E-mail your complaint to the BBC

The BBC complaints homepage is here.

The British broadcaster assures its viewers and readers that “Your complaint is important to us”.

Malaysians have already been e-mailing to complain about the cancellation of Raja Petra Kamarudin’s interview with its programme Hardtalk.

Do complaints work?

An advocacy for fair media urges its readers to object to unacceptable journalism by participating. On June 29, Honest Reporting took a British news outlet to task — see, ‘Telegraph caught recycling Gaza war photo to distort today’s reality‘.

Honest Reporting asked its readers to “Please send the Daily Telegraph your considered comments by completing its online feedback form and demanding an explanation and a similar apology to that of The Times.”

The Times had recycled a 2002 photo for a  news story filed in 2008 on Jenin (Palestine).

Can readers get results by complaining? In the case of Telegraph, the UK’s biggest-selling broadsheet was ethical enough to make the necessary correction.

Within hours of the release of the Honest Reporting communique protesting their misuse of imagery, the Daily Telegraph replaced the objectionable Gaza war zone photo with a peace time photo.

Indeed, with all the resources at its disposal, there is no excuse for the paper to mine its archives unless the photo editor had impaired judgment caused by Palestinianitis (quite a common virus).

7 Responses to “E-mail your complaint to the BBC”
  1. KY says:

    I suspect the reason for the CANCELLATION is NOT due to any political interference or whatever CRAP one might say.

    The reason why BBC cancelled RAJA PETRA’s date is becos’ BBC found out that RAJA PETRA is indeed NOT an important person who deserved to be interviewed. Look, RPK ain’t any POLITICIAN or have he held any important roles in the M’sian Govt.

    He’s just an ordinary FOLK (like you & me) who happens to spend 99.9% of his time in front of a PC blogging about RUBBISH & thus fled the country to seek ASYLUM in London simply becos’ he WASN’T a MAN (jantan) enough to take on his charges.

    RAJA PETRA claimed he has ROYALTY blood but for all you know he’s just another ROYALTY WANNABE (similar to that BUGGER who tried FOOLING everyone he’s some ROYALTY when the COPS found his dubious ROLL ROYCE in some event in PUCHONG, Selangor lately). Such dudes MUST be tripping on some kinda DRUGS to hallucinate they are ROYALTY, sial!!!!

    Now, you know what BBC had just told RAJA PETRA???

    “Hey you bloke………PODAH lah!!!!!”

    • TOKZ says:

      True, very true! I agree with u, KY.

      Even BBC does make mistakes afterall. I think BBC forgot to do some research regarding RPK’s background before asking him for interview.

      As you know, whoever claims they have ROYALTY blood does confuse people (regardless whether they are genuinely one or not). Perhaps, BBC was being fooled by RPK’s claim that he is a so-called Malaysian Royalty.

      If that donkey who claimed he is a ROYALTY in that dubious Rolls Royce event episode in Puchong can fool people, I don’t see why not RPK can’t.

      Soon, many people gonna go to JPN & change their name on their I/C. They’re gonna claim they are a ROYALTY too. Can I do that too???

  2. isham ahmad says:

    i am shocked and terribly disappointed that the BBC could be cowed into censureship by refusing to air Raja Petra resorting to the guise of legalities. Won’t this simply encourage problematic authorities to make trump up charges to discredit dissident, true voice of the people

  3. wong says:

    They can denial whatever reasons they can say, its A BIG STAIN ALREADY. Where is the “Without FEAR and FAVOUR????

  4. Katharina Sri (ex Noor Aza) says:

    If Raja Petra is a Muslim fanatic, defending the fascist islamic-ruled countries including Malaysia, he would get top slot on BBC, I suspect much! UK (& the Netherlands) has became the primitive kingdoms of anti-freedom of speech – unless you’re Muslim fanatics or Western lefty crazies defending Islam!

  5. Charlie Oscar says:

    Dear Sir/Mdm,
    “E-mail your complaint to the BBC”
    Are You Real?
    Anyway, Thank You for our 53rd Merdeka Day JOKE!!!

  6. Clifford says:

    I was absolutely disgusted by tonights epiode of Eastenders. To put out footage of a drunken pregnant woman and other drunk females fighting in a nightclub and pulling out clumps of hair at peak time is an absolute disgrace. What impression does this give to the many young people that will have seen this transmission which will presumably be repeated on a Sunday. Disgusting cheap television worthy only of the gutter.
    Also posted to Twitter

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