal proportions. Adults have a duty to determine the type of ciizens we are going to produce in the future.A little bit of love and compassion can go a long way. I have served in the remote areas of the East coast. My first reaction on knowing that i was going there was fear. The question that aroused in me was would they accept me. I realise soon enough was that the feeling was mutual, one born out of suspicion. A wise friend counselled me thus, ‘Tak kenal maka tak cinta’. How right she was. It turned out to be a learning experience. i learned to shred my fears and learned their ways with humility. From feeling like a traveller in Muhammad Haji Salleh’s Traveller, I became like the persona in his poem ‘Si Tenggang’s Homecoming. I could finally say, Look, I am just like you. The people whom I initially feared showered me with great love!

  3. cina says:

    Many thanks to hartalmsm for highlighting this, otherwise we are just as blind as zorro and other MCA goons.

    This issue could be well handled by PAS, compare to MCA.

  4. casper says:

    I appreciate further clarity in your respond hartalmsm but I would beg to differ on point raised by poster ‘cina’.

    MCA or PAS as suggested, shouldn’t be involve in ‘settling’ the act of vandalism committed. Civil society has to hold on to the hope that some day, such a turn of events should rightfully fall foul and be classified as a hate crime. Currently, the MCA lackey’s were roped in for cover that serves as a distraction to prevent the ‘truth’ being made public knowledge. And YES, it is worrisome that the bigger wrong – 6 kids being verbally abused by a collective of bigots (with ties to the mosque I assume) – goes unpunished and justice unsighted.

    It is well known rule of law in M’sia and its application goes through a skewed process. Being harass, pick on, shouted down (balik Cina/India) has become a fact of life that many live with, no matter how unsavory. Often times, the perpetrators get bold and callous just because they have numbers on their side, and even if reported, no guarantee any action would be initiated.

    Years ago when Jalan Telawi, Bangsar was one big open market cum ‘mamak’ hangout, I experienced the same verbal abuse suffered by the kids in Sikamat.

    We were a party of four – a Sikh friend, one Malay and one Chindian(a dear friend who looks Malay) girl and yours truly but somehow a table next to ours consisting of 6 Malay gentlemen took offense to 2 Malay girls sitting and sharing conversation with 2 non-Malays. Imagine that but that was the source of their disdain.

    Hard as it was, I bit my lips as we all took leave and no consolation still, when an Indonesian kretek vendor sought to explain that most unpleasant encounter by way of an excuse – the 6 bigots were drunk and not try remedy the situation by bringing in ‘reinforcements'(did cross my mind). Also, some members of the loud mouth crew were allegedly cops/army personnel in civies.

    Go figure and tell me what’s a kid to do when confronted with such a situation, knowing that the cops are in the thick of it all ? Regards as always nonetheless, and ‘Selamat Berbuka’ all out there.

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