Utusan like Mossad? Guan Eng is clearly anti-Semitic

By Sharifuddin A. Latiff

Lim Guan Eng gave a press conference yesterday saying that his party will sue Utusan Malaysia for defamation. That’s fine, and a perfectly sane thing to do.

However, he likened Utusan to Israel’s security agencies Shin Bet and Mossad. That’s cheap and playing to the Malay gallery.

In the paper’s Sept 16 report ‘Berniat jahat, ganggu siasatan polis‘, Utusan had quoted the former PKR Youth deputy chief Mohd Zahid Md Arip alleging DAP as being a hypocritical party that fights only for a certain race.

Mohd Zahid further accused the prime suspect in the murder of ‘cosmetics queen’, the multi-millionaire Sosilawati Lawiya, as being a DAP life member — a charge that LGE denies.

Mohd Zahid had questioned why DAP was totally silent and failed to condemn the grisly murder.

Umno is playing the race game: all the four murder victims are Malay; the suspects are Indian.

LGE’s response to Utusan and the Mohd Zahid provocation is falling into Umno’s trap of shouting within ethnic silos.

The DAP secretary-general compounds his unhinged performance by wildly headbutting the Israeli agencies. If he wants to sue Utusan, please proceed. We applaud any such move by all the victims of Utusan‘s viciousness.

If he wants to refute Mohd Zahid, go ahead too.

But why the need to sink so low as to pander to racist prejudices against the Jews and perpetuating the anti-Semitic mentality already so prevalent among Malaysians?

It is conduct most unbecoming of a national leader. Such a politician thumping the race pulpit (be it against a foreign and not Malaysian race) is not of the calibre to take his place representing multiracial Malaysians on the world stage.

See video, at minutes,

2: 34 — “Ini Utusan Malaysia macam Shit Bet tau, macam Mossad. Dia bertindakan macam Shin Bet dan Mossad nak bunuh, nak fitnah, nak bunuh sifat dan watak seseorang tanpa bukti. Ini Shit Bet Malaysia ini, Mossad Malaysia ini, Utusan-Shin Bet ataupun Utusan-Mossad ini nak menyatakan fitnah dan penipuan yang tidak berasas.”

4: 28 — “Tapi untuk Utusan Malaysia cuba kaitkan pembunuhan zalim dengan isu politik, saya rasa amat tidak bermoral sekali, dan seperti yang saya sebut tadi nak bunuh sifat dan watak seseorang tak lain seperti Shin Bet dan Mossad Israel nak bunuh orang Palestin. So sekarang Utusan Malaysia macam Shin Bet dan Mossad menggunakan isu-isu yang tidak berasas untuk cuba bunuh watak dan sifat seseorang.”

6: 20 — Itu sebab apa yang dinyatakan oleh Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz memang benar. Ini Utusan Malaysia memang jahat lah, saya rasa lebih teruk daripada itu macam Shin Bet dan Mossad Israel nak bunuh orang saja. … Dan saya rasa ini sekarang dimainkan oleh Utusan Malaysia, bukan saja jahat tetapi gunakan taktik Shin Bet dan Mossad Israel untuk timbulkan perasaan benci di antara rakyat Malaysia. Bahaya betul Utusan Malaysia.”


2: 34 — “This Utusan Malaysia is like Shit Bet you know, like Mossad. It acts like Shin Bet and Mossad to kill, to defame, to character assassinate someone without proof. This Shit Bet Malaysia, this Mossad Malaysia, this Utusan-Shin Bet or Utusan-Mossad is printing a libel and a fraud without any basis.”

4: 28 — “But for Utusan Malaysia to try to link a cruel murder with political issues, I feel is very immoral, and as I said earlier it wants to character assassinate someone not unlike Shin Bet and Mossad Israel wanting to kill Palestinians. So now Utusan Malaysia is like Shin Bet and Mossad using unfounded issues to character assassinate someone.”

6: 20 — “This is why what was said by Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz is certainly true. This Utusan Malaysia is truly jahat lah. I feel they are even worse than that, (they’re) like Shin Bet and Mossad Israel in only wanting to kill people. … And I feel this is what is being played by Utusan Malaysia, not only jahat but using Shin Bet and Mossad Israel tactics to instill hatred among Malaysians. Utusan Malaysia is really dangerous.”

17 Responses to “Utusan like Mossad? Guan Eng is clearly anti-Semitic”
  1. gunse007 says:


    i have no issue with jews… but i do wonder why you always publish issues regarding palestine, jews etc…. they are not important . Just stick to malaysian issues more….


