Top 10 media sites, Malaysiakini No.1

According to Alexa traffic ranking, the top media sites in Malaysia are:

1. Malaysiakini (14)

2. The Star Online (15)

3. Utusan Online (23)

4. myMetro (25)

5. Berita Harian (27)

6. ESPN (38)

7. The Malaysian Insider (44)

8. Kosmo Online (47)

9. Malaysia Today (48)

10. Harakah Daily (69)


* In brackets is their placing overall in the country

** Alexa is not a definitive measure but merely provides an indication. It should be used together with other statistical tools like Google Analytics, stats counters, etc for a more balanced gauge

Top 5

The top five sites most frequented by Malaysians are international ones:

(in order) Facebook, Google (, Google (dotcom), Yahoo, YouTube

  • The top local site is at No.9
  • A site that touts itself ‘Live Sex” is at No.46

Up and coming media sites are:

  • Free Malaysia Today or FMT (208), which saw a 41% increase in traffic over the past 3 months
  • Merdeka Review (255), over the last month 33% up in hits, they’re in Chinese and BM
  • Malaysia Chronicle (421) had a 31% jump in traffic over the last month, after having gotten going only in July

Media sites that have/had money but poor returns:

  • The Nut Graph (1,534) after RM2 million and then some, poured in for the project and promo
  • Malaysia Instinct (1,925) similarly proving that capital doesn’t necessarily help you take off

Media sites that channel the Umno blogosphere:

  • The Malay Mail (402)
  • Unit Media Baru (15,620)

Umno’s Unit Media Baru has 37 sites linking in. Hartal has 42 sites linking in and we rank higher — LOL!

One Response to “Top 10 media sites, Malaysiakini No.1”
  1. casper says:

    Well done hartal – minimal resource, maximum impact.

    Compared to others with more means, you have come a long way.

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