Namewee will have more Facebook fans than Najib by weekend

On Aug 31, we blogged that some 243,700 people like Namewee’s official Facebook page.

When we checked yesterday, his Facebook has close to 319,400 fans. That’s an increase of 75,700 fans in a span of just 8 days, or averagely 9,500 (to round up the figure) signing up daily.

Anwar Ibrahim’s Facebook has 162,800 fans while Najib Razak’s has 352,255 as at this moment. We predict that by the weekend, Namewee will have more Facebook fans than the prime minister.

Malaysians, please ask yourself why this is so. This is a serious question.

Namewee’s not even a pop star nor cut any record album yet. For comparison, Siti Nurhaliza’s official Facebook page has 220,700 fans.

Yes, granted that social media is something trending with the young (and Najib is not young) but still it doesn’t take anything away from Namewee’s feat — he’ll be in pole position before Rosmah finishes nibbling her first batch of Raya cookies.

If the young upstart has this legion of followers, he must be doing and saying something that so many Malaysians are able to connect with.

Is it fair to say that the pro-establishment types and the risk-free poseurs given airtime by longtime opposition leaders like Kit Siang are patently falling flat despite the loudhailers they’ve been provided?

Namewee’s runaway success is the obverse to the abject failure of our society that’s not able to understand Malaysian youths. That he has become their leading voice shows how powerless and voiceless the younger generation are to articulate their aspirations and fears and frustrations.

For every slur that people like Chua Soi Lek and the politicians throw at Namewee, they are getting double the blowback. In the land of hypocrites, the foul-mouthed but honest (Namewee) is prince.

3 Responses to “Namewee will have more Facebook fans than Najib by weekend”
  1. umar rentaka says:

    spot on.

    This is great punch line.

  2. My2cen says:

    This guy has won many young and very young fans. Even my school-going nieces know him. What he says resonates with their own experience in school, they ‘feel’ him. The question is: Why does the country leaders not?? It’s their continuous ignoring of the young that will lost them their term in office.

    He was very spot on to declare ‘ I am not depressed or mentally ill and have no plans to commit suicide’!! This should be the tag line for everyone haul up by the police, MACC, MCMC and whatever UMNO’s agency!

  3. Dr. Pang HC says:

    I have no facebook account but i will sign up just so that i can tag Namewee as a friend.

    I hope that by doing so, i am sending a subtle signal to the UMNO warlords that no everybody is a coward minority like the MCA and gerakan.

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