Buddhism is King Kong religion, says convert ustaz

Pix: Ann Wan Seng is a member of the Perkim national council

By Sharifuddin A. Latiff

What is with these Chinamen who convert to Islam in Malaysia?!

One of the most well-known Muslim missionaries (pendakwah) is Ann Wan Seng, who’s a prolific speaker in Malay — like you-know-who.

Above is a screenshot of the Perkim website organization chart. The Perkim chairman is Mahathir, by the way.

But watch the video! (below)

Beginning 2:30 Ann Wan Seng explains that the Chinese practise various strains of Buddhism.

At 3:00, Ann says:

Bukan sekadar orang Cina menyembah agama Buddha. Mereka juga sembah berbagai dewa dan juga dewi. Mereka sembah Tua Pek Kong, mereka sembah Pau Kong, mereka sembah Datuk Kong dan barangkali mereka juga sembah King Kong (audience snickers).

Maka jadilah agama dia agama Kong Kali Kong.

Dan inilah keadaan yang sedia wujud itu (speaker laughs) di mana orang Cina sembah patung-patung ini kerana mereka yakin dan juga mereka percaya bahawa patung ini boleh mendatangkan kebaikan kepada mereka, boleh mendatangkan kesejahteraan kepada mereka, boleh memberikan keselamatan malahan boleh menjadikan mereka ini kaya-raya.


Ann is wrong to conflate Buddhist teachings with the worship of Taoist deities. Even I know this. It just goes to show how shallow the knowledge of these Muslim preachers are. Spreading such ignorance and denigrating other religions is just as bad as BTN propaganda.

The YouTube video is three years old but it has only came to light and to the attention of the wider audience after the brouhaha created by blogger Mahaguru58. The president of the Muslim bloggers network Zainol Abideen made his police report against a Christian preacher whom he accused of insulting Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. six years ago.

In a tit-for-tat, the other side of blogosphere similarly highlighted this video to show that it is both sides doing the insulting.

However, only one side is making the police reports and the death threats.

The authorities are also one-sided in their warnings against perpetrators. Take for example the NFA against the two school principals who not only made racial taunts but were also religiously motivated in their actions.

And Malaysia wants to lecture the rest of the world on religious tolerance? Bah, humbug.

71 Responses to “Buddhism is King Kong religion, says convert ustaz”
  1. Maz says:


  2. Maz says:


    • tk says:


      • Civilized Man says:

        cant use a better way to correct people? calling people retard. what is this? you are just as lame, uncivilized citizen who tries hard to correct others. Who’s in denial now?

      • Maz says:


  3. Joe says:

    Never see a SHIT degrading another religion which he claim he fully understand. Learn your new religion and know it in depth before you criticize or condemn another religion.

  4. lanunkota says:


  5. Kiru says:

    Mesjid yang berusia 1000 di China, tak rosak walau dari dinasti2 dan komunis regime. That can only mean that Buddhist and Taoist there respects and preserves other religion.

  6. charleskiwi says:

    That were the only things these converts can do !
    They cannot find or use any other reasons to promote
    their own religions and has to use their ignorances in
    doing so.

  7. puspawangi says:

    ignorant is not an excuse in law..and definitely not a bliss.

  8. simplicity says:

    I feel shameful being a chinese after hearing his speech. How can he talk bad about other religion? Is he representing all the muslim by condemning Buddhism or just representing certain groups in muslim community for personal interest?? I think latter one has higher percentage.

    I personally feel all muslim should feel shameful to have a brotherhood like him. He should visit http://www.berzinarchives.com/web/en/archives/approaching_buddhism/introduction/buddhist_view_other_religions.html. Buddhist master teaches the buddhist followers about mutual respect. I am not sure how his master taught him.

    I am not a muslim but can you tell me did Islam teach the followers to respect or insult other religions? Please advise that haji (oh god, haji somemore) to respect others.

  9. Pharisees says:

    ln ancient times Israel,there were many Pharisees who showed off their holiness by wearing holy garment,bragged about in holy verses, shouted and rediculed the poor and minority tribes with insults but mixed only with the rich and powerful, so that they also enjoy all those privileges.These people were hypocrites and were strongly rebuked later bcos in their hearts they were evil but outside behaved holy. Many present day self-labelled holy humble men of God are actually wolves in sheep skins bcos a real man of God will not redicule another fellow human being if he’s lost, he would help him in all manners to guide him back to the truth.May God have mercy on these pretenders.

