Real champs vs a jaguh kampung

“Datuk Nicol David captured her 5th World Open squash title yesterday, in dominant fashion, securing her place in the pantheon of great squash players and edging her closer to be being the greatest female squash player ever” – read: TMI report. [Pix from]

World number one Datuk Lee Chong Wei defeated archrival Lin Dan of China in the final of the Japan Super Series 2010 at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium, Japan today” – read: Bernama report. [Pix from Reuters]

And Ibrahim Ali made verbal threats to his own kind. [Pix from TMI]

5 Responses to “Real champs vs a jaguh kampung”
  1. Rom says:

    Jaguh kampung? He’s more the village idiot!

  2. l says:

    Eventho they bring honor to the country, one is a chinese, the other is a mix, so they are lesser respected than our ketuanan panglima who is highly praised for talking nonsense.

  3. vasantha says:

    Something is very wrong with our mainstream newspapers. I feel that these two talented sports champions are not given due recognition. They win world titles but they are not front page news. Instead the newspapers play up the antics of MP Manikavasagam scouting around with the grieving widow from India. I think this jerk is exploiting the lady who is in a vulnerable situation now. It would be good for her to mend fences with her inlaws instead of warring with them through the Malaysian press. I am appalled that the editor of the Star paper does not see fit to advise its reporter, Wani Muthiah. Let the police do their work without meddling politicians. Doesn’t he have anything to do in Kapar.Let’s see Nicole get due recognition in her own country.

  4. leekh says:

    We have the greatest champion athlete in the person of Nicole David!! Her achievements is going to be up there with Tiger Woods, Anika Sorentstam, Roger Federer and the rest if the greats. And how do we honor her? A victory parade in Bintang Walk or Penang Road? Common lets do it Penang!

  5. pinsysu says:

    hahaha! the last monyet is a joke …

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