Here’s a cangkul, MCA

Go dig a hole and bury yourselves.

The Chinese party’s paper Star today carried these reports, ‘MCA Youth: Punish those who make racist remarks’ and ‘Draw clear line on extremism’.

The MCA Youth wing in its resolution passed at the party AGM wants the government to disassociate itself from organisations such as Perkasa.

Yet Youth chief Wee Ka Siong in his speech — according to the press reports — failed to finger who the “extremists” and “extremist organizations” are.

Insider gives a stinging headline — whether intended to be ironic or not — to the story, i.e. ‘Be clear on extremist groups, MCA Youth tells BN‘. In other words, here is Wee saying “be clear” on the escalation of racism on the one hand, while at the same time, he’s too chicken to even name names.

MCA Youth wants “immediate action” taken to punish civil servants who make racist remarks. Let’s wait and see when ‘immediate’ will come, or if it’s to be like the ‘tomorrow that never comes’.

Wee also urged the BN central leadership to punish those who call for the abolishment of vernacular schools. He makes a reference to 1978 when “Sabah MP Mark Koding called for the closure of Chinese primary schools in Parliament. He was found guilty of sedition later”.

He wants “the BN central leadership to punish”? How, when the DPM-cum-Education Minister cannot, it seems, punish two school principals? Wee is asking for the moon.

There was apparently a recent call by the Malays Consultative Council, a group that includes Perkasa, to do away with vernacular schools.

Not too long ago, Wee wanted the Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua movement charged under sedition for the same reason. It didn’t take but a jiffy then for him to chicken out and drop the case like a hot potato.

Now in this MCA annual get-together, singing to the choir, Wee raises the issue again. We (no pun intended) don’t think the MCA drum-beating will go anywhere.

The funny thing, alternatively, does DAP have the courage to defend Chinese schools? It doesn’t seem to be on the DAP radar either. They’re too busy out-Islamizing PAS.

14 Responses to “Here’s a cangkul, MCA”
  1. Dr. Pang HC says:

    How is DAP trying to out-Islamize PAS?

    Just because a few of DAP’s reps are visiting suraus on official duties and quoting a few verses of the Quran does not mean DAP is trying to be Islamic.

    A bit of jumping the gun aren’t you?

    As for MCA, I don’t care. Not many do anymore.

  2. ikonoklast says:

    Life is good in the sense that after GE13 there will be almost no MCA lowlifes
    around anymore.

  3. vasantha says:

    Why it that the MCA, MIC and Gerakan have one thing in common – a spirit of timidity. Their inept performance as elected legislators is not that different from the funny ‘convert’ ustaz. In terms of hypocrisy and stupidity, they are not that far lagging behind. At least PAS is consistent in their idealogy. I would take my chances with PAS. At least, you know where they stand!

  4. LSW says:

    MCA dare to marah only in their own MCA building surrounded by a few thousand members, Gerakan shouted hoarse to criticise those racists again in their own comfort PGRM building surrounded by thousands of members, MIC will stand up to stop tanks and army rhetoriced by Sami BUT when these great warriors walk out of the buildings they dared not look into the eyes of just 1 Perkasa ordinary member who dares to confront them and demanded an immediate apology or disclaimer. Really pathetic these so-called heroes.The same goes with DAP,PKR non-malay leaders who just blogged to complain or play gentlemen.No wonder Perkasa called us no balls.Don’t blame them, we proved to them so.BTW, Najib also dismissed strongly all these racists in MCA-MIC-Gerakan-PPP AGMs, tapi dalam AGM UMNO, diam ubi . Just ask those folks in coffee shops they will confirm this perception.

    • Cawan Lama says:

      Use BRAIN not BALLS in order to survive. Balls is useless when army, police, macc, sprm etc all are tools for BN (UMNO).

      Pendatangs survive all over the world by using their brain + hardworking + guts + trust in education. So THINK!!

      No offence intended, just keep upgrade ourselves and choose the best survival options. So much words won’t help us as a 2nd grade citizen, action is required either by your RM, ballot paper or foot.

      Thank you.

      Cawan Lama

      • hartalmsm says:

        You say ‘pendatang’ need to trust in education (to develop the brains). So Chinese schools need to be protected by the ‘pendatang’ for the ‘pendatang’ children? Who’s doing the protecting?

      • Oneofthesedays says:

        It’s balless people like cawan lauliah who deserve to be called pendatang.

        Hey cawan why don’t you just migrate-lah. You don’t have a stomach for the fight ahead.

      • Cawan Lama says:

        READ then THINK then ACT…accusing and labeling people is easy, able to comprehend what is “yang tersurat dan yang tersirat” is the key.

        I throw up PR status of developed country to back to my root, and i don’t mind whatever you may label me as long as i know what i am doing, i am fine.

        “Pendatang” here mean all the migrant workers all over the world. Does George Soros, Sergey Brin, Jerry Yang, Lakshmi Mittal are not pendatang? This already measured the level of understanding among ourselves and i will prefer to remain humble here. No provocation or argument intended here. I prefer healthy discussion.

        Dear Hartal, topics of education is a bit not so straight forward for all of us to side as each systems had its pros & cons. Both diversification and specialization have its merit and drawback as well. Whatever education channel that excel and bringing both direct and indirect humanity benefit worth our support. Given a chance to reverse time, i will like to LEARN chinese, arabic, japanese, deutsch as well.

        Thank you.

        Cawan Lama

  5. pinsysu says:

    cangkul too slow lah … i’ll help raise fund to pay for use of excavator for a day. lol!

  6. tony says:

    Remember it was not too long ago when DAP YBs rather get kick out of state assembies than to put on a songkok? Now they are fighting to outdo one another by dressing in baju melayu, and even going to mosque.

    • clueless says:

      how is putting on a songkok relevant to whether they can do their jobs or not? would you be as snarky if some chinese DAP fler decides to don some indian garb to go into a temple?

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