Perkasa makes police report against rubber tree?

We heard a rumour that a certain Perkasa chieftain wearing a very tall songkok was driving in a rubber estate when his headgear went askew and blocked his vision. It seems that he lost control of the SUV he was driving.


To his chagrin, he found his vehicle suddenly up close and personal with a rubber tree. The driver however escaped unhurt due to protection provided by his thick skin.

We were told he made a police report to the effect that the biadap rubber tree suddenly and for no apparent reason jumped into his path. He asked that the provocative pokok pendatang — whose great-grandfather was brought into Malaya by the late Mr Ridley — to ‘Balik Brazil!’ for being kurang ajar.

At press time however, we still could not ascertain the veracity of the story above.

Meanwhile, another police report was lodged yesterday by Suara Anak Pahang (SUAP) over the airing of an Aidilfitri advertisement by TV3 which is claimed to have insulted Muslims.

Bernama reported that SUAP action committee chairman Mohd Shukri Mohd Ramli said his group wanted an investigation of those who had produced the advertisement, telling reporters: “Although TV3 has apologised, the case must be looked into by the authorities for the sake of the sanctity of Islam in the country”.

Do you think the television sets which transmitted the above ad would be investigated too?

It looks like the police will be kept very busy investigating police reports and may have little time to celebrate Raya.

* satire noun 1 a literary composition, originally in verse, which holds up follies and vices for criticism, ridicule and scorn. 2 the use of instruments such as sarcasm, irony, wit and humour in such compositions

**HartalMSM: Self-humility builds character except for those who can’t laugh at their own foibles.

8 Responses to “Perkasa makes police report against rubber tree?”
  1. Su says:


    OMG, that Mohd. Shukri is so hungry for publicity! He should then lodge a police report against all who actually had the audacity to watch the ad right to the end.

    Good luck to this clown!

  2. telur dua says:

    No wonder the Cops always complain about being short handed. They have to handle too many moronic reports.

  3. Paul Warren says:

    I saw that thing on my pc…not my lap top….so how now? My pc will get seized? Ooooo it was transmitted via telecom’s lines….will that line be cannibalised now? And MCMC made it happen….

  4. vasantha says:

    Really, things are getting out of hand! What’s with these guys? I would say, ‘Go,get a life,man’.
    Are we turning into a nation of freaking hypocrites? Oh my God! The freaking answer is a big freaking YESS!!
    God have mercy on us all. What goes on in some people’s brain is a mystery. Even Einstein would be at a loss to figure this out. Help!!!

  5. BLUEBIRD says:

    it is the stupid driver that bring his car to the tree. The car was the control by the stupid and the car got wack for nothing. Poor tree was indeed 1 malaysia, taking the blame.

  6. Maz says:

    Woody Allen:

    “Tall Songkok=>C*CK NO SONG”

  7. Maz says:

    SYMBOL !

  8. Maz says:

    “Malaysian cops always complain about being short handed..”

    Perhaps if they wore tall songkoks the ‘hands’ would feel less short….

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