Hmm, most interesting…Namewee’s quintessential Chineseness

By Sharifuddin A Latiff [Click on image for Mkini’s report] Namewee’s response to Perkasa Arman Azha’s inflammatory act was, poignantly, more civilised. In fact, he is almost stoically Confucian. Excerpted – Asked by journalists for his reaction to the protest, Namewee said: I have no comment, I’m not politician. I came here for an anti-racism … Continue reading

Analysis & insight into Beng Hock’s purported suicide note

We’ve excerpted the write-up below from Shuzheng’s blog. Translation by Shuzheng of Teoh Beng Hock’s note: Ouyang: They didn’t duplicate the computer files (but) seized all the computers (instead). Without end, the fingers point at you. Sorry. [writing scratched out] Feigning not to understand (although) I do, (but) in the end, you are implicated. I … Continue reading

Kids say the darnest things

Drawing (source Wikipedia): “Someone has been wounded” – drawn by a 7-year-old child in Sderot Say a bunch of pupils from Kubang Pasu go on a school outing to Kuala Lumpur. How exciting! What questions will they ask teacher about the capital city? Another bunch of elementary school kids were on a bus trip to … Continue reading

Real champs vs a jaguh kampung

“Datuk Nicol David captured her 5th World Open squash title yesterday, in dominant fashion, securing her place in the pantheon of great squash players and edging her closer to be being the greatest female squash player ever” – read: TMI report. [Pix from] “World number one Datuk Lee Chong Wei defeated archrival Lin Dan … Continue reading

Nobody seems able to stop Perkasa now

By Hartal MSM As we post this, Mahathir should be addressing the Perkasa crowd right about now in Pasir Mas — Ibrahim Ali’s constituency. According to a notice in the Perkasa website, their patron will be greeted by 3,000 ‘warriors’ on motorcycles. The purpose of the Mahathir-Perkasa rally in Kelantan is — according to the … Continue reading

Someone, at least, agrees with Mahathir

Like Mahathir, Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad thinks that most people believe the US government staged the September 11 attacks. AFP reported on Thursday, The United States led an enraged Western walkout after Ahmadinejad’s comments on the Al-Qaeda attack on the World Trade Center, which was just four miles (six kilometers) from the UN headquarters. European … Continue reading

Look Mah …

… See what I got. It’s soooo huge, isn’t it? Superlatively grandiose and so .. so utterly ME. Perhaps, I should wear it in bed until it wilts in about a week’s time. * Foot stomping and slamming of bedroom door .. ** Followed by muffled chucklings from garland wearer. @ An unfinished satiric play … Continue reading

Malaysia-Instinct’s missing links

By Sharifuddin A Latiff Earlier on, in ‘What spooked Malaysia-Instinct?‘, I conjectured that it could have been something else that made the news portal going M.I.A. from the Net for a while. Meanwhile, RPK responded to Malaysia-Instinct’s Satu Hala with The Art of Spinning, replete with a photo and a Google map of the ‘crime scene’ … Continue reading

If homo imam start gay mosque, you support, ah?

Malaysian media provided saturation coverage and overflowing opinion-editorials when Rev. Terry Jones of Florida threatened to set fire to a stack of Qurans some weeks back. However, our MSM is conspicuously silent on Saudi Arabia which doesn’t create a media circus like Rev. Jones but has, with quiet determination, carried out an agenda of religious … Continue reading

Islamic religious council lost her letter?

The Star reported yesterday that the High Court will hear the test case by a non-Muslim counsel who is challenging the requirement that a Syarie lawyer in Kuala Lumpur must be Muslim. Victoria Jayaseelee Martin has a Diploma in Syariah Law and Practice from the International Islamic University (UIA), in addition to a University of … Continue reading