NUJ died a long time ago

By Reina

Each time you have a western dish, you get a sprig of cilantro or parsley stuck in the middle of the dish as a piece of decoration. Many of us just push it aside.

That is what the National Union of Journalists is. An inconsequential group of people who many have long pushed aside – and it is their own doing. The union is made up of people who are so afraid to make a stand on any issue of importance concerning the well-being of journalists and stay away from upholding journalistic integrity. So why would anyone pay attention to it.

The only time you hear of their existence is when some reporter is beaten or abused by an opposition party member or other cases where the government is not involved. That is when the former NUJ president Norila Daud or former secretary-general Hong Boon How would issue statements and that too after going through it with a fine-tooth comb to make sure the government or their bosses are not offended.

The NUJ, at least in the last 20 years, has neither had any desire to challenge anachronistic rulings set by the government and media owners nor any initiative to fight for the well-being of the reporter.

  • There are many media organisations that do not have a union to represent their journalists and these journalists are made to sign employment contracts that are one-sided. Why did the NUJ not insist that these media organisations allow unions to be formed so that the journalists interests are looked into?
  • Nothing is being done by the NUJ to bring the salary scale of journalists to be at par with the other industries in the country to stop the “brain drain” – good journalists have left because the grass is greener overseas and in other industries. The ones left in these media organisations are usually those who are either too old to leave or can’t cut it in the other industries. And of course, there are also those who have genuine love for the profession and can’t see themselves doing anything else.
  • Many mainstream journalists are on the receiving end of the verbal and physical abuse from the public who are angry over biased coverage but what has the NUJ done about that. Why have the NUJ not made the media organisations deal with the situations that they created rather than have the journalist deal with the angry mob?
  • Look at the hours put in by the journalists (this includes the reporters, the sub-editors, the photographers, the editors, the graphic technicians, and everyone else on the editorial floor) – long hours, working on weekends and public holidays, those on the graveyard shift. Many journalists are required to produce content for print, TV and website and with no additional pay. Why isn’t NUJ fighting for better benefits?
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY, why is the NUJ silent on the various laws and regulations on the freedom of speech? If the NUJ cannot fight for the freedom of speech, then what is it there for.

And so it does not matter if there is a new leadership in NUJ. The union died a long time ago. All that is left is a shell.

6 Responses to “NUJ died a long time ago”
  1. charlie chan says:

    NUJ- are they in existence? the standard and ethics and professionalism as practised as seen in the main stream media is equivalent to a newsletter of a corporation- poor standards of reporting with little or no analytical discourse on major issues affecting malaysia. in some ways the decline of values and other aspects in malaysia could be attributed to a too subservient press, Stand up before all is taken away and be bold and courageous in doing your work as the press play a very important role in the check n balance of the excesses of the executive. Sadlly NUJ and the journalists failed malaysia and we are in a bad state now – literally rotten

    • Reina says:

      Those who are active in union work ie those who confront the management on issues and rights matters get sidelined or have been promoted and then cold storaged – promoted so that they are in management and no longer eligible to be in the union and then left to rot at the new position. That was what happened to numerous credible unionists. Subsequent leaders of unions have learnt to play the game by keeping a low profile and succumbing to what the management want.
      That’s why, Charlie, we don’t feel the presence of NUJ in our midst.

      • Hata Wahari says:

        Betul – NUJ dah mati selama 12 tahun – NUJ tak ada telur dan tak ada tulang belakang yg tinggal pada NUJ hanyalah keranda.

        Apa gunanya ada Presiden NUJ yg baru kalau NUJ dah lama mati.

        Tak ada apa yg boleh kita lakukan tetapi saya Hata Wahari masih lagi sempat menyelamatkan semangat NUJ sebelum ia mati di bawah Norila Daud. Semangat itu yg akan menghidupkan NUJ Malaysia

  2. Reina says:

    Saya harap NUJ di bawah pimpinan baru ini dapat membangkitkan semula semangat kewartawanan di semua organisasi media dan dengan itu menimbulkan harapan baru di sanubari rakyat jelata.
    Saya juga harap NUJ akan dilihat sebagai satu kesatuan yang iklas dan bersih.
    Semoga berjaya, Saudara Hata.

  3. Hata Wahari says:

    Dear Reina – itu yg saya akan buat dan u akan dengar lebih banyak mengenau NUJ Malaysi. NUJ mungkin telah mati tetapi NUJ Malaysia telah bangkit dari kubur dan seperti mana hanyu hantu lain pastinya akan menakutkan orang – pastinya pengarang- pengarang Utusan pun terlalu takut dgn hantu NUJ Malaysia sehinggakan terpaksa menggunakan Perkasa untuk menghentam NUJ Malaysis.

    Dengan sokongan rakan rakan – NUJ Malaysia akan bangkit.

  4. watcher says:

    this s all bullshit propaganda .nuj was strong during the former president and secretary’ .on the contrary nuj has just died as soon as the former president left and taken over by a some ….people . and u will see.

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