  10. The Penquin says:

    Ha ha I am a Buddhist and I am not a bit angry with what these preachers have said about Buddhism or Taoism. Being a Buddhist I can claim to be compassionate and subscribe non violence. Look at the first photo and you will be able to notice that when Ann Wan Seng pointed his fingers, three of them are pointing to himself. While a person may believe that his religion is the greatest in the world, there no necessity to talk bad about others. That should be the attitude of someone who has embraced and truly learn from a great religion that he has embraced in.

    • KM says:

      I agree with penguin that the Buddhists shall not at all feel angry or insulted as this so-called “Ustaz” is ignorant about the difference between Buddhism, Taoism, and Animism.

      Too bad, he is a qualified ustaz, God bless those who listen to how he preaches.

    • Anak Malaysia Kedah. says:

      I am with you The Penguin, I hope more could read and listen more to this converts and judge.

      We should be more compassionate now. I will work harder to safe more stray dogs that needed food and shelter.

      Oh yes, this also remind me to collect leftover from my favorite Bak Kut Teh shop for my dogs.

    • Fair Talk says:

      Why are Muslims always critizing other religion. They are suppose to be tolerant with others and yet these preachers are not practising what they have learnt about their adopted religion. They are in fact giving their adopted religion a bad name and bad publicity. True ulamaks do not critiize others but promote their beautiful relgion in a calm and well-mannered way.

  11. chabalang says:

    Fortunately, real Buddhists will just laugh this speech off as sheer ignorance. Making police reports, death threats simply reflects the level of cultivation (or rather how low).

  12. ray liu says:

    There are other sect of Islam such as Sunni, Shi’a and Bohras for example. The differences in religion whether it is Buddhist, Christian or Islam occur because of the influence of culture, differences in interpretation and host of other reasons. As for worshiping idol, it is not actually worshiping per se but rather as a point of reference to remind a person of his vow to do good. Just like Muslims who faced Qilbat during prayers. If by any means a person was to asked for any reward that is in his belief. Just like some Muslims who choose to abstain from worldly desire in return for untold number of virgins in the afterlife. It is not for us to mock at them since that is their belief. Anyway I am of the opinion that it is better for a person to ask 4D number from Datuk Kong rather than asking for duit kopi. At least the first person action is clean.

  13. Kong Kali Kong says:

    Ann Wan Seng is such a good speaker, I like the part when he says that the Government should encourage mix marriages of non Muslims to Muslims. Is that the purpose of PERKIM to get saudara baru through marraige? What about preaching the beauty of Isloam to those practising the religion of Kong Kali Kong? PERKIM is unable to do that because it is so obvious that , if you take him as an example there is nothing attractive about ISLAM to those who practises the religion of KONG Kali KONG.
    I am quite sure these chap and his side kick Riduan Tee all emrace Muslim because of women and their wife or wives are all Muslim.
    To those praying to Tua Pek KOng, KIng Kong, NIcheren shoshu, Hinduism and Buddhism, nothing to be angry with this people, just treat them as example of the religion that they represent.

    • Civilized Man says:

      Never blame the religion for the wrongdoings of the followers as the religion has never taught its followers to degrade other religions.
      So DO NOT ‘treat them as example of the religion that they represent.’

  14. Malaysian First says:

    It is very sad, to know, you, as an Ustaz, wants to criticise other religion/following, but got all it facts wrong.
    I think all religions/teachings that survive till today because they have good values in it.
    So, to you Uztaz, DO NOT BELITTLE ANOTHER RELIGION/TEACHING, just to champion your religion.
    I am not an expert in Islam, but I am sure Islam teaches good values and it does not teach you to poke fun on another beliefs……..

  15. dharma says:

    these guys are an embarrassment to Islam. It reflects what they have learnt abt in their religion, which is to make fun and criticize other religions. These people dont understand Islam the least bit. An embarrassment to their religion and the prophet.

  16. Paul Warren says:

    Haven’t you heard of Rushdie Rules? Go do a Google on it and find out!!

  17. bennyloh says:

    The YouTube video is three years old but it has only came to light and to the attention of the wider audience after the brouhaha created by blogger Mahaguru58.
    Makes a fool of himself trying to debate with a christian preacher. Go to his ‘silly pride’ stuff at his blog-he’s an awful failure at debating

  18. Karthik says:

    ini serupa.. kacang lupakan kulit ini… ni la akibat bagi orang yang tak tentu arah.. sini kejab sana kejab.. bodoh betul… pi belajar apa itu ajaran dan agama da…. banggau..

