Ssshhh! Cannot say the word ‘Muslim’ / Altantuya

A BBC story on Sept 14 reminds one of the Altantuya murder trial where two Unit Tindakan Khas (special forces) officers were found guilty by the court of killing Altantuya.

The public prosecutor however  failed to reveal the most crucial ingredient — motive. Why in the world would the two accused C4 a Mongolian total stranger?

The BBC article ‘Israel rewards nanny who saved boy in Mumbai attacks‘:

Sandra Samuel found two-year-old Moshe Holtzberg standing by the bodies of his parents in Chabad House, a Jewish centre in the city, where she worked.

Ms Samuel later escorted the boy to Israel where he has extended family and has been caring for him there since.

Ms Samuel has now been granted the right to live in Israel permanently.

She was also given a bravery certificate, which Interior Minister Eli Yishai presented to her personally.

Ms Samuel, a widow, gave up her life in India and left her two sons to move to Israel and continue caring for Moshe.

At a news conference, in which she showed off her new Israeli identification card, Ms Samuel said that the youngster was now helping her learn Hebrew:

“Moshe teaches me Hebrew, and if I don’t pronounce it properly, he keeps on repeating it, that I say it properly. He is a teacher now for me,” she told Israeli Channel 2 TV.

Moshe’s parents were among six people killed by gunmen at Chabad House in the Mumbai terror attacks, which began on 27 November 2008.

The luxury Taj Mahal Palace and Tower and Oberoi-Trident hotels were also targeted, along with the city’s Chattrapati Shivaji train station.

The Mumbai attacks left 174 people – including nine gunmen – dead.

The BBC story above fails to hint at the identity of the gunmen? Were they Buddhists? Sikhs? Catholics?

It also gives no clue as to what motivated the militants to slaughter 174 people — including the parents of infant Moshe — and specifically target the Jewish Center. Why not a Korean place? Or Japanese?

There are many news reports like this one that is quite typical of BBC “editorial discretion”. Their coyness — refusing to tell readers the essential 5Ws — Who? Why? — leaves the article riddled with deliberate omissions.

This phenomenon that occurs in the treatment of certain types of politically correct stories has been diagnosed as delusional self-censorship practised by the liberal Western media.

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  1. gunse007 says:


    The killings done by Pakis….

    Many Pakis stay in UK. Dont forget, those Pakis and Arabs did attack London few years ago….

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