Nah!! Time for the middle finger/ Rome burns, Kit Siang fiddles

By Hartal MSM

Did Namewee really stick his middle finger at the Kulaijaya principal Siti Inshah Mansor in his ‘Nah!!’ music video? If you want to know, you have to source YouTube yourself for the clip … ‘cos we ain’t telling.

The young rapper has been accused of (criminal) vulgarity and profanity. However, he is arguably subjecting himself to great risks — i.e. fending off a sedition investigation and the calls for ISA — in order to articulate a protest on behalf of silent and frustrated Malaysians.

243,700 people like Namewee’s official Facebook page. That’s almost a quarter of a million fans. How many Malaysian politicians or celebrities can stake a claim to this kind of number?

On the other hand, there are risk-free writings that make us yawn. At first we were going to give the same old, same old ‘patriotism-is the-last-refuge-of-the-scoundrel’ drivel a pass but the ‘Merdeka! Merdeka Merdeka!‘ piece in Lim Kit Siang’s blog grated on our nerves too much.

So we’re letting rip.


The writer in LKS’s blog, a Ms Gayatri Unsworth, declared “Because I was born here and because till this day, when I hear the Negaraku my heart swells with pride and patriotism”, “…this is the country I proudly call my native land.”

What a piece of jingoism! [Jingoism = extreme and unreasonable belief that one’s own country is best]

On the contrary, we’re reminded of Namewee’s Negarakuku rap number and the impact it made three years ago when he was just a college student. The guy gave one of the most heartfelt renditions of our national anthem (he should studio record it properly as a single — he’s truly got a good voice).

Ms Gayathry’s ‘Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!’ piece in comparison is nothing but a screed. [Screed = a long and uninteresting piece of writing]

She writes: “And so I call upon my fellow Malaysians to once and for all join hands and strive towards a truly genuine and united 1 Malaysia.” … triple yawn …

Haven’t we come across 1,001 other articles in the same vein each time Merdeka rolls around; and as for her borrowed sloganeering — credit should go to Apco, not to this Gayathry writer who seems to be a favoured byline in Kit Siang’s blog (LKS is too easily impressed by verbal showboating).

[Tautology = the saying of the same thing more than once in different ways without making one’s meaning clearer or more forceful]

Several instances of this poor writing feature, tautology, are evident in Gayatri’s screed: “Yet, the voice of reason must prevail …” [such a cliche]; her hagiography of Tunku [more cliche]; she crafted the Muzak (elevator sentences) below as well:

  • “My beloved country appears to have been hijacked by certain quarters determined to see it crumble under the pressure of division and discord”;
  • “We have allowed for far too long, those with detrimental, destructive agendas, to dictate how we live our lives”;
  • “If we truly love this blessed, extraordinary nation of ours, we must save it from being seized by brutes who shamelessly capitalise on primal instincts and insecurities”;
  • “If we truly love this country, then we cannot allow for it to be reduced to a nation characterised by racist rhetoric and extremist diatribe.”

Yeah, yeah, yeah. So what else is new, except that Gayathry appears to have a narcissistic love for grandiloquent words.


Dear YB Kit Siang, from all that’s been happening over the last month, it does seem as if Rome is burning. And we see you fiddling with flowery words that spilleth over Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

Well, that’s how some of your own website regular readers feel over the Gayathry posting:

  • Your reader ‘pulau_sibu’ commented: “What Merdeka?” [yeah, what ‘Merdeka’ headlined with three exclamation marks, some more];
  • Your reader ‘lorry_driver_malaysia’ commented: “Happy 53rd Independence Day? what so special of this day when u heard all the racist remarks? it will be just a normal working day for me, drive the lorry and earn a living.”
  • Your reader “dcasey” commented on the high-faluting quote by Martin Luther King Jr [will the cliches never end?] reproduced by Gayathry, to wit, “We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools”, and this reader of yours ‘dcasey’ made the rejoinder: “Yeah right! In Bolehland, the band of thieves called DUMNO are the “brothers” and the Malaysian Rakyat are the “fools”…. what more can I say!
  • Your reader ‘dagen’ responded to your LKS-Gayathry posting: “Happy one racist malaysia. Is this what the merdeka celebration about?”
  • Your reader ‘boh-liao” responded: “Merdeka, Merdeka, Merdeka!!! Sounds very hollow, how many rakyat really care abt Merdeka.”
  • Your reader ‘cemerlang’ responded: “I don’t think many Malaysians would appreciate the independence day of Malaysia”, while another reader calling himself ‘DAP man’ said: “This Medeka is strictly for UMNO and Perkasa. They can celebrate it with Mahathir, Rezuan Tee, Utusan, etc”
  • Your reader ‘k1980’: “Do ‘pendatangs’ celebrate Merdeka?”