  19. WY says:

    Buddhism is NOT a religion. Buddhism is a teaching. He showed us the way to our inner peace. The way chinese praying with joss stick and offering is actually respecting the deities, just like we pay respect to our ancestors. Pls understand first before criticising!

    NO ONE CAN ACTUALLY PROVE THAT THEIR RELIGION IS REAL. Any dead person come back and tell us they see GOD??? EVEN WE WANTED TO SEE GHOST ALSO DIFFICULT. Tell those who were struck by disaster that there is GOD.

    As far as religion is concern, human beings need them to survive, to keep high morale values and dignity. Islam religion did a good job on this and so did other religion. So DO NOT step on other religion.

    • ikonoklast says:

      One does not need to profess a religion to have high moral values.
      Bertrand Russell was one such person.On the other hand there
      were and are numerous people who wear their religions on their
      sleeves and yet commit evil acts.

  20. burn22 says:

    he call himself a fellow muslim…
    but have no respect for other religions. you’re one sick guy with no true heart.
    because of a few did that, it does not mean all buddhist do those stuff.
    for muslims in china, they never condemn other religions.
    buddhism to me is about teaching of being good, honest and kind!
    i have never condemn or talk bad on other religions,
    moreover, most of my 99.8% friends are muslim.
    what a pity, this guy and the audiences that laughed have a very shallow minded in themselves.

  21. XIan Tze says:

    He wants to make fun of my religion, fine, I understand the need to insert humour in his speech, and just smile it away in the spirit of peace and tolerance.

    But the underlying matter is : “Kami semua kan bangsa Malaysia? KENAPA KENAPA KENAPA perlu ada, Masjid Cina, Masjid India, Masjid Pakistan, Masjid Kapitan, Masjid Jamek? Tak sama ke Masjid Cina dan Masjid India? Masjid pun perlu ditetapkan bangsa ya?”

  22. Stephen says:

    Someone who is Buddhist should lodge a police report out of this and send create some publicity.

  23. Stephen says:

    What the heck is MCA doing about this? You mean they have no balls to take up this issue?

    • Kian Ye says:

      What has it got to do with MCA, numbskull????

      Do you know that anyone of any race can be a BUDDHIST??? (not necessary only CHINESE).

      You are TOTALLY OFF TOPIC!!! I bet you are a KID who had mistakenly come in here when you are supposed to visit ‘www.playhousedisney.com’, right???

      Now…log off & go do your HOMEWORK. Teacher will SCOLD you if you can’t FINISH it.

  24. King Kong says:

    That *** is just a low life being.

    Hartal MSM: Comment edited

  25. Kian Ye says:

    The problem with ISLAM is that they have too many DONKEYS preaching ISLAMIC teachings. These DONKEYS are the so-called ‘USTAZ’ of whom MUSLIMS regards as ‘TEACHERS’. These DONKEYS are the ones to BLAME for bringing ORIGINAL ISLAMIC teachings to the DARK SIDE.

    This is the reason why we have the following:

    1) September 11 attack in U.S.A.
    2) Frequent BOMBINGS & KILLINGS in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq & other Islamic countries.
    3) JIHAD terrorist network.
    4) Obama bin Laden.
    And now……..ANN WAN SENG (but I rather address him *** *** SENG)

    Not until these ISLAMIC DONKEYS (Insane Ustaz) starts to BUCK-UP, Islam will always be perceived as a DEVILISH RELIGION across the world. There’s NOTHING wrong with ISLAM but the cause of it being WRONG simply lies in the DIRTY HANDS & MINDS of these irresponsible USTAZ of whom can’t even differentiate between GOD & SATAN.

    • Tommy says:

      Come on man, the problem is not with Islam. Who is he to represent Islam? The only thing Islamic about this fellow is his white songkok only.

  26. Anon123 says:

    This guy is an ignorant fool who argued irrationally based on a straw-man fallacy.
    A straw-man fallacy in logic is, analogically, where a general instead of facing the real opponents,
    created fields of straw-men. Then he burnt the strawmen and informed the king of his victory, i,.e never meeting the real opponents.

    Core Buddhism and Taoism do not necessitate idols. (easily google)
    They promote the highest development of human values. At no time will any Buddhist or Taoist speaker speak so emotionally and spraying saliva like the utaz.
    Note the Dalai Lama, Ajahn Bhram, Ajahn Chah, etc. they speak very calmy with full of knowledge and wisdom.

