UPDATE: MCA hypocrites!/Uztaz who said ‘King Kong’

Ustaz Ann Wan Seng — who said Buddhism is the religion of  “Kong Kali Kong” — was recipient of the Selangor Tokoh Maal Hijrah award 2009.

He was also recipient of the national Excellent Saudara Muslim award in 2008.

He’s honorary secretary of the Malaysian Chinese Muslim Association (Macma). Incidentally,  Ridhuan Tee is Macma vice president.

Ann, whose Muslim name is Ann bin Abdullah, is author of the book ‘Rahsia Bisnes Orang Cina’. (Business Secrets of the Chinese)

He also wrote ‘Murtad: Jangan Pandang Sebelah Mata‘. The book title translates as ‘don’t take apostasy lightly’.

The blurb says it is hoped that the book ‘Murtad’ will open the mind of Muslims in Malaysia to be always wary, alert/sensitive to the issue and the Muslim must always involve himself whether directly or indirectly in confronting the threat of apostasy happening here.

Unlike the obscure Christian in the YouTube from six years ago, this Ann bin Abdullah is a public figure. His utterances indicate the low benchmark of the men who are held up as shining examples for the ummah.

Information Minister Rais Yatim had ordered the MCMC to immediately investigate the alleged Christian pastor. MCA vice president Chor Chee Heung was quoted as saying the government must take stern action against anyone insulting religion.

The supposed Christian man committed his alleged offence six years ago and yet MCA made such loud, bold noises.

This ‘King Kong’ case involves a well-known winner of national and state awards as well as office bearer in major associations. Why the deafening silence from the party claiming to be the champion of the Chinese race?

Buddhists have shown that they’re willing to forgive and forget. The Muslims may not let off Benjamin Stephen (if that’s his name) so lightly.

However, in all of this, the double standards is glaring.

8 Responses to “UPDATE: MCA hypocrites!/Uztaz who said ‘King Kong’”
  1. vasantha says:

    Religious bashing is a big NO-NO. Ang is a shinning testimony to the saying,”Where angels fear to thread, Fools rush in”. We all know who the fool is! A person of real intelligence would cringe from resorting to cheap theatrics to promote his own agenda.

  2. Doctor says:

    “…the double standard is glaring.”

    Well said.

  3. Dr. Pang HC says:

    1Malaysia, 2Rules

  4. jeffrey says:

    This Ann NUT-CASE is a shining example of the failure of our malaysian based (very confused branch indeed) Islam propagation machinery… There is no LOVE in their heart for fellow human being for this bunch of converts. Once converted they think they can talk bad of others. To me, they are just ball carriers..trying to earn merits from their earthly masters rather than the ALMIGHTY ALLAH. They will surely burn in HELL….

  5. tony says:

    whats the differences between the converted Christan peacher and this ptiful Chinese convert to Islam Uztaz?
    they are both ignorant of their parents religions and as they wanted so badly to be with their new found religions they forgot to even study or understand their embraced religions. no religious preachers, uztazs ,monks or priests will runs down other religions but will preach on the teaching and goodness of their religions . a bully shows his fist while a learned man reasons with words.

  6. Pilgrim says:

    It speaks highly of their practice that their response is calm and reasoned. In my view, this puts the spiritual development of the average Buddhist way above this ustaz. Again this underlines the efficacy of Buddhism as a religion that quietly and effectively brings peace, as opposed to others who go around insisting that their religion is peaceful.

  7. amoker says:

    Great writeup. Indeed, the lack of speed on Ustaz Ann’s religious bigotary is again a testimony of the double standard of this current government.

  8. Tan Choon Huat says:

    Like fine dust thrown against the wind, evil
    falls back upon the fool who offends a harmless
    man, one pure and innocent,

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