How to view Malaysiakini via proxy server

Is there more (something bigger going on behind the scenes) to the alternative media sites being hacked? After Malaysia Today and Free Malaysia Today (FMT) earlier, now it’s the turn of Malaysiakini to be inaccessible to readers.

You can still get your Malaysiakini fix though, here’s how:

5 easy steps

(1) Go to as usual and you’ll see the front page.

(2) Click on the story that you want to read, e.g. ”Malaysian First’ requires doing a Ridhuan Tee’ by Shuzheng. You’ll be greeted by an alert advisory, like this.

(3) Go to the header and copy the url of the Malaysiakini article, e.g.

(4) Next, go to a proxy server website. Try this one:

(5) Now paste the Malaysiakini url you copied earlier into the empty box on the home page, and hit the ‘Go’ button. There, you’ll have arrived at your selected article via proxy.

A notice by Malaysiakini (5pm, Sept 17)

Readers accessing Malaysiakini are encountering a virus alert, warning that the website “may harm your computer”.

The virus alert is being triggered by advertising banners on Malaysiakini as a result of a fresh attack on the open source application that manages advertising called “Open X”.

Malaysiakini has already disabled the infected system and readers can safely view Malaysiakini pages without any threat of infection by the virus.

However, your individual anti-virus software may take sometime to reexamine the page and remove the automated virus alert.

Malaysiakini apologises for the technical problem.

About the malware:

OpenX Banner Page Hack

Updated: September 16, 2010

The OpenX banner page hack places a malicious JavaScript or Iframe into the banner page (/www/delivery/ajs.php) produced by an OpenX ad server. This is sometimes accomplished with a plugin and in other cases the code is injected into the OpenX database. The hackers have been inserting backdoor scripts, which allow the hacker to remote access to the ad server, into some of the hacked ad servers. The is able infect ad servers running up to version 2.8.6. OpenX has announced that they patched an undisclosed vulnerabiltiy in version 2.8.7. A previous hack infected ad servers last December and was patched in version 2.8.3

One Response to “How to view Malaysiakini via proxy server”
  1. Leithaisor says:

    Seems has also beome inaccessible tonight.

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