    The idols that the utaz was referring to is related the Chinese Folk Religion (see Wiki).
    The real Buddhists and Taoist are well versed with human nature and they understand the majority of humans come in a variety of intelligences, cultural background, personalities and inclinations.
    The idols and practices of Chinese Folk Religion enabled a smooth transition for the variety of the majority
    to graduate from their animism to the higher wisdom of Taoism and Buddhism proper.

    Points is, just like education there is the kindergarten, primary, secondary, university and Phd of religion.
    One cannot force secondary education into the throat of the the kindergarten students (which is often the majority).
    This is why we see so much problems when religion rules and practices are force down of the throat of those with different wavelengths and are not ready to receive it.

    There are many Muslim speaker who do not speak like that.
    As I see it, that utaz is a desperado as driven by fear.

  27. kelvin says:

    The fool who knows that he is a fool is for that very reason a wise man; the fool who thinks that he is wise is called a fool indeed – Dhammapada

  28. kelvin says:

    So, when a fool does wrong deeds, he does not realize (their evil nature); by his own deeds the stupid man is tormented, like one burnt by fire. – Dhammapada

  29. Tommy says:

    He may looks Muslim BUT he is not Islamic. What ever he is doing is making others hate Islam, but I will not fall for it cause I know Muslim is not like that. I hope some day he will find the true Islamic teaching. Poor fellow…

  30. vasantha says:

    This fellow obviously suffers from delusions of great intelligence and spirituality, both of which he greatly lacks.What he has, is the gift of the gab which he misuses. He is a crying shame to his heritage and race. He comes across as a pathetic human being who has to sell out his people to score cookie points. You give this kind of a person a mike and a audience, they get so carried away, that they do not hear their own voice. I suggest that he should read the works of the late Dayananda to know what Buddhism is all about? Buddhism is mostly about quietening the EGO in us, something this man can seriously consider!

  31. kelvin says:

    Easily seen are others’ faults, hard indeed to see are one’s own. Life chaff one winnows others’ faults, but one’s own (faults) one hides, as a crafty fowler conceals himself by camouflage. – Dhammapada

  32. tony says:

    this man who don’t want to recognised his ancestors is a man who does not know what he is talking about. religion is what people belives in and got nothing to do with race but to get acceptance into the malay community this man who grews up eating pork and praying to his ancestors resorts attack the chinese not forgeting there are many chinese in china who are muslim. the question is, does all these buddhist bashing makes him a MALAY which he wanted to be one so much until it becomes an obsession. it is pitiful to see grown man behaving and thinking that he can change his race and his previous religion and yet he hope to go to heaven. we will respect him if only he embrace his coice religion, islam and study to be a good muslim instead of bad mouthing others. he do not knows anything about religions but hope to gain fame and fortune through religions.

  33. ikonoklast says:

    It is obvious that this gentleman does not understand Buddhism and we should just let him be.
    Calling him names would only be belittling ourselves.Let us follow the great teacher and just
    maintain a noble silence.

  34. vengai says:

    Dei Ann Wan Seng,
    Memang orang bodoh kasi you jadi speker .Did you realy go and do researh on other religion before you give cock reasons to your so call muslim brothers about other religious believe before you preach.Im sure no.Unlike Zaid Ibrahim said he went to temples and tokong to know other religios believe and as why these poeple have such a faith. The UMGOK make full fuss out of it.
    Find the fact first stupid.There are Indian Hindus and Indian cristian.Indian Hindus worship idol and Indian christians goes to church.Will you say Indian goes to temple worship idols and also goes to church prays to christ?

    Die stupid ,
    Than you also will say indian eat beef meat without knowing that Hindu Indian does not eat beef but some christian Indian does.

    The same thing goes to chinese lah .Not all chinese are Buddhist religion.Some are toisme.
    some chinese eat beef and some dont.
    Anwer me this question.Is God everywhere and in every thing?If you know the answer than you know if God is in the idols and statues.

    Stupid Ann.
    God is even in human themself.Did you know that or not?IM sure you dont cause you are a stupid Ustaz.
    Let me tell you simply.When God created ADAM A.S , he ask Jibrael to take soil from earth.ADAM is made from soil which is taken from 7 place.6 from earth and 1 from heaven.The soil from heaven is used to make ADAM heart.GOD’s reason is ,heart is the place GOD will stay.
    The main point is who is in your thought when you prey.
    GOD; 1, Muslim call as “ALLAH”
    2, Christian call as “ALMIGHTY”where in ancient time they also call GOD as ALLAH.
    3. Hindus call as”ANDAVAN”
    4. Buddhist call as “AMITHABA”
    You convert to muslim religion.As a chinese born and if you are from Buddhist religion than i got no comment for your converstion cause your blood is purely vegeterian. But if you are from ordinary chinese who consume pork before you convert , what say you about the blood which made your flash?Can you Change your blood.?

