Aiks! Pekida pon naik gila

[Click on screenshot to view the Malaysiakini video]

At 4:49 minutes, Shahril said:

“[perkara] Ketujuh. Pekida Wilayah Persekutuan berharap kerajaan dapat bertindak tegas mengharamkan mana-mana pusat pembakaran mayat. Kita tidak lagi … tak mahu lagi … pembakaran mayat kerana ini menyiksa .. aah … secara tradisional ataupun (inaudible) … ruang terbuka. Pihak berkuasa mesti memikirkan kaedah alternatif serta undang-undang yang ketat .. memperkenalkan (inaudible) .. sekiranya (inaudible) .. mahu di teruskan.

According to Pekida, crematoriums should be banned because cremating the duly departed is cruel.

Suffice to say, the stupid antics of Perkasa is already overwhelmingly evident.

And Pekida are no different.

Meanwhile, Zainul Rijal Abu Bakar of the PPMM (Persatuan Peguam Muslim Malaysia) defended Pekida’s act of burning a banner as shown below. According to him, as long as it does not ‘disturb national peace’, it is allowed.

It appears Najib’s fight against extremism just got flamed by his own brethren.

7 Responses to “Aiks! Pekida pon naik gila”
  1. gunse007 says:

    pembakaran mayat menyiksa??


    i dont know why moslems are so stupid, let alone these lawyers….

    when dead, you are dead, no more feeling and sensation. Cremation is good as the Dead dont take up 6 feet land and space for Eternity, depriving the Kubur / Graveyard from used for better purposes…. Imagine 6 billion people die in the next 100 years, and all 6 billion ask for 6 feet plot?? Better burn all MAYAT and throw ashes into the sea.

    • Isham says:

      How do you know dead is dead, you being dead before? Just because a few Muslims stupid not all 1.5 billions are stupid too. Off course I can tell you ALL INDIAN ARE STUPID because the whole world make fun of you. World no not fear Indian.

    • vengai says:

      Ur spot on.I agree 1000% with you.
      Its the religious believe of some religion.U cannot decide on how others should dispose the dead body.
      Who this perkida think they are? Messenger of GOD?But i assume they are toothles UMBOONO agents just like katak kurap Perkosa Negara.

  2. esse says:

    If that is how they feel about cremation, why is the preferred mode of jihad of the terrorists who claim to be Muslims suicide-bombing, which quite efficiently burns everything and everyone, including themselves, in the vicinity up?

    Cremation is the burning of the ‘mayat’, but suicide bombing blows and burns up living people!

  3. starryeyes says:

    “How do you know dead is dead, you being dead before?”

    Obviously you have been dead before and now are resurrected as evidenced by your post.
    errr on the other hand, one could assume you are still brain dead with your comment.

  4. Serious Shepherd says:

    Cremating the duly departed is cruel.

    Wonder whether using C4 (not one but three!) to blow up the duly departed is not.

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