Malaysia Today down! So how?

We can’t provide you with MT’s current page until the web admin sort out the problems causing the inaccessability, widely rumored due to a DDOS attack.

(UPDATE: FMT under DDOS attack too. According to FMT’s chief technical officer Thirun Nadason, the attack is believed to be the work of professionals. It’s back up again now after 18 hours downtime.)

But we can show you how to access and read their yesterday’s articles.

Here’s how:

a) Google in your Search box the keywords “Malaysia Today + front page” and you’ll get a list of options –

b) Choose ‘frontpage’ and click on the ‘cached’ link which is usually shown at the end of a result –

c) A Google cache snapshot will appear showing the ‘frontpage’ (you can open the page quicker if you choose ‘text only version’ option. Look for it on the right side of the gray box at the top end).

d) Scroll down to review the headlines –

e) Choose/highlight/copy a headline e.g. “No, I do not wish for the MCMC to take action against Malaysian Instinct” and with the keywords “Malaysia Today”, paste this together into your Search box again –

f) Google results will show the following –

g) Click on the cached link to get to the intended archived article. Once there, scroll down to the article and read to your heart’s content whilst showing your ‘finger’ to you-know-who.

Footnote: If you have the exact wording for an article, proceed through step e). Same methodology applies with other web/blogsites e.g. Free Malaysia Today. And one more thing, clicking on any link at the ‘cached’ copy will not bring you to the current MT page coz Google can’t perform miracles lah.

2 Responses to “Malaysia Today down! So how?”
  1. Paul Warren says:

    Like as if I made sense of all of that!!

  2. skirt says:

    Thanks! That worked like a dream and was easy.

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