    Hartal MSM: Guan Eng’s bizarre Jew-bashing is a local issue.

    DAP lays claim to new politics (‘politik baru’) and makes much ado about how their representatives are colour blind.

    Watch the video and consider his rabid attack on Israeli institutions. If LGE is unable to show that he can keep a check on his irrationality and be fair on an issue quite detached from us, how can we expect that he remain level-headed on issues close to us?

    As to why we focus on the Middle-East conflict, it’s because you won’t find the perspectives that we share (meaning local attitudes are very biased). True or not? Check any Malaysian mainstream media and mainline Malaysian blogs, and compare their coverage with ours.

    • Rom Nain says:

      Please pardon my ignorance which is probably due to my being influenced by the fact that the Malaysian MSM is terribly biased regarding the conflict in West Asia, as you suggest. But where I’m standing, my beef is with – and my opposition is towards- the Israeli state, and the repressive apparatusses of that state, including the Mossad and Shin Bet. I am not and have never been opposed to Jews. My reading of Guan Eng – at least from the snippets you provide here, however decontextualised they may be – is that he is equally opposed to that Israeli state. Does this then make us both `anti-Semitic’? I would like to hope that it does not. Indeed, must being critical of the Israeli state necessarily be equated with Jew-bashing or anti-Semitism, as you seem to suggest here?

      Confused 101

      Hartal MSM: Isn’t it LGE who is out of context here? What connection, even the remotest, have the murderers of Sosilawati got with the Israeli security services?

      And why should you instead accuse us of “decontextualizing” what he said? — your words “the snippets [we] provide here, however decontextualised they may be”?

      The entire video is only 7:14 minutes, the transcripts we provided cover 2:05 of those minutes. The remainder of the 5 minutes surely you can view for yourself, as after all we’ve provided the video right here on this very page.

      In our posting, we said LGE is suing Utusan. Either you can take our word for it, or you can watch the rest of it … but assuredly LGE is wholly underwhelming in his performance and following the same anal retentive mode.

      As for whether you’re an anti-Semitic too, since you ask, do send us a 7-minute YouTube of your critique of the state of Israel so that we may judge. However, we’re giving you the benefit of the doubt and crediting you with a better (i.e. minus the Tourette’s Syndrome) articulation of your case against Israel.

      LGE here kinda reminds us of Ibrahim Ali in his infamous “sh*t, sh*t, sh*t” interview with Al-Jazeera.

      Is LGE is anti-Semitic? Would you agree at least that he’s trying to score cheap political points by appealing to Muslim (read: Malay) ingrained or indoctrinated prejudices?

      Now what do you make of a politician who stoops to such base demagoguery by appealing to race bias? Is he incapable of stating his protest against Utusan without resorting to this Jew-baiting?

      If a bigot taunts “sepet”, are you going to make a fine point of it that he’s technically only hooting at a single anatomical feature — almond-shaped eyes — and not necessarily being racist against the entire race possessing almond eyes?

      LGE’s Shin Bet-Mossad dementia is clearly pandering to the Malaysian stuck in the “burn-flag-after-Friday-prayers” mindset.

      Don’t you think that his disgraceful performance here is at par with Ibrahim Ali? Do the transcripts above suggest LGE to be at any higher level of intellect or political approach? Let’s not even mention statesmanship.

      • Rom Nain says:

        Your words: “What connection, even the remotest, have the murderers of Sosilawati got with the Israeli security services?” None whatsoever, I would think. But then, neither was LGE making such a connection. He (at least in the “7.14 minutes” video you kindly provide us with) compares the Utusan Malaysia (not Sosilawati’s murderers) with Mossad and Shin Bet,.
        And “the entire video” may be for 7.14 minutes. But if you were to check at 5.55 minutes, there is an edit. Sure, you probably didn’t make it , but it is because there is that edit that I suggested that there may have been some decontextualisation.
        How “underwhelming”, “anal retentive”, suffering from “Tourette’s Syndrom”, “reminds [you] of Ibrahim Ali”, LGE may be is a judgment call you are entitled to make.
        But all this name-calling on your part doesn’t quite address the main question I tried putting to you, that is: Does being critical of the Israeli state (especially the excesses of the state, as with the excesses of any state) including the various instruments of that state (I – and, to be fair, even LGE – was referring to institutions like Mossad, not the anatomical features of individuals) make one anti-Semitic? I guess what I am trying to gather from you is whether, in your opinion, one should make a distinction, however fine you may perceive that to be, between being “critical of the state of Israel and the instruments of that state” and being “anti-Semitic”?


