‘Balik China’ issue: Ridhuan Tee wants action on non-BM speakers

By Sharifuddin A. Latiff

How time flies… It feels like only yesterday that the Icker-Tee ruined my Raya.

One year down the road, and here he goes again with his ‘Apabila agenda kaum diutamakan’.


In his Utusan column today — which you can also read at ridhuantee.blogspot.com — he rips into the “species” for whom the ‘race agenda’ is paramount. No, he’s not referring to the Malays.

Ridhuan writes that it’s not surprising the police officer could have told off ‘go back to China‘ (directed at the 51-year-old woman snatch theft victim who went to his station to make her police report). It must have been the policeman’s long pent-up frustration with regard to Malaysians who can’t speak the national language, Ridhuan makes the excuse for his behaviour.

He blames vernacular schools for Malaysians being unable to speak the national language.

He complains that 70 percent of those visited by the census officers recently who failed to cooperate were Chinese because they’re unable to speak Malay.

“[In other countries] A basic problem such as national language would have long been settled. It is enforced by law. Whosoever fails to comply is sent back. This stern action is clearly fruitful. But not us [in Malaysia]. We’ve been too soft until the very people we’ve been so kind to is stepping on our head.”

(Masalah asas seperti isu bahasa kebangsaan telah lama selesai. Ia dikuatkuasakan melalui undang-undang. Sesiapa yang engkar akan dihantar pulang. Tindakan tegas ini ternyata membuahkan hasil.Tetapi tidak kita. Kita terlalu berlembut sehingga kaduk naik junjung.)

“What is happening in our country has never happened elsewhere. It is only us who have been too liberal and accommodating. Hence, the ultra kiasu take advantage. Rest assured you wouldn’t see any of this news [discussion on this topic] being given attention in the ultra kiasu websites such as Malaysian Insider, Malaysiakini, CPI and others.”

Ridhuan insists that merely having a campaign to promote BM is not enough because of the proliferation of racialist media (media perkauman) and also the widespread use of foreign languages can no longer be controlled. He proposes that the federal constitution may need to be amended to strengthen the position of BM.

As usual, the ‘Icker’ leaves me stumped. He’s waging war on Malaysians who choose to use Chinese or English over BM. In this, he goes on a rampage against Malaysian Insider, Malaysiakini and CPI.

The two news portals (MK & MI) and the NGO website (CPI, which is on our blogroll, see right) all have active BM sections. Furthermore, Malaysiakini is quadrilingual, CPI trilingual and Insider bilingual.

Actually, I suspect Icker is really raging against that “species” (the ultra kiasu) rather than the language mediums of the three portals he slams.

If his wishes are granted and the Chinese return en masse to China, next Raya I shall have fewer friends visiting for a taste of our family’s home-made, mouth-watering pineapple tarts. Rugi!


Top 10 media sites, Malaysiakini No.1

24 Responses to “‘Balik China’ issue: Ridhuan Tee wants action on non-BM speakers”
  1. vincenyl says:

    Lets boycott products and services of companies that advertise with UTUSAN . Pass the word around .

  2. Paul Warren says:

    Damned to all languages….I only speakee England!!

  3. Jokersland says:

    Every weekends, this self glorified zombie will write about the same issues. Must have the word, ultra kiasu in his writing. I don’t think he know what is called dignity as long as he could see the money.

    Selamat Hari Raya. Maaf Zahir Batin.

  4. Nori Case says:

    I’m appalled that anyone who is a citizen of this country are asked to go back to China which is not their homeland. On the other hand I’m also disappointed that those citizen who are not able to speak basic Malay as they may not feel the affinity to Malaysia as their homeland

  5. vasantha says:

    Well chinese folks, my condolences to you for having such a shameless Tee being once of your race. This fool should realize that it is perfectly alright to convert to another religion but to sell out your race and culture is tantamount to prostituting your own mother! This person is another Chandra Muzzafar. I do not see much difference between these guys and crackpot pastor Terry Jones who would do or say anything for cheap publicity. Angels fear to thread where fools rush in. Some people should really not say anything!

  6. Billy says:

    Hello Ridhuan, get your facts straightened before opening that mouth of yours. It is not the Malay language that the person could not speak, but the Sanskrit/Hindu language. Got it?!?

  7. SK says:

    How do you spell TRAITOR?
    T E E R A I T O R

  8. Meng says:

    Go to any government department in NZ, Australia and USA and the taxpayer will have the option of speaking his mother tongue or any language he is well-versed in. An interpreter will be readily available.

  9. wandererAUS says:

    …with a scumbag like this man Tee, he is a disgrace to the mother who gave birth to him and Islam, he has adopted.
    Who is he to judge others!

