Day the despicable media doomed our country

Today on Malaysia Day, Hartal MSM as a mediawatch blog would like to put on record the darkest days of media history so that we shall all remember this. Never, ever forget the Tun’s legacy.

We could have had Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah as Malaysia’s Prime Minister.

The media played a significant role in denying our country the best prime minister we never had.

“Through its monopoly of the electronic and printed media, in particular the television channels and the Bahasa Malaysia media, Semangat 46 President, Tengku Razaleigh Harnzah, was depicted as having sold out the Malay honour and race and betrayed the Islamic religion.

As proof, the television channels kept showing Tengku Razaleigh with the Kadazan headgear when he visited Sabah on Oct. 18, alleging that it bore the symbol of the cross, and was final and ultimate proof that Tengku Razaleigh had sold out Islam to Christianity in Sabah.

Both the television and the Bahasa Malaysia media incited Malay communal feelings and religious sensitivities by alleging that Malays throughout the land were rising up in anger against Tengku Razaleigh for such betrayal.

For instance, Utusan Malaysia and Berita Harian of Oct. 19 wired a huge photograph of Tengku Razaleigh with the Kadazan headgear with the so-called cross, which was repeated until polling two days later, to reinforce the incitement of Malay communal sentiments about the betrayal of the Malay race and Islamic religion.

Without access to the media, in particular to television, there was no way for Semangat 46 to counter these lies and falsehoods in the last days of the campaign and prevent the Malays who were predisposed to vote Semangat 46 and Ggagsan Rakyat from being panicked and stampeded back to the Umno fold.

Tengku Razaleigh would have been detained under the ISA if he had used picture of Dr. Mahathir’s wearing the Kadazan tengolok to campaign that the Prime Minister had sold out Malay honour and race and betrayed Islam to Christianity.

There is no doubt that the utterly irresponsible and dishonourable final campaign of Umno, through its monopoly of the electronic and Bahasa Malaysia printed media, in the last three days of the campaign using the Kadazan tengolok to spread the lies that Tengku Razaleigh had sold out the Malay honour and race and betrayed Islam was chiefly responsible for Umno’s ability to win 71 seats and to deny Semangat 46 victory in at least 30 Parliamentary seats.”

Yes, Dr. Mahathir had won, but utterly without honour.

— excerpt taken from Lim Kit Siang’s speech recounting Umno’s dirty tricks during the 1990 general election campaign.

For today’s unfortunate generation, he bestows upon us his changeling Perkasa and his son Mukhriz who only knows to echoes his old man.

Malaysia Day?

Many Malaysians would desperately wish that the irrevocable damage wrought by the media could somehow — miraculously — be undone …

Do the Sabahans just as desperately wish that 1963 could have been undone?

4 Responses to “Day the despicable media doomed our country”
  1. Peter Masry says:

    I think all Malaysian Chinese should be required to wear songkok and kaffiyeh (male) and niqab (female).
    I think all Malaysians Indians should be required to wear turbans and attend gurdwaras.
    I think all Dayak, Iban and DusunKadazan should be required to dress like proper British gentlemen
    and ladies with suit and tie (men) and pinafores and broad-brim hats (women).
    I think all Malay men should be required to only wear loinclothes (keris attachment optional laa)
    and absolutely ALL Malay women must wear bikinis and kebaya tops and heavy makeup on lips
    and eyes and should be interred under the ISA if they so as much as don a tudung or full length
    sarung or rail against khalwat. If Malay men compel their Malay womenfolk to overdress themselves
    they should be held under the ISA as well.

    Institute these requirements and you will have 1MALAYSIA….JANJILAH…

  2. vasantha says:

    You are right on! A lot of damage done in this country is by institutions that have a sacred duty towards protecting the sanctity of our democratic principles. The media has shamelessly prostituted themselves to the executive powers. The internet is still not within the grasp of the layman. Thus the mainstream media has a duty to inform their readers with accurate and objective rendering of their news.Their main objective is to inform, not try to form peoples’ opinion according to the dictates of their political masters.It was two newspaper men who broke the Watergate scandal to the American people. When human rights were compromised, even the sacred office of the American President was not spared. I think it is time for the editors of our newspapers to revisit the French Revolution. They should read and reflect on the role of the four estates in the French Revolution!

  3. Penan anak Sarawak says:

    i wish we do have to celebrate this unfortunate day. its a bitter reminder of the unfortunate sabahans and sarawakians being conned into forming malaysia. we could have been better off in administrating the affairs of our land by ourselves had we not made that hasty mistake of partnering with crooks that robbed us of our riches and destroy the harmonius ethnic relatioship that we enjoy under the british protectorate. look at how well brunei is doing. they were independent many years later. to our envy we could have a proud nation like them.


    Hartal MSM: You mistyped. You meant “i wish we do NOT (?) have to celebrate this unfortunate day.”

    • Penan anak Sarawak says:

      thank you for pointing my typing mistake – it should have been “i wish we do NOT have to celebrate this unfortunate day (Malaysia Day)”.

      to further insult us, that idiot from umno went to sabah yesterday and told us that the formation of malaysia was to help sabah and sarawak. he either thinks that he is the brainiest person around or the rest of us from sabah and sarawak are the fat nosed brainless monkeys like his sex crazed mate from kinabatangan.since when did they became so generous? since when did they became capable without robbing the riches of sabah &sarwak? they continuosly fought for their ketuanan that they are so divided. how can they help us with our many ethnic groups when they themselves cant live harmoniously with just 3 races apart from the orang asli ? on the contrary they are helping to destroy us with their divisive politics and corrupted practices so that they can completely pluder us of our wealth.

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