        Hartal MSM: We repeat our reply to you. We reiterate: It has to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

        We will not give a blanket ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to your general proposition. It depends on the individual, his history (of public statements), and his actions or participation (say someone in the KKK who claims he’s not anti-blacks).

        Are you (Rom Nain) anti-Semitic because you’re critical of Israel? We don’t know. That’s why we asked you to send us a video of your critique for appraisal.

        Is Ibrahim Ali anti-Chinese because he is critical of all that he’s been publicly venting at? Our readers can judge for themselves. Ibrahim may claim that he’s (e.g. at a particular instance) critical of Chua Soi Lek or Namewee only.

        Or let’s say Ah Chong rants but insists that he’s solely pissed off with “Umnoputras”. But to Ahmad listening, it sounds like anti-Malay racism.

        About LGE. In the short 2-minute segment we transcribed, he rattled “Shin Bet” 8 times and “Mossad” 7 times.

        Mind you, the topic was the Utusan insinuation, the Sosilawati murder and suspects, and the party’s intended defamation suit.

        If you (Rom) can match LGE’s anal retentiveness as illustrated above, we may be inclined to think you, like him, have got some gigantic fire ants itching in your pants.

        As for the break at 5:55, that was editing done by MalaysiakiniTV. Since it was an open press conference, we doubt that there’s anything sinister which went missing that would alter the context or ‘decontextualize’. Possibly the journos shuffling their chairs or shifting to some other local/Penang-related side question (just our guess).

      • hartalmsm says:

        Rom, about 5:55, but then again, it could have been another three more minutes of Shit Betting or Mossading, which tired even the Malaysiakini video editors, hahaha. Who knows!

  2. gunse007 says:

    that is true…LGE are portraying whatever image to bolster his standing among the Moslem voter…
    whatever he says also not going to be heard in mainstream media.

    Chinese in general i believe dont like Israel…especially China… given Israel strong bond with USA and India….

    Whatever suffering made on to the Jews since 2000 years ago was done by the Egyptians, the Roman Empire and the Arabs… eventually the Holocaust carried out by the Nazis , Mussolini and the Catholic Church which chose to keep quiet or support it silently.

    The moslems majority wont change their attitude towards jews as its for historical rivalry between the 2 religions….

    In the DAP, i believe only LGE commenting as such…. Having said that, whatever he comment is no issue to me as I believe UMNO is the bigger Evil.

    Sometimes you have to choose the lesser of the 2 evils, and it is at the moment Pakatan Rakyat… Whatever the combined world moslem or other kafirs says or do will have no effect on the Jews…..

  3. umar rentaka says:

    Intelligent politiking LGE

  4. ktula says:

    Not knowing what Lim Guan Eng had said in the past about Jews and just basing what i read in your post, including your translation of what LGE said, i really do not see what is so “anti-Semitic” about him comparing Utusan Malaysia’s tactic with Mossad’s/Shin Bet’s. It may not have a been a good comparison but what is wrong with comparing with something that Malaysians are familiar with? Should LGE be comparing it with something that no one has heard of? Would you accuse LGE of being “anti-American” if he compares Utusan Malaysia with CIA, or “anti-Chinese” if he compares it with tactics employed by Chairman Mao? You are really making a mountain out of a molehill.


    Hartal MSM: It is Guan Eng that is shovelling dirt to make a mound. Can’t LGE make his point without dragging in a comparison? He can just make his case factually, without the hyperbole and emotional drama. After all, slander, libel and defamation are aspects of law that the public is familiar with. What does the comparison serve except to score cheap political points? Does the country in our dire circumstances today need more of these cheap scorers?

  5. fztt says:

    You folks at hartal don’t seem neutral when it comes to LGE… just an observation…


    Hartal MSM: Our observation is that LGE sounds like he’s getting Tourette’s Syndrome, going by the transcript where he can’t seem to stop repeating himself on Shin Bet and Mossad.

  6. My2cen says:

    I don’t know what Hartal MSM have against LGE. H MSM seems to be picking on him for every little thing. While I agree that he shouldn’t be shouting about Islam and appear as a Caliph-wanna-be, I believe that H MSM should comment more about the governance in Penang, whether the state is doing what’s expected and up to the mark, rather than commenting too much on the personality.

    Perhaps H MSM should write to LGE directly and give him a right to reply on it’s grievances. As a way for LGE to improve himself and not resort to cheap political tactics, as commented above. Take it a a challenge to help LGE improve himself to serve the people better. The bantering posts will not help. Talk to the guy.

