Who’s got more ‘Face’?

These are random choices (snigger) and listed randomly:

Where’re their 300K members?

Where’re HIS friends?

[Data collated as at 19th September 2010]

One Response to “Who’s got more ‘Face’?”
  1. charleskiwi says:

    They both have the looks of those who would sell their souls for a songs ?
    One is trying to be someone that he is not and the other a mad dog would bark at anything and everything even at his own shadow in the name of fighting the corrupted Umno morons. I bet given half a chance LKS would do the same thing as an Umno politician ! He is no better than the corrupted Umno officials.


    Hartal MSM: Did you mean to leave your comment in our previous posting ‘Kit Siang & Ridhuan Tee: The Improbable Brothers’ but accidentally plonked it here?

    LGE is also on the road of being willing to anything and everything for the sake of politicking, we feel.

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