Clueless Kit Siang supports supression of bloggers

By Hartal MSM

Lim Kit Siang issued a statement today saying that “MCMC can be assured of public support for any strict action against abuses of the Internet as putting up content with racial and religious slurs which could spark off tension in our country”.

He wants “an end to any form of racial or religious slurs particularly on the social media and Internet”.

Kit Siang is missing the problem by a mile.

The biggest instigator is the licenced-to-slur traditional media Utusan Malaysia and this publication is clear ahead of the field. If anything, it is the Utusan instigation — cut and pasted as comments spread by cybertroopers — that are the racial and religious devices, replicated from print and scattered around blogosphere.

Can you truly believe that MCMC’s action will be impartial? We highly doubt it. In fact, it’s quite probable that the MCMC will be as selective in its prosecution as that other government agency MACC – within whose premises Teoh Beng Hock died.

The taskforce to monitor Malaysian web content is creating a chill factor amongst websites that are anti-establishment, and amongst bloggers and young users of social media.

Far from supporting MCMC, this new remit given it to persecute (e.g. Namewee’s almost 8-hour questioning) should be strongly opposed.

Why give MCMC the legitimacy to use its powers to spread fear in the same vein as the ISA, Sedition Act and other legislation that leaves Malaysians cowering in a climate of fear.

We are moving closer and closer to a police state, and Kit Siang is not helping any.

That a seasoned opposition politician could issue this clueless statement makes us think he has become very divorced from the ground, especially in the operation of New Media. The Net, at least, is an arena where the dissenters to the status quo have a level playing field.

In regard to rising tensions, we hope that his loyal supporters will forcefully remind him how the Mother of All Inciters is Utusan.

If Kit Siang fails to see this, it’s time he considered taking a break from active politics. He’s fast losing the plot.

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5 Responses to “Clueless Kit Siang supports supression of bloggers”
  1. Hakka says:

    You can’t have the cake and eat it.

    If we deplore the racist writings of Utusan in the likes of RT & Awang Selamat, we cannot go around advocating censure-free internet. If we do, we’ll have to accept Utusan and gang has the right to internet freedom as much as the next Tom, Dick & Harry.

    It works both ways. Racists and insulting writeups mocking all religion should be deplored.

    I do understand your concern about the impartiality of the MCMC task force. Therefore, we should address the issue of transparency and impartiality in MCMC rather than taking the easy way out by advocating we want to tolerate racist writeups just so the internet can be censure-free.

    • hartalmsm says:


      You are preaching an idealist paradigm that sounds righteous but only on paper. We’re dealing with realpolitik here where Umno is in total control of the state apparatus, where black is white if they say so, and they crack down on anyone trying to point out that the colour is shades of gray.

      They are Goliath.

      Can you suggest to us, for starters, whether “transparency and impartiality” in MACC — as an antecedent example — has been addressed? Why was TBH probed for 2k purchases when the elephant in the room that is Khir Toyo’s mansion is NFA? What does it show of the workings of our law enforcement?

      Utusan versus the Tom, Dick & Harry on the Net can hardly be put on the same plane. Utusan is a behemoth state protected BTN-clone. It can reach into rural areas where Tom, Dick & Harry and with their little read, small personal blogs will hardly make a dent even if these guys rave and rant till the roof caves in.

      There are already a slew of laws that enable action against Utusan but is any action taken? If we see that the variety of law enforcement agencies are unwilling to act against Utusan, why then trust these very same people with extra powers to suppress bloggers?

      If not bloggers, who else to stand in the line of defence against Utusan, Umno, Perkasa and the rest of the bullies?

      Even now, the Internet is hardly censure free. The old standby of libel, defamation, Sedition Act and other laws still apply to bloggers, and they have been charged or investigated before. This new proposal is just easily giving the establishment another a big stick to wield.

      Queensbury rules which you are advocating emphatically do not apply in a country sliding to Zimbabwe, and what you’re proposing is that bloggers step into the arena with their hands tied behind their back.

  2. foodie says:

    DAP seems to have this problem. i remembered they cited sedition for demos they did not like. And Karpal wants the death penalty. They are part of the old politicians crowd. Not much diff there with BN. It is a real worry if they helm the govt under PR. The bad laws may remain under DAP rule.

  3. hakka says:

    I conclude (though I stand corrected) you are not really advocating free-internet where people are given the liberty to ridicule another’s belief and scream racist remarks in cyberspace. (I certainly hope not) What you are concerned about is the possibility of MCMC exploiting this new found tool and practice discriminative persecution.

    Your posting advocate LKS is wrong to clamp down on internet abuse. In reality, you are not in total disagreement with LKS racial slurs should not be tolerated, but you are merely concerned about the possible abuses in the hands of MCMC.

    It is 2 different issue. It is not fair to say ” Kit Siang supports supression of bloggers”. To be precise, it is the suppression of abusive and racist bloggers.

    Am I too idealistic?

    The way I see it, ideals (hopefully noble ones) are what shape our actions and decisions. I’ll like to think ideals are like a rod reminding us what are we really fighting for. Take that away, we’ll be no different from those we now deplore.

    Take for example the cry for the abolishment of ISA. Ironically, the same group of people are also demanding certain racists be put under ISA for their remarks. This is contradictory and only means we want it abolish only when it does not serve our purpose.

    It’s not that I don’t see your point. It’s just that I choose a different path and ask myself does the end justify the means.

    • hartalmsm says:

      Peace, Hakka.

      We may not even reach the ‘end’ if we’re too finely ‘mincing’ the means of getting there. While it’s noble to be peacemakers, the troublemakers will not desist however nice you talk to them. Umno are desperate men resorting to even more desperate measures. Clearly they’re far from playing fair.

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