Kids say the darnest things

Drawing (source Wikipedia): “Someone has been wounded” – drawn by a 7-year-old child in Sderot

Say a bunch of pupils from Kubang Pasu go on a school outing to Kuala Lumpur. How exciting! What questions will they ask teacher about the capital city?

Another bunch of elementary school kids were on a bus trip to Tel Aviv. These are children from Sderot, a city less than a mile from Gaza.

“Where’s the bomb shelter?” was the first question the Sderot children asked teacher when they got off the bus.

For them it’s such a basic assumption because they grew up under constant threat of rocket fire and mortar shells launched from Gaza.

Some 4,200 Qassam rockets have landed in Sderot, so it’s lucky that Israel has its Iron Dome anti-rocket shield. Imagine if the Z-i-o-n-i-s-t military hardware and maintenance culture were as ‘reliable’ as those of the Malaysian armed forces.

To read more, see story in Jerusalem Post.


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2 Responses to “Kids say the darnest things”

    Let’s pray that there’ll be cease-firing of explosive rockets
    Allowing only hitting of target balls into billiard’s pockets
    With more being enlightened by plugging into the right sockets
    But please don’t allow greedy people to enrich their own pockets

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 270910
    Mon. 27th Sep. 2010.

  2. Katharina Sri (ex Noor Aza) says:

    Under Saudi/Arabic-bowing and arming (with 60 billions of US weapons) Hussein Obama, Arabic-Mullahs’ rule Iran is getting bolder; even monopolizing (with other fascist Islamic-ruled countries), the UN to make hateful anti-Jew speeches and to continue threatening another Holocaust such as the Jews being behind 9/11, and Israel and the Jews are forever blamed by Hussein & the UN, for causing such savage Arabic-Muslim terrorists of Hamas to go on bombing Israel! Thus, such evil violence under Arabic-led Islamic terrorism is normalized, not just in Palestine but elsewhere including in the US (Hussein is manipulating cunningly to disassociate Islam to such terrorism despite that such violence is based on jihad purposes!) that not one word from the UN especially by that pathetic Arabic/Islam-bowing Ban Ki-Moon & Hussein is ever heard in honest condemnation!

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