  10. telur dua says:

    Most Malaysians are immuned to the sub-standard garbage masquerading as education and BTN.

    But the poor sod swallowed it whole. You know, garbage in, garbage out.

  11. Tee Tee says:

    He’s a complete jerk, an absolute disgrace to the chinese race and nothing more than a self-serving clap-trap! Wonder why he retains his last name?

    Those apple tarts look real yummy! Selamat Hari Raya, Sharif.


  12. Ong EJ says:

    Hi Nori,

    To reduce the inability to speak BM as a matter of one not feeling “the affinity to Malaysia as their homeland” may be quite misplaced.

    I know of some who are not schooled due to poverty and sad family circumstances, and therefore are “buta huruf” especially the folks of an older generation. It is a good idea not be hasty in judging such folks as did Ridhuan Tee who unfortunately tried to politicize the matter further.

    Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

  13. If Ridhuan thinks that Bahasa is so important please explain why outside the Malaysian Embassies all over the world Jawi and English are used and not Bahasa Melayu , why ?
    So learning how to speak and write Bahasa is a waste of time
    right ?

  14. Prem Das says:

    Those pineapple tarts sure look scrumptious.

    • hartalmsm says:

      Shar101 was writing about how Ridhuan ruined his Raya and thinking about pineapple tarts, write Ridhuan, think pineapple tarts, Ridhuan, tarts. Finally for the featured pix, he decided the tarts look better than Tee.

  15. Malaysian says:

    What is this Tee fellow’s agenda,especially when he tried to threaten actions on the race where he originates.I feel very sad and down-throttened. Is he under some master’s instruction to do so(for his future) or has he gone insane? What good is he bringing to the unity of the races in our country? Please think further of this 51 years old woman,who may be illiterate(due to some reasons or another) but there is no reasons for the police officer and Tee to call for her return to China! Police officers are public servants(the payroll are from the rakyat’s taxes) and they should be compassionate and caring(as their existence are for public law and orders) towards elderly folks.
    On this Tee article, I hope you read this message and tell us why you must write this type of article? Why can’t you write some other things which help to foster better race relationship(especially now you are a chinese adopting the muslim faith)? Why must you want to talk bad about your race which you are born with? Why?

  16. ericind says:

    this shamless bastard thinks after converted to muslim he is more malay than the malay.really makes me puke.

  17. telur dua says:

    I wonder how many in his family are non-speakers?

  18. Peter Masry says:

    (and has as many ‘telur’…)

    Every Fascist needs a ‘Kapo’..the Nazis had theirs
    and Perkasa and APA NAMA DIA has his….

    This one just bald and stupid mah !

  19. SugarB says:

    Porah *** *** *** ite!
    Go ahead TRY sending some Back to China. ***!


    Hartal MSM: Comment edited.

  20. I head a division in my company which operates across international borders. Similarly there are many other multinational companies setting up offices in Malaysia providing services to other countries- Malaysia is 3rd most attractive country in the world after China & India when it comes to being a provider of outsourced services. What makes this country the third most preferred? A highly skilled task force with good multilingual capabilities coupled with a reasonable salaries (not the cheapest nor the highest). This means good value for money.

    In my day-to-day ops, English is most used; Chinese being second. However, the Malay language should also be learned up because it is heritage as well as being the common language for day-to-day communication in Malaysia. Coming back to Malaysia’s skilled labor force, it is very important to maintain a steady supply of labor who’s proficient in English & Chinese. This shared services industry is worth RM60b and the direct taxes from these companies is very much needed to power the economy; in fact generally more direct taxes are needed in lieu of the socially unpopular indirect taxes such as the gst.

    The industry which I’m in now will be largely threatened by the deteriorating of command of English in schools. I don’t know why- besides language, technical quality has also fallen. Command of English and technical learning looks correlated. Only 2% of the people in my teams graduated from local institutions; the rest from abroad- they found themselves hired because they are good. You don’t have to guess my point- certain ministers have to resign- as at yesterday. Racism has taken over sound, value-adding policies. In my books for instance MUHYIDDIN is one of the most hopeless ministers. He is undoing what I’m doing, which is keeping jobs in the country.

    The ‘Balik kampong’ process began many years back- as at 2007 world bank stats showed there were 1million more Chinese Malaysians abroad vs Chinese Malaysians left in the country. However i’m not bothered by this fact yet as I’m not alone in the struggle.

  21. KARMA99 says:


  22. Doomday says:

    The NONS find that they cannot survive with BM alone. In a competitive and globalized environment the NONS have to master up Mandarin and English too. Hence, the neglect on BM.

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