Yippee!! 3,000 people died

Yesterday, the media carried reports on the 9/11 anniversary on Saturday and how New York held its remembrances for the 3,000 people killed.

This year however saw a difference in the commemoration. What had in the past been sombre gatherings for New Yorkers and families of the terrorist victims was a fraught affair as two opposing crowds staged rallies.

One camp protested against the Ground Zero Mosque while the other side said that those against its building were bigots and racists.

We were however surprised to read that there was a pro-Palestinian group demonstrating too on Sept 11 in New York two days ago.


Back in 2001, the Palestinians infamously celebrated the attack. (see YouTube below)

More recently, the Palestinians celebrated the killing of four Jews travelling in a vehicle in the West Bank. Hamas claimed responsibility for the Aug 31 drive-by shooting in a statement. [See AP Photo/Hatem Moussa (top) & Reuters/Mohammed Salem (below)]

9 Responses to “Yippee!! 3,000 people died”
  1. Katharina Sri (ex Noor Aza0 says:

    So the arrogant fanatical Arabic imam Rauf (who has major influence in Malaysia including through his brother in UIA) & Hussein Obama are dismissing as insignificant the pain & sorrow of majority of grieving victims’ familes – amongst 3,000 of mostly non-Muslim Americans, burnt and bombed under Arabic-led Islam! No, the evil arrogance and cruelty as taught by Islam is more important than suffering of humanity! & now both, including that pathetic cowardice Us President (who’s actually behaving more like an Islamic Caliph!) threatening Americans/non-Muslims to bow like SLAVES to Islamic fanatics and terrorists, especially Arabic-led? Non-Arab Muslims must free themselves, to reform Islam, as based on a just true God, not the one constructed by the Arabic Mohammed, who was a *** ***

    Hartal MSM: Comment edited. Dear Katharina, Unlike the American constitution, we do not have a First Amendment on freedom of speech here. As our own popular saying goes, “no freedom after speech”. In this case, discretion is the better part of valour in the bigger balance of things, both for this blog and for Hartal’s wider readership.

  2. Serious Shepherd says:

    5 years before 9/11:

    Lesley Stahl: We have heard that half a million children have died. I mean, that’s more children than died in Hiroshima. And, you know, is the price worth it?

    Madeleine Albright: I think this is a very hard choice, but the price, we think, the price is worth it.

    Why don’t you reconsider siding with foreign powers like how Kerismuddin held ‘an alumni’ with FBI at Mid Valley that lasted for almost a week.


    Hartal MSM: Why just go back 5 years? Why not go back a few tens of years to the Holocaust, or one or two hundred years to the Jewish massacres or more hundreds of years back to the crusades? Kalau nak ungkitkan sejarah masa silam, ada banyak bab dan bibit dendam serta hasad dengki.

    From Saudi Arabia to Iraq to Palestine to New York… We’re talking about any decent human being’s reaction to tragedy. Can you imagine 3,000 corpses scattered or piled up?

    If you see a burnt-out car wreck on the highway during the Raya rush, do you clap your hands in glee and celebrate that a family of five just died?

    • Serious Shepherd says:

      I would love to go beyond 5 years and go as far as The First Crusade, but a Sarawakian blogger asked “Do we have to go back that far” and later said “Today is the 21st century. Let’s deal with today’s realities”.

      ‘Half a million’ is written in digit as 500,000 , which is, of course, far greater than 3,000. But even with that fact, the Iraqis were not dancing, because, to quote from Riverbend, “..could have been the same faces in front of the Amiriyah shelter on February 13… it’s strange how horror obliterates ethnic differences- all faces look the same when they are witnessing the death of loved ones.”

      P.S: Some people said those videos of dancing Palestinians are actually from the First Gulf War or any other event before the Palestinians acquired light weapons that they normally fire to the air when they have something to celebrate.

      • hartalmsm says:

        True, the Palestinians were also celebrating when Iraq invaded Kuwait. However, the newscaster’s voice-over in the video we’ve linked places the dateline as Sept 11, 2001.


    How can we, as human beings, be so glad
    When others in deep sorrow are still sad
    How can human beings behave in manner bad
    Unless they are somewhat in their minds mad

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 130910
    Mon.13th Sep.2010.

  4. Paul Warren says:

    This should also be the guiding light for the GAZA flotilla supporters. How on earth do they support a people who celebrate the cowardly killings of innocent Jews? Indeed does not matter if they were innocent or not or Jews or not. how can one feel good about a “friend” who celebrates the murder of a fellow human? I know i can’t! But looks like a whole lot of people can!!

  5. Katharina Sri (ex Noor Aza) says:

    Thanks hartal for kindly producing most of my comment – I completely understand about the unfortunate lack of freedom of speech in Malaysia, especially when criticizing established institutions. Three blogs rejected the same argument here so thanks for your real bravery hartal. But I’m puzzled why no blog is criticizing the broader increasingly extremely violent and widespread criminal havoc, by both locals and foreigners; that is causing so much suffering to law-abiding Malaysians and non-Malaysians in Malaysia ; despite of the discovery of one of the most evil serial murder of the tragic Sosilawati & her entourage ( I felt so angry and sad for such unecessary evil (imagine their horror at that remote farm!) and I blame the police for this! Why? Because, if they had taken seriously the missing persons’ cases who were doing business with these evil serial killers, including the disappearance of the tragic business man and his family from India (who were searching for him); the serial killers would have been found out long time ago; but now four more innocent people were stabbed, maybe raped (of Sosilawati) and burnt (to hide any evidence of what kind of heinous violence being committed on the victims)! There should be prevention strategy by the Malaysian Police, not just to solve but also to prevent crimes, which are increasing like a virus epidemic in Malaysia .

  6. Peter Masry says:

    Be careful laaaa before “Apa nama dia” accuses Hartal MSM of being
    a ‘Zionist stoodge” ! (or maybe he has already ?)…

    Let Katharina Sri say whatever the hell she wants..
    Ms. Sri adalah satu berani perempuan !!!

  7. Adam says:

    What goes around comes around. Although there are exceptions to the rule, good deeds and correct actions would normally culminate in a good ending while evil deeds and improper actions would end up with retribution and suffering. The sad part is that innocent ones may be made to suffer for the wrongs done by others.

    The terrorists, whether through indoctrination or through perceived or real injustices done to them, caused 9/11 and America fought back with the war on terrorism. And the vicious cycle continues to this day. At the end of all this confusion and chaos, nobody could confirm who started it first. It is like a chicken and egg situation.

    I am sure Katherina Sri is one of the elements within this never ending cycle. She must have suffered at the hands of some Islamists; otherwise she would not have been so vitriolic towards Islam. So far, she has been quite civil in only using words to get back at those who have wronged her. Imagine those Indonesian Bekasi Christians who have been physically injured by those FPI members; a sudden reprisal would definitely trigger off a chain reaction. Pray good sense would prevail and the Indonesian authorities would allow the Christians to worship in peace.

    Peace and goodwill should be the order of the day. An eye for an eye would surely make everyone blind.

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