    I didnt mean to hert any muslim,indian or chinese feelings.But this stupid cock should learn bout other religion first before commenting.

    This UsTaz is fit to preach to KING KONG and Orang BHutan Only in jungle.

    Readers please correct me if i wrote wrong arguement or facts.

    • George says:

      4. Buddhist call as “AMITHABA”

      I do not agree with this. In the original teaching of Buddha, never had He mention anything about Amithaba and deny of the concept of Creation God as in Christianity and Islam. The gods mention in the sutta refer to deva/devi in the heaven realms.. Buddha always advise not to depend on ‘3rd party’, strive on diligently ourself, only we ourself can liberate ourself, no one else… Do good, avoid evil and purify the mind thats the teaching of Buddha.

    • ikonoklast says:

      It would appear the distance between you and the ustaz is not very great.

  35. Lancang Biru says:

    I am a strong supporter of UMNO. Not doubt about it.

    You know what? I have lost respect with a lot of these so call “Ustaz” and preachers who never practice what they preach. They are a disgrace to Islam. I will never agree with some Islamic speakers who without hasitation will downgarde other religions. When I go to the mosque, i need to be reminded about the beauty of Islam and not about the negative aspects of other person (other Muslims that do not belong to their so called “Islamic” party) or other religion. Ustaz Ann Wan Seng? I have been told that he used to deliver his “nonsense” on the same platform with other Ustazs from PAS and PKR.

    Wake up, Malaysians. You all have been hoodwinked for the past number of yewars by the so called members of the “Islamic’ party and its half -bake “Ustazs”. Sekarang baru kau tahu!

    Lancang Biru

  36. Pegasus says:

    This convert is pathetic. He is a shame to the muslims. What kind of religion did he convert to? I believe Islam does not teach what he preach. This idiot obviously has no clue about other religion and is no authority to talk about others. Its best to ignore this fool as he is a proven ignorant convert,

  37. kelvin says:

    what a shameful chinese! ignorant, selfish, and uneducated! talk like a retarded asshole! go get yourself educated then go and continue talk cock! SOHAI!

  38. bergkamp says:

    ann said: sebab dan akibat., Buddhist teaching : cause and effect. Think about it!

  39. Daniel says:

    Saudara Ann,
    Islam tak mengajar kita agar menghina agama lain. Sila dalami agama kita agar tidak menimbulkan kegusaran dalam kalangan kafir.

  40. patrick goo says:

    saudara Ann, cermin dulu diri kita sebelum kita mengutuk orang .
    bukankah ajaran agama islam ialah membetulkan orang yang tersilap jalan adalah apa yang saudara buat ini
    betul ?

  41. haha says:

    Action speaks louder than words:

    1. Who shed the most blood in history?
    2. Who has the most war?
    3. Who bombs innocent people?
    4. Who stones woman?
    5. Who shoots woman who don’t wear veil?
    6. Who encourages polygamy?
    7. Who purposely kills innocent aminals every year?
    8. Who hijacks planes?
    9. Who produce terrorist?
    10. Who has the poorest countries?

  42. Teoh says:

    Being religious is NOT the same as being spiritual. A spiritual person will never ridicule another person’s beliefs. He is full of love and compassion for all living things. He is thankful for being born as a human and strives to better himself and to make this world a better place. He does not judge others.
    Therein lies the danger whereby unspiritual individuals become leaders in their respective religious orders.

  43. ProudOfBuddhism says:

    I do not consider myself a buddhist but I am proud of the buddhist out there after reading all the comments and response. I really respect Mr. Sek from YBAM. The comment given by him shows the beauty of buddha’s teaching.

    All buddhist out there, you have my respect!!.

    As for that Ustaz, I am so sorry for you. As for all the muslim out there, please do not feel bad or embarrass to have Ustaz as your brotherhood. You have the responsibility to guide him to the right path.

  44. End Of Message says:

    Too many dhimmis on the dance floor.
    Too hard to have proper dialog.

  45. Tiu Ni Ah Seng! says:

    Go to hell lah, you two Ah Seng idiots! After gobbling so much pork from your mum’s womb plus your parents raisng you as Buddhist, now you want to talk nonsense and condemn other religions?

