DAP Perak beans unspilled as yet

DAP vice-president Tunku Abdul Aziz parachuted into the party only not too long ago — in August 2008. However, his “plea for sanity over Perak DAP crisis” is astute, and polished writer that he is, Tunku Aziz is possibly the right individual with enough stature to make this all-too-necessary call.

He writes mighty fine English but to translate into Manglish for our readership, what Tunku is saying is don’t air dirty laundry in public, takut-takut nanti DAP loses some votes and the public loses some confidence in the party, and then aiyoyo, cannot reach Putrajaya lah.

He talks about “party values and principles”, yadda, yadda, yadda, but this line at least resonates even with non-party members: “… the reputation of the DAP which has earned for itself, over the years in the face of great odds, enormous goodwill and credibility”. True.

The next line rings even more true: “Do you think it fair to put all the hard work and personal sacrifices of thousands of party members at risk to satisfy your craving for personal glory and power?”

Tunku is directing his reprimand at — although it’s not openly mentioned — the Perak DAP No.1 and No.2 (Ngeh and Kula respectively) one would assume under the circumstances, and some young cikus in the DAP holding foreign degrees who think they’re better and brighter than the old coots.

However, Tunku’s reminder should be taken more broadly and we have one or two others in mind who fit the bill of going overboard “to satisfy [their] craving for personal glory and power”.

One thing though we have to say about the old DAP: it was a secular, socialist party — but will it stay that way? — which had its feet on the ground and ear to public sentiments.

Its party newsletter Rocket carries its list of MPs and Aduns, and their e-mail addresses and telephone numbers so that these wakil rakyat can be contacted. Nice touch, and a decent thing to do really.

PAS newsletter Harakah is more frequent in print and has more pages (content) than Rocket. It’s also more current. The PKR newsletter Suara Keadilan has been bobbing up and down in standards, the party Communications Head portfolio overlapping and changing, and the SK editors changing too.

Strange that the Umno newsletter is not well known, or is Suara Perkasa set to play the replacement role?

Be that as it may, Utusan is more than enough to fiddle for Umno and as our previous Top 10 media listing shows, the Malay broadsheet’s online version is widely read too, as is Harakah Online.

DAP both in print and in cyberspace has not made its presence felt in info dissemination. It should buck up lest public perception of the party becomes even more negative from reading MSM without getting DAP’s side of the story.

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