TV3’s ET-meets-Aidil Fitri greeting

TV3 belongs to Media Prima, an Umno-linked behemoth. Yet even it was not immune from police reports.

The television station had withdrawn its Raya promo and apologized earlier but despite the apology, Suara Anak Pahang (Suap) went ahead with their police report. Suap insists that since the ad’s bastardization of Raya customs had sullied the sanctity of Islam, the offence must be dealt with.

(They should simply print stacks of ‘insulting Islam’ police forms so that the complainants can save time by just ticking boxes. After all, it is such a popular accusation).

Now imagine had the Santa-ish Raya ad been created by DAP instead of TV3, the furore would have been far worse.

What did certain Muslim quarters find so objectionable about the production trying to reindeer Raya?

It is an expensive, special effects-laden rojak that liberally mixed Christmas motifs with floating Buddhist lotus pods, inside of which were Deepavali lights.

Santa’s flying sleigh had been turned into trishaw for local colour and its whizzing around in the night sky is reminiscent of visuals from Steven Spielberg’s film about an extra terrestrial (ET). Another scene in the ad with Tinkerbell confetti reminds one of the Disney cartoon Peter Pan.

The traditional pelita associated with Raya was nowhere to be seen in the ad’s eclectic hodge-podge.

Nonetheless, it is still Malay-Muslim hues that predominate in this Santa-Raya concoction, even though other race-religion tints are incorporated.

A little bit of everything, and nothing of substance — quite aptly describes the sugary, arty-farty creative effort.

The description also fits the ‘Malaysian First’ advertising copy that DAP is marketing.

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