Catch & Release – PDRM style

by Sharifuddin A Latiff PDRM’s fishing expeditions were rather creative lately. A recent example was when Zunar was taken for an unsolicited ‘Le Tour de Brickfields/Puchong/Serdang/KLIA Sepang‘. The latest refers to the Bar Council Legal Aid Centre personnel getting ‘detained’ for distributing the Red Book. TMI carried the story. Excerpts: Four legal aid volunteers trying … Continue reading

DAP Perak beans unspilled as yet

DAP vice-president Tunku Abdul Aziz parachuted into the party only not too long ago — in August 2008. However, his “plea for sanity over Perak DAP crisis” is astute, and polished writer that he is, Tunku Aziz is possibly the right individual with enough stature to make this all-too-necessary call. He writes mighty fine English … Continue reading

Murtad, sort of

From a story in Jerusalem Post yesterday. BERLIN – The German passenger aboard the Irene catamaran that tried to break Israel’s blockade of Gaza last month appears to have invented her conversion to Judaism, Berlin’s ‘Der Tagesspiegel’ newspaper reported on Tuesday. The German passenger is Edith Lutz. The Irene catamaran carried nine passengers and crew … Continue reading