Malaysia-Instinct’s missing links

By Sharifuddin A Latiff

Earlier on, in ‘What spooked Malaysia-Instinct?‘, I conjectured that it could have been something else that made the news portal going M.I.A. from the Net for a while.

Meanwhile, RPK responded to Malaysia-Instinct’s Satu Hala with The Art of Spinning, replete with a photo and a Google map of the ‘crime scene’ to debunk and expose the latter’s unsubstantiated claims which apparently was hearsay from a character named ‘Parvin Santosh’.

Strangely, the two ‘BBC’ postings are still missing its current page i.e. it has been expunged from the Malaysia-Instinct archives when they recently put up their new look frontpage.

And guess what, folks. That’s not the only thing missing.

Below are two more postings which were re-published elsewhere and attributed to Malaysia-Instinct but has ‘disappeared’ from its original source:

From House PK on 27th August 2010 – ‘Indon bakar dan lempar najis kat bendera, cina pula memperlekeh bendera!‘.

Which was replicated at this blog on 28th August 2010 –

Plus another at this blog on 27th August 2010 – ‘Layan sahaja Indonesia seperti najis‘.

Both the re-published postings were timelined on 27th August 2010.

Interestingly, in the Sun‘s article where a police report was mentioned, the following words were stated – It is understood that police are also considering the possibility of sedition due to the contents of the Aug 27 article.

Now, what are the chances of PDRM finding evidence(s) of sedition if it has somehow disappeared from Malaysia-Instinct?

More importantly, will Rais Yatim and the MCMC take a real serious look at what these pro-UMNO Baru blogsites are publishing specially when the authorities are wont to issuing weekly ‘warnings‘ to Malaysian netizens about writing in a seditious manner.

Until then, I feel inclined to say what Patrick Teoh usually shouts at the end of his postings.

One Response to “Malaysia-Instinct’s missing links”
  1. Medaline Chang says:

    Please check your facts before you write. Zul Noordin is NOT Ahmad Nor’s son. Thank you.
    Med, it’s published in the FMT letter as Zulkifli Mohd Noor lah. Where got Zul Noordin meh. Summore ZN oso ex-PKR – shar101.

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