Star uses threatening headlines on Namewee but Siti Inshah not even named in all reports

Irony of ironies, the first of four police reports against Namewee was lodged at Kulaijaya police headquarters on Aug 28. Kulaijaya is the school district of the bigoted Ketuanan Melayu principal who had ordered the prayer bracelets of her Hindu students to be cut, according to details in the police reports against her.

Siti Inshah Mansor drew more than a dozen police reports for her religious bigotry (likening Hindu prayer strings to dog leashes) but no action taken, no harassment from the police.

As for Namewee, three police squad cars sped to his home late at night. So hardworking one, our PDRM.

But let’s see how Sniveling Star reported the two cases — Namewee’s and Siti Inshah’s.

On Namewee, the paper had the following reports:

On Siti Inshah, UNBELIEVABLY!! the Sniveling Star did not even mention her by name in any of its reports:

Compare the tone of the coverage on the two cases. With Namewee, it’s clearly laced with intimidation and threat. With Siti Inshah, not only is she spared the ‘name and shame’, they’re treating her with kid gloves.

Doubtless Perkasa will be soon giving the woman a trophy and sash hailing her as Wiranita Hall of Famer.

But what turns our stomach is that MCA president Chua Soi Lek — whose party owns the Sniveling Star — merely calls for Siti Inshah to be transferred to a desk job and given counselling.

Furthermore the black pot Chua Soi Lek dares to scold the kettle Namewee for “a lot of vulgar words and signs that should not be used at all.”

Hah! Talk about thick skin.


Related, see today in Malaysian Mirror, columnist Mariam Mokhtar:

“If Namewee (Wee Meng Chee) is prosecuted for his music-video, then two mixed messages are being sent out by the government: The first is that the authorities practise double-standards. The second is that it was only because of Namewee’s ‘intervention’ that the government sat up and took racism seriously.”

2 Responses to “Star uses threatening headlines on Namewee but Siti Inshah not even named in all reports”
  1. shamsul iskandar says:

    Sebelum ini,bangsa melayu dan agama islam amat dihormati oleh kaum lain tanpa berani mempertikaikan sebarang isu. Selepas PR memenangi PRU 12,kita lihat keistimewaan bangsa melayu mula disoal dan agama islam sudah dihormati.Apakah puncanya?Puncanya adalah golongan yang tamakkan kuasa sehingga menggadaikan maruah bangsa dan agama.Siapakah mereka?Mereka adalah PAS yang diketuai oleh Nik Aziz,yang hanya layak bergelar ular xxxx xxx.Kerana dendam dengan UMNO,habis maruah agama digadaikan. Contohnya ‘Tazkirah’ DAP di surau kajang disokong oleh ular xxxxxxx ini.Kita tahu adab memasuki rumah suci adalah kita mestilah bersih.Wanita haid dilarang masuk dan kita harus mandi hadas besar.Adakah Teo ini tahu mandi hadas besar dan mungkin pada masa itu beliau datang haid.Walaupun ular xxxx xxx PAS ini boleh disifatkan sebagai dajal untuk menyesatkan umah, tetapi yang anehnya,penyokong2 PAS mengikut macam babi yang buta dan bodoh,sehingga setiap kali DAP membuang najis,PAS lah orang pertama yang akan memakan najis DAP,sehingga lalat pun belum sempat hinggap.

    HartalMSM: Comment edited for inappropriate language.

  2. SuperST says:

    Sad to say the “keistemewaan” simply means impaired to nations where equality is advocated. Unfortunately in a respected nation like Malaysia we have to stay impaired for the sake of peace and harmony.

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