UMNO’s Frankie

By Reina

Umno secretary-general Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor says that Perkasa is a “monster that the media created”.

He is half right in that Perkasa is a monster. But he’s way off the mark when he says that Perkasa is created by the media.

A hypothetical scenario

You are heading a political party that is the backbone of the ruling government. The support for your party and your government is waning and you need to drum up support fast before you call for general elections.

You need the support of the non-Malays who now seem to have shifted their support en bloc towards the Opposition parties – any party as long as it is not yours. The non-Malays accuse you of only caring and supporting the Malays and not everyone in Malaysia.

The Malays, on the other hand, are claiming that you are not Malay enough and are often seen siding the non-Malays.

You need to satisfy both sides. So you show support to the non-Malays while your deputy supports the Malays. Sort of a double good-cop-bad-cop thing. This way you get the support from both sides. So all you do is make sure you make yourself to be the nice guy with the non-Malays while your deputy, at the expense of being labelled ultra, will appease the Malays.

With the Malays, your party had earlier tried the religion gambit – where you show that you are more Islam than PAS by allowing your religious authorities to come out with fatwa / directives / statements that challenge the understanding of many.

The side effect is that these fatwa / directives / statements get to the world media faster than a bullet train and further erode the world’s perception of the country and Malaysia’s credibility.

Race card always the best

So your deputy decides that the next best option is to give birth to an ultra right group that is not afraid to verbalise controversial statements that the government and party officials would not state for fear of being called racists.

So a man with scant credibility, no political future and who is non-threatening (to the political party hierarchy) is picked to lead this team, and he is shown the modus operandi – what to say and do and when and where.

This group gets registered with the Registrar of Societies at lightning speed, subsequently obtains a publishing permit in similar fashion from the Home ministry and thereafter, its leader begin spewing racist statements almost on a daily basis.

And then, add a retired politician to back this group with the hope of giving the elaborate setup some credibility.

Media spotlight on Perkasa

On Sept 9th 2010, about 50 Perkasa members protested outside the Kuala Lumpur-Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall where Namewee was attending a Youth forum. Despite their rowdiness and racial taunts calling Namewee babi (pig) and pengkhaniat (traitor), the police did not make any arrests.

Earlier on May 18th, Ibrahim Ali of Perkasa blames Chinese Malaysian voters for being ungrateful for what the government has given them. This was after the Sibu by-election in which Barisan Nasional lost to Pakatan Rakyat.

In between, Perkasa have lodged police reports on several individuals who they claim are undermining the Federal Constitution’s Article 153.

These are just a couple of news items in the attention-seeking Perkasa’s short existence.

For a highly controversial and disruptive group such as Perkasa to be turned into a mainstream news item, there has to be a high-level tacit backing from the government of the day.

For there to be stories published in the mainstream media on Perkasa’s unsubstantiated accusations and comments along with racist statements, there has to be a green light from those in authority.

And needless to say, the mainstream media has its content and operations under the total control of the ruling government through ownership, legislation and periodical directives from government officials.

So, Umno secretary-general Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor’s claim that Perkasa is a “monster that the media created” is merely a feeble attempt by Umno to disassociate itself from the ‘Frankenstein’ they’ve created. Paradoxically, by blaming the already shackled and toothless MSMs (which they own in the first place) for creating this venom-spewing group of racist bigots.

The sad part is Umno thinks that their ‘Frankenstein’ will self destruct once the intention and purpose for which it was established has been met.

Umno doesn’t realise that ‘Frankenstein’ now has a mind and will of its own, and it’s existence will mutate into an uncontrollable, destructive force.

Who will you blame then, Ku Nan?

2 Responses to “UMNO’s Frankie”
  1. WESTWINDMAN says:

    Spot-On article. Couldn’t have articulated any better on specifics … Kudos!!!

  2. Dr. Pang HC says:

    Perkasa is never out of control because Perkasa is UMNO. Ibrahim Ali is a leech that feeds off the GLCs and BNputra’s (read: Vincent Tan) back.

    If Ibrahim Ali goes out of control, he will lose his fat wallet but not his fat.

    Perkasa’s actions are all well planned and orchestrated by UMNO.

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