Dear Uncle Kit, even your old faithful readers aren’t impressed by the overblown ‘Merdeka’ rhetoric purveyed for our Aug 31 reading.


We’ll tell you why the frenetic flag-waving Gayathry article failed to resonate. The truth is, we’re thoroughly sick and tired of the crap that’s going on, and no amount of perfumed words — especially at this moment — can hide the stench.

We prefer Namewee’s straight from the gut kick-ass for a change. How many decades already have we been pulverized by patriotic pap like Gayathry’s — “I love Malaysia for I am a daughter of this soil. This is my one and only home”?

Hullo, hullo! Ms Gayathry-daughter-of-the-soil. We’re trying our darndest to move away from the ‘bumi’ and ‘non’ dichotomy and you’re here trying to do a Ridhuan and muscling in on his ‘son-daughter of the soil’/bumi — “by constitutional definition” (in the famous words of an infamous mamak), is it?

“Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Happy 53rd Independence Day to all” — you force feed us. Ya kah?

A gentle reminder to the venerable Kit Siang: This year, this month, now, please put your house in order first.

Look to your beleaguered representatives — Guan Eng’s doa problems with the religious bureaucracy, Nie Ching and her surau troubles, Ng Wei Aik and Komtar hardly restored, the three teenaged boys awaiting court sentencing (MUST READ here) in Anthony Loke’s constituency.

You, DAP, are fast failing your core constituents. Think about it.

Please spare us the platitudes on patriotism. Gayathry, unlike Namewee, faces no risk writing the above of mouthful of big words that stick in our throat and it’s further doubtful whether the BTN-trained censors can comprehend her navel-gazing English.

Merdeka? Merdeka? Merdeka? Go tell it to the Sabahans and Sarawakians.

2010 minus 1963 makes this the 47th year of the Federation; and Federation Day is Sept 16 lah, btw. Hey, and we thought you Pakatan guys were desperate for the East Malaysia votes, wot?

2 Responses to “Nah!! Time for the middle finger/ Rome burns, Kit Siang fiddles”
  1. You should have mentioned that this is Malaysia and according to shenanigan Mahathir
    everything is possible except he overlooked to state that everything in Malaysia is possible !

  2. Peter Masry says:


    Spelling out the obvious: DAP is a pseudo-secular party that plays the Islamic card to win anti-UMNO
    votes among the equally kiss-ass party MCA which pretends to defend the Chinese against Malay-Islamic
    encroachment but is very happy to to take UMNO-Mahathir-Najib Ang Pao terima kasih very much laa.
    PAS meanwhile trying to play up its pseudo-Islamic Hadari credentials, inviting un-tudunged Chinese
    DAP excos out to get Malay votes for an anticipated PK govt in Putrajaya in 2013, knowing full well
    that in Pasir Mas or Pasir Puteh sneaky old ‘Tok Guru’ wouldn’t invite a non-Malay into a Surau if Allah herself
    told him to. Trust me, Nik Aziz is more Tok than Guru and I can just see Hadi Awang embracing Teo and
    Teresa Kok in open arms (“Our Islam different la..we only manage khalwat in Kel’n and Trg’u-elsewhere OK la)
    I can’t wait to see this utterly disingenuous abominable amalgamation of discordant parties decide how to partition votes (and partition Islam) if and when they get to Putrajaya. Malaysians have become so desperate they have come to ignore the absurdities in the opposition parties while they so anxiously (and rightly so) reject Barisan Nasional. So anxious to have a “Mahdi” in DSAI or “Mahdette” (sorilaaa) in Nurul Izzah, Malaysians ingore the obvious ridiculousness and immaturity in PKR and its component parties who are
    no more capable (even if somewhat more sincere and transparent) of running Malaysia than Barisan Nasional. One can be a loyal Malaysian (whatever one’s ethnicity and philosophical predilections) and say
    NO to UMNO, NO to Barisan Nasional, NO to PAS, No to DAP and NO to PKR.. they are all just not best for Malaysia. Malaysia has yet to identify a true leader who combines the wisdom, magnaminity, technocratic skills, tolerance and determination to lead the country into the future. Yes, Tunku had 3/5 above and Tun Hussein Onn maybe 2/5 (which is already ahead of MM, DSAI and NR) but this is not enough. The maturity level (lack thereof) among most Malaysian politicians is thoroughly appalling; it is a disgrace to Malaysia
    and its pretense towards 1Malaysia and a supposed meeting point between the West, East and the
    Islamic World (we see how well Turkey under Erdogan managed that act..). I don’t think massive
    deforestation in Sarawak, Keris waving in PJ, flotillas of songkoks and selayangs headed to Gaza and muzzling of the press and individual freedoms, will lead Malaysia forward so that the 63rd Merdeka in ten years will truly be a day to celebrate Malaysia’s independence, maturation and rightful place among
    developed nations (whether Merdeka is on 8/31 or 9/16).

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