Aminulrasyid-case idiot opens his mouth again

We’re talking about MCA central committee member Ti Lian Ker.

On May 7, we posted how Ti was complaining that Azamuddin — the passenger in the car driven by Aminulrasyid, and who survived the police chase and shooting — was given coverage by the press.

Ti had blogged that allowing the surviving boy to tell his story was “an unethical move and may influence public perception and judgment.”

The MCA Datuk is back with foot in mouth, this time on Namewee.

Ti is certainly not stupid and some of what he says makes good sense but he is a politician through and through, and cannot help but spin for his party.

In his posting Namewee versus Siti…, he blogged “The electorates spurred by the media have taken an aggressive offensive stance against any racial colored arguments or stance” and “Now we have another media orchestrated or supported racial taunting in the tussle of who is more extreme between a Siti headmistress and a Namewee”.

He conveniently forgets to reflect on the “decades of injustices or perceived suppressions of the minorities by the majorities” (the description within quote marks is his words).

Weren’t a lot of the injustices inflicted on the minorities due to the impotency and selling-out by MCA and MIC? Yet Ti is today begrudging that expressions of these injustices are currently receiving “positive media attention and support”.

What had MCA done about the “injustices or perceived suppressions of the minorities” over the decades?

Now that these grievances are finally getting airtime via Namewee, Ti is hitting out at everyone else except pointing the finger back at his own people.

He hits out at the “extremist movement” Hindraf — “the racial intent and content of the movement that borders on ridicule and mocking reality” (Ti’s words) and at Namewee’s fan base — “Some Ah Bengs are charging forward into the political arena with brutish temper and muscles”.

What has MCA done to help the “brutish Ah Bengs” receive higher education and qualify for professional jobs which would refine their temper?

He makes his own conclusions: “Hindraf who had realized their folly of playing a racially charged game that saw the Indians losing more than gaining …” As if MCA never played the “racially charged game”. Talk about pot calling the kettle black!

It’s not that Ti’s analysis is without merit. Three-quarters of his reading of the situation is quite sharp and accurate — after all, he’s a politician who has made it to the level of national MCA exco.

However, the big problem we have with Ti is his even bigger blind spot that would absolve his own party from any fault.

He grumbles: “BN specifically Umno, Mca and Mic were blamed for all the past 50 odd years mistakes and errors that was politically correct back then but could not be accepted or digested by the new generation of voters.”

Like we said in our previous posting ‘Namewee will have more Facebook fans than Najib by weekend’, the rapper has come to speak for “the new generation of voters”.

But MCA old fogies like Chua Soi Lek and Ti, instead of courting Namewee, have been continually slamming him.

Doubtless that this course of action is to Umno’s liking but in reinforcing how out of touch MCA is with public sentiment, the has-been party and its spokesmen are merely digging deeper the hole for themselves. At the rate they’re going, they will be buried even before the next GE.

2 Responses to “Aminulrasyid-case idiot opens his mouth again”
  1. My2cen says:

    Halo, Umno, Mca and Mic were in power for the past 50 odd years. And if they didn’t make so many ‘mistakes’ that caused the racial rift, then who ah?? Me and my neighbours ah??

    This Ti and Tee are brothers ah??

  2. vasantha says:

    As I see it, the blame rests squarely on the shoulders of MCA and MIC. I think they would be doing the Chinese and Indians a big favour by just keeping their mouths shut. They constantly embarrass their race and from time to time shamelessly sell out their race. I am so disheartened to see adequately intelligent people sell out their principles for mere pittances. They take pride in heaping praises on the slogan of the day – 1Malaysia without really wanting to know what it was meant to be. 1Malaysia is fast becoming a cliche. Datuk Seri Najib, please ask all these people to shut up. They are doing more harm than good. The MCA and MIC had a solemn responsibilty to see that the social contract agreed to by our forefathers would be carried out in the essence that it was agreed upon. Nobody is expecting them to turn radical like Perkasa but we would surely welcome people with some gumption to represent us. Call a spade a spade. Kita mesti berani kerana benar. There is still hope for BN if only they would get rid of the fawners and the YES man.

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