  7. kesava says:

    I agree with hartalmsm. I have complained similarly about the DAP………and there are others.

  8. kesava says:

    “Our observation is that LGE sounds like he’s getting Tourette’s Syndrome, going by the transcript where he can’t seem to stop repeating himself on Shin Bet and Mossad. ”


  9. Oneofthesedays says:

    The mullah wannabe is a piss poor politician. His constant verbal bungling and PR fumbles are an embarrassment.

    He is a Chinese supremacist and a relentless beggar for Malay votes.

    But he washes his hands of Indians. And Jews apparently.

    Compare and contrast this pathetic racists track record with that of MB Nizar, a true peoples MB.

  10. burp says:

    “It may not have a been a good comparison but what is wrong with comparing with something that Malaysians are familiar with? Should LGE be comparing it with something that no one has heard of?” – ktula

    He could have made it so much easier to compare the similarity to crap, which most malaysians are familiar with instead of talking like a Taliban ulamak.

  11. Peter Masry says:

    There is a direct mathematical correlation between the degree to which
    Malaysians (of all backgrounds) spout nonsense about Israel and Jews
    and the extent to which they have never even read a Wikepedia entry
    about Israel let alone visited the country (passport restrictions no excuse).
    All too often the Malaysian approach to all things Jewish/Israel can be epitomised
    by APA NAMA DIA’s embarrassingly pathetic attempt three years ago to enter Israel
    illegally via the Allenby Bridge from Jordan and then (when stopped by Israeli
    security forces) complained about the “typical Nazi-like” Jewish soldiers.
    Some Malaysian Chinese (and other non-Malays)-note that I did not
    say ALL-are anti-Semitic either due to pre-Vatican II Opus Dei-like ‘Jews killed
    Christ’ missionary brainwashing or UMNO-Mahathir-Suck up to Malays
    brainwashing. I do not know if Guan Eng falls into the first camp or
    second, but he is-above all else-a horse’s ass and buffoon par excellence.

  12. Peter Masry says:

    Sometimes, in Malaysia, ignorance exceeds political orgasm as bliss….

  13. Maz says:

    DAP is merely like every other American-style Leftist postmodern calamity: Trying to appease
    two dichotomous movements concurrently, Socialism and Islam. This is typical of the
    Academic Left who find no fault in Islam’s misogyny and racism but readily find Western Democracy
    repellent. Lim thinks of himself as a iconoclastic demi-god and, like most politicians in Malaysia,
    has the arrogance and immaturity to show for it. Those Malaysians who thought before, and yet
    still think, that Anwar and the two Lims and Karpal are heroic are naive-they desperately want
    to believe such things. Malaysia’s system is insufficiently Democratic to provide a safeguard
    against this political arrogance with checks and balances and, frankly, political humility is not
    indigenous to Asian culture. We even see Nurul Izzah (i really would like to avoid criticising
    the young and inexperienced) showing early signs of arrogance and over-confidence.
    Malaysia’s political system simply does not allow for political altruism and humility,
    as any semblance of this behaviour would mean immediate removal from the political scene.
    The political parties in Malaysia are quite immature sad to say, even relative to more fractious
    parties one often sees in Korea or Taiwan. This is likely due to the divide and conquer system
    maintained by the Malaysian government since independence and far worse now.
    Frankly, people like Lim are also just plain ignorant. They are petty businessmen acting
    like politicians but are uncultured and uncouth. Few true intellectuals enter the Malaysian
    political scene, and when they do (like Ungku Aziz or Kassim Ahmad or the first incarnation
    of Syed Husin Ali) become co-opted by it or leave politics extremely disillusioned. Most have
    become co-opted by UMNO and the Malaysian political money machine. This has happened
    to individuals, once intelligent (like Tunku Abdul Aziz of DAP) who started as a Gus Dur
    like ecumenical secular intellectual and now spouts the same garbage that Lim or
    Mahathir does (despite Tunku Aziz’s claim of despising Mahathir). ALL MALAYSIAN

  14. Maz says:

    Unlike Mossad (which Lim is stupid enough not to realise is not a periodical), Utusan is
    incapable of reforming itself. The comparison Lim meant to make (presumably) which
    would have made him look far more stupid than he already does (if that is possible)
    is between Utusan and Haaretz or Utusan and Yedioth Aronoth and even an infant
    knows comparing the independent Israeli press which answers to no Israeli political
    party to the UMNO wingbag Utusan is beyond laughable. Perhaps Malaysian politics
    would improve if it was led by people who actually read books (in any language),
    traveled more and rinsed out their mouths with antiseptic in the morning.

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