What spooked Malaysia-Instinct?

by Sharifuddin A Latiff First, Malaysia-Today got DDOS-ed. Now, another news portal (sic), Malaysia-Instinct, got blipped but I think it’s self-inflicted i.e. they deliberately closed the front-door and started changing the locks. Confused? Well, the Sun’s TeRence Fernandez took offense with someone who is probably trying to impersonate him with the by-line ‘TeRRence Fernandez’ writing … Continue reading

Yippee!! 3,000 people died

Yesterday, the media carried reports on the 9/11 anniversary on Saturday and how New York held its remembrances for the 3,000 people killed. This year however saw a difference in the commemoration. What had in the past been sombre gatherings for New Yorkers and families of the terrorist victims was a fraught affair as two … Continue reading