Perkasa’s Encik Songkok hops from one police report to another

Just look at his amazingly tall songkok! How many inches do you think? It reminds us of the Napoleon syndrome — about short men trying too hard to compensate for their lack of height (another guy afflicted, the puny-sized Hitler).

Perkasa Youth chief Arman Azha Abu Hanifah — proud wearer of the 8-inch songkok — accompanied BTN deputy director Hamim Husain to lodge a police report today at the Sentul district police station. The report was against The Malaysian Insider for its article on Hamim’s speech during a Puteri Umno function, the news portal reported.

Only just last week, Arman was at another police station — Dang Wangi district police headquarters — to lend his moral support when blogger Mahaguru58 a.k.a. Zainol Abideen lodged his police report against an alleged Christian pastor whose witness (personal testimony in church) was uploaded in YouTube.

On Sept 2, Arman accompanied Federation of Malay Students’ Union secretary-general Zambry Mohd Isa to lodge a police report on Nurul Izzah Anwar over her discussion of Article 153 of the federal constitution. Arman also ticked off Nurul, asking her to consult her PKR senior colleagues on what issues should be discussed “before opening her mouth”. (Dang Wangi district police headquarters)

On Aug 9, Arman made a police report at the Sentul police station against Helen Ang, alleging: “According to my sources, she is Raja Petra’s protégé and sponsored by him as well.”

“The sources also told me that she was moulded and planted by Raja Petra,” he said. Asked to furnish proof, Arman said he did not have any evidence to that effect against the CPI researcher.

On July 6, Arman lodged police reports against Deputy Education Minister, MCA’s Wee Ka Siong and DAP life adviser Dr Chen Man Hin — both for allegedly questioning Malay rights in the areas of Mara scholarships and bumi corporate equity. The Star and Malaysiakini were also implicated in his police report. (Damansara Utama police station). Yah lor, might as well kill four birds with one stone, Perkasa must have thought.

On April 7, Arman lodged a police report against Karpal Singh, accusing the DAP chairman of questioning the rights of Malays. (Sentul police station) Perkasa lodged a total of 14 police reports against Karpal in the various states. Why limit yourself when your gang members have the choice of police stations all over the country?

On March 27, Arman lodged police reports against Anwar and PKR secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution. Arman had told reporters then that Perkasa was defending the monarchy.

Is there anyone whom Perkasa has not lodged a police report against? Even Grace Church and its pastor planning to stage a Christian play in  Shah Alam during puasa month were not spared.

Hartal did our own satire Perkasa makes police report against rubber tree? But verily, truth is stranger and scarier than fiction.

See related article in FMT: Ex-brigadier-generals, top cops in Perkasa

16 Responses to “Perkasa’s Encik Songkok hops from one police report to another”
  1. jay says:

    go arman….shut them off!!!

  2. wahaha says:

    as long as he’s getting paid for his trouble.

  3. 4RAKYAT says:

    does he has a job?

    • shar101 says:

      Good point, 4Rakyat. We know he’s also with UMNO Baru. Does he use funding from that source at Perkasa?

      Therefore, if Perkasa wants to ‘stalk’ Namewee, perhaps Arman must ‘suffer’ the same scrutiny.

  4. Foo says:

    Maybe we have a new profession in Malaysia, “Professional Police Report Maker”, sound cool right?

  5. vasantha says:

    Things are taking a turn for the farcical these days. How do these grown men live with themselves? Is it that the incessant chatter within them is shutting out the truth? Are they in denial? The lengths some people will go to for their five minutes of fame. The human ego is a dangerous thing. This man needs help. Let’s pray that he may see the Light!

  6. 4RAKYAT says:

    by the way, wira melayu tak ambil kesempatan sempit 50 orang bully satu orang.

    wira melayu lawan satu sama satu. tapi yang paling penting, wira melayu pakai otak.

    si songkok tinggi ni… tak kerja, cari nafkah dengan cara bodoh dan memalukan. lebih jijik drp pengemis. lebih jijik drp anjing.

    nak pertahan hak melayu atau nak mempertahan hak (rasuah) bos2 ngkau orang yakni umnoputra?
    rakyat dah pandai dah. lu ingat sekarang zaman 60an kah?


  7. vengai says:

    After bah bah boo boo this racist cock now wants to interfere in PKR party polls pulak?
    Siapa mereka untuk sokong calon calon PKR. The question is is there any PKR members are also members in Perkosa?
    Looks like they wants to get ready to if there is a change in FG after next election.

  8. esse says:

    Why is making a police report a newsworthy item?

    He is nothing but “a poor player
    That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
    And then is heard no more: it is a tale
    Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
    Signifying nothing.”

    Whiner, complainer, fault-finder… why doesn’t he go and do something useful with his own hands, that he may have something to share with those in need? Ah, but that would need a modicum of love for humanity in the heart and some marketable skill.

  9. Penan anak Sarawak says:

    lets start another silly response . . . make police report against police report by perkosa for nuisance …

  10. telur dua says:

    There must be a law against making frivolous police reports.

    But the Cops are ball-less when it comes to Perkosa.

  11. Nasir Khan says:

    This goon is just another one of those who are under umno’s payroll list!

  12. Maz says:

    Woody Allen:

    “Tall Songkok…C*CK NO SONG..”

  13. Maz says:


  14. Maz says:


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