Islamic religious council lost her letter?

The Star reported yesterday that the High Court will hear the test case by a non-Muslim counsel who is challenging the requirement that a Syarie lawyer in Kuala Lumpur must be Muslim.

Victoria Jayaseelee Martin has a Diploma in Syariah Law and Practice from the International Islamic University (UIA), in addition to a University of London law degree.

Star reports that in her affidavit, Victoria said she applied to be admitted as a Syarie lawyer in February, 2006. “She claimed that she did not get any response for her first application, causing her to re-apply on Aug 24, last year.”

Utusan while filing essentially the same story on the case particulars had this difference though.

The Malay broadsheet reported: “Pemohon mendakwa, beliau menghantar surat permohonan kepada MAIWP pada Februari 2006 dan majlis agama tersebut memaklumkan ia sedang diproses.”

According to the Star, Victoria claimed that the Federal Territory Islamic Religious Council (MAIWP) did not respond to her first application in 2006, whereas Utusan is saying the the council has stated that Victoria’s application is being processed.

It is possible that that Utusan is referring to her second application — resent in August 2009 — as being processed.

However, two issues stand out.

(1) It’s been more than a year since Victoria reapplied. For such an vital and sensitive case, the religious council is very tidak apa in taking its own sweet time and comes across as highly indifferent to the concerns of the non-Muslims in the country.

(2) Utusan‘s concluding paragraph: “The applicant claimed she sent her letter to MAIWP in February 2006 and the religious council announced that it is being processed” is glaring in its missing link.

Reading it, Utusan readers will think that Victoria’s application is being looked at without realising that she had to re-submit it after a three-year interval due to the council’s non-response.

3 Responses to “Islamic religious council lost her letter?”
  1. farha says:

    MAIWP ‘lost’ her letter?The action screams “I DON’T CARE” (‘I’ being MAIWP)

  2. charleskiwi says:

    This is Malaysia plus it is a Malay institution and headed by a Malay, has the most efficient system in the world.
    How can an applicant has to wait so long for a simple reply ?

  3. casper says:

    There are many reasons for the delay, foremost because applicant is a non-observer and to make matters worst, a member of the ‘stronger’ sex.

    A few months ago when I first chance upon Vic’s petition to the Syariah elder’s, I just didn’t know what to make of the entire episode but now that more facts/details are revealed, this petition for a license to practice is no ‘small potatoes’.

    Having acquired the necessary qualification (I guess the LLB) and furthering her interest to focus on Syariah jurisprudence, Victoria Jayaseelee Martin has the making of the “No.1 Ladies Syariah Advocate” in the same guise and spirit of a HBO series, currently being aired – No.1 Ladies Detective Agency !

    Let me jump the gun to say the Syariah elder’s would out flat deny Vic her right to practice but still, they can’t keep mum to just deny but must give reason for the decision taken.

    With foresight, I suspect they can argue – Syariah court and all decisions coming out of it is only applicable and binds Muslim’s ONLY but then, Vic is seeking the right to practice ! How now Brown Cow ? And as for the Muslim ONLY part, precedent can be found that such stipulation to be not true as Syariah elder’s have summon non-Muslim to face them previously.

    I would be a stinging indictment to those now tasked with making a decision to approve or deny Victoria’s petition – which makes impending ruling all the more critical. My one critique is the ever changing goalpost, directives and many decisions originating from the Syariah circuit. And let not even get into the fact that in matters of matrimonial disputes, the judges favour husbands over wives. As men continue to trample/disregard many a ruling impose by the learned of Syariah law – alimony and monies awarded in settlement often goes unpaid – that leaves many a litigant in dire strait and without recourse from civil law.

    Perhaps this is one area where Victoria Jayaseelee Martin can apply her knowledge and help bring justice to many aggrieve parties. Playy time over so gotta run, regards all at hartalmsm

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