Hmm, most interesting…Namewee’s quintessential Chineseness

By Sharifuddin A Latiff

[Click on image for Mkini’s report]

Namewee’s response to Perkasa Arman Azha’s inflammatory act was, poignantly, more civilised. In fact, he is almost stoically Confucian.

Excerpted –

Asked by journalists for his reaction to the protest, Namewee said:

I have no comment, I’m not politician. I came here for an anti-racism event.

But they came for you?

It’s not my problem.

They burn your photos …

Not my business – they burn my photo, not me.

Will you apologise as demanded by Perkasa?

No, apologising is not the point. I’m here to help solve the issue of racism.

Are you scared of Perkasa?

I’m not scared. I believe the police will protect me.


Najib’s speech at the UN General Assemblyfor moderates of all countries, of all religions to take back the centre, to reclaim the agenda for peace and pragmatism, and to marginalise the extremists‘ would ring true if we are to consider Namewee’s measured responses.

Definitely not for Arman’s Neanderthal-like (sic) declaration of self-righteousness.

So, what now, Najib?

In fact, what can you do, Mr Prime Minister?

How many times must someone ask/tell you to walk the talk? At home, in Malaysia.

The world is watching.

So shall we, as Malaysians, who will decide your political fate in GE13.

Do read our earlier posting, Nobody seems able to stop Perkasa now.

5 Responses to “Hmm, most interesting…Namewee’s quintessential Chineseness”
  1. jay says:

    Fxxx u namwee!!…u too much!!…

  2. Serious Shepherd says:

    Najib walk the talk? IN YOUR DREAMS!!!

    Btw, the police only stop people who bakar lilin but did not stop people who pijak kepala lembu, I mean bakar poster. Hmmm…..

  3. Dr. Pang HC says:

    Those Perkasa nincompoops spent quite a bit to enlarge Namewee’s photos and then to burn them.

    If i were Namewee, i’d be pretty flattered that some Nazi-KKK-Cawangan Malaysia put so much effort into me.

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