  46. Yap says:

    Ann Wan Seng

    The Kalama Sutta : Do not accept anything just because it accords with your scriptures.

    Can you do this with your religion.

  47. pilgrim says:

    Buddhists are aware of this video. It speaks highly of their practice that their response is calm and reasoned. In my view, this puts the spiritual development of the average Buddhist way above this ustaz. Again this underlines the efficacy of Buddhism as a religion that quietly and effectively brings peace, as opposed to others who go around insisting that their religion is peaceful.

  48. ramatara guasaran says:

    Again we have a fool who wants to create race problems and hatred so he can then rule you all.
    Religion has been the bain of mankind for centuries and has been used for some of the most senseless killings and atrocities in the history of mankind. And yet we see another puppet raising his head and sprouting hatred and segregation to the world and unfortunately we have the other puppets laughing with him who are just as single minded as he is. I would suggest he read the Koran properly and study the teachings and then preach what the holy prophet has said not what some other idiot has twisted to meet his own agenda.
    The muslim belief is a belief of peace and tolerence not this hatred and lies that we are now hearing.
    If you want to hide behind religion then you are a bigger fool than wht you are showing the world you are.
    It is people like this idiot that cause wars and riots to seperate and divide a nation so they can rise and rule totally. The next thing he will be blaming every other race for the misfortunes of the Malaysian people.
    But he is just following in the steps of most niosey parrots we see and hear in power so it is up to all of us not to listen to his sqwarkings and live our lives as the the true followers of Islam and be tolerent of others and respect all others.

  49. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “The believer is not given to cursing, slandering or obscene and foul speech.” Narrated by Ahmad, 3948; al-Tirmidhi, 1977; classed as saheeh by al-Albaani in Saheeh al-Tirmidhi.

    In my years of calling others to Islam, I have yet to dwell on the faith or beliefs of those who are not Muslims. Its sad to see the preacher concerned resort to such attacks on the beliefs of the Buddhists / Taoists.

    Believe me, this is forbidden in my faith ~ attacking the Non Muslims beliefs ; making fun of them. The Final Messenger of Allah forbade us to do so.

  50. anonymous says:

    Syair-syair Dhammapada

    11. (11) Mereka yang menganggap, ketidak-benaran sebagai kebenaran. dan kebenaran sebagai ketidak-benaran. maka mereka yang mempunyai, pikiran keliru seperti itu, tak akan pernah dapat, menyelami kebenaran.

    12. (12) Mereka yang mengetahui, kebenaran sebagai kebenaran. dan ketidak-benaran sebagai ketidak-benaran, maka mereka yang mempunyai, pikiran benar seperti itu, akan dapat menyelami kebenaran.

    19. (19) Biarpun seseorang banyak membaca kitab suci, tetapi tidak berbuat sesuai ajaran, maka orang lengah itu, sama seperti gembala sapi yang menghitung sapi milik orang lain. Ia tak akan memperoleh, manfaat kehidupan suci.

    20. (20) Biarpun seseorang sedikit membaca kitab suci, tetapi berbuat sesuai dengan ajaran, menyingkirkan nafsu indria, kebencian dan ketidaktahuan, memiliki pengetahuan benar, dan batin yang bebas dari nafsu, tidak melekat pada apapun, baik di sini maupun di sana; maka ia akan memperoleh, manfaat kehidupan suci.

    6. (26) Orang dungu yang berpengertian dangkal, terlena dalam kelengahan, sebaliknya,orang bijaksana senantiasa menjaga kewaspadaan. seperti menjaga harta yang paling berharga.

    BAB V. BALA VAGGA – Orang Bodoh
    1. (60) Malam terasa panjang bagi orang yang berjaga, satu yojana terasa jauh bagi orang yang lelah; sungguh panjang siklus kehidupan bagi orang bodoh yang tidak mengenal Ajaran Benar.

  51. KJT says:

    oh ….Tuan Haji Ann Wan Seng (address fb : Ann wan Seng). I think u better change your name to Ustaz Kong Kali Kong. How can u can be a member of the Perkim national council ???

    • KJT says:

      oh ….Tuan Haji Ann Wan Seng (address facebook : Ann wan Seng). I think u better change your name to Ustaz Kong Kali Kong. How can u can be a member of the Perkim national council ???

  52. Khairy says:

    Too much NEED to gain publicity, to the extend of playing with religious sentiment.

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