al-Jazeera caught passing off old lamp as new!

Hat-tip: Info via (redefining the media)

Compare Video A footage 3:11-3:26 with Video B footage 0:31-0:46.

Video A was uploaded by the satellite TV station on Oct 4 while Video B was uploaded by al-Jazeera on May 5. Both segments indicated are identical.

So how can footage shot 6 months ago become tagged ‘Latest Pictures’ on Monday, only two days ago?

It’s no wonder the Palestinian territories have earned the moniker Pallywood (like Hollywood and Bollywood’s world of make-believe) as well as inspired the new slang word ‘fauxtography’.

Definition from Urban dictionary:

Fraudulent photography. News images that have been faked by various means, generally to promote an ideological agenda or to manipulate the emotions of the viewer. (Derived from a combination of the French term faux meaning “false,” and “-tography,” the second half of the word “photography.”) The word was first used to describe the doctoring of photographs by Reuters photographer Adnan Hajj during the Lebanon War of 2006, and has since been generalized to mean any dishonest or faked news photo.

Remember Reuters’ fauxtography with regard to the flotilla? Flimsy excuse and no apology given. If not for the alert bloggers in Europe and the States — as again in the catching the above al-Jazeera trickery — nobody (their viewers and readers) would have been any wiser.



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  1. Maz says:


    • Maz says:


      Raymond Ibrahim is an articulate Egyptian-American Copt. He understood
      very well the absurdities of being an indigenous Egyptian teenager in a country
      where Islam was, in fact, the newcomer; thus, he left Egypt for USA and religious

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