Look Mah …

See what I got. It’s soooo huge, isn’t it?

Superlatively grandiose and so .. so utterly ME.

Perhaps, I should wear it in bed until it wilts in about a week’s time.

* Foot stomping and slamming of bedroom door ..

** Followed by muffled chucklings from garland wearer.

@ An unfinished satiric play because .. well, the playwright can’t stop laughing hysterically since this morning.

[Click here for the TMI report]

UPDATED: Actually ah, Shar101, just to let you know,  the garland meant for this cutout Najib below at Batu Caves lah. The size just about matching, what? — note added by the other Hartal-ers.

4 Responses to “Look Mah …”
  1. Paul Warren says:

    wow, that Najib cut-out in Batu Caves as tall as the statue of Murugan at the entrance….hmmm..

  2. I thought Islam forbids statue ! What would one do for votes.

  3. amir says:

    Vel vel Lord Najib the Love Guru

  4. vasantha says:

    Datuk Nadarajah is a fool. He has no brains. This stupid man is not fit to be the temple president. However much you love your PM, the temple like the surau is sacred ground, not a playground for politicking.This man should not compromise Hinduism for his own personal agenda. I have seen this goon in public, going around in veshti like some Tamil Nadu politician,with a adoring entourage. In this matter, I applaud my Sikh brothers who treat the gurudwaras with reverence.

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