Murtad, sort of

From a story in Jerusalem Post yesterday.

BERLIN – The German passenger aboard the Irene catamaran that tried to break Israel’s blockade of Gaza last month appears to have invented her conversion to Judaism, Berlin’s ‘Der Tagesspiegel’ newspaper reported on Tuesday.

The German passenger is Edith Lutz.

The Irene catamaran carried nine passengers and crew members — purportedly all Jews.

The Gaza blockade-bust was organized by a British NGO ‘Jews for Justice for Palestinians’, to show that not all Jews supported Israel’s policies. However, the fake Jew in the expedition drew criticisms against the German TV that interviewed her.

Edith Lutz had masqueraded as a converted Jew in order to board the catamaran that sailed to Gaza.

This observation of the German press is hardly surprising: “Many German journalists devote a great deal of coverage to fringe Jews who bash the Jewish state.” (Like the UK’s The Guardian.)

Only thing was that Edith, though meeting the media requirement of Israel-basher, was not even a Jew.

Edith Lutz’s disrespect to Judaism is really, really sick. She should count herself lucky that she’s living in Germany and not somewhere else where she’d be liable to punishment by religious laws for her trickery in taking God’s name in vain.

Edith — earning her 15 minutes of fame to make “verbal attacks on Israel” — is even willing to pretend that she has embraced another religion. What will the  Gaza flotilla think of next?

One Response to “Murtad, sort of”
  1. Oneofthesedays says:

    No such thing as the high ground for some people…

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