Here’s one way to tackle Utusan

[For story behind the cartoon above, please ref. CIF Watch.]

UK’s the Guardian newspaper is anti-Israel, as is its Comment is Free (CIF) online facility for readers.

Pro-Israel commentators have been banned from commenting in Guardian’s CIF section for nothing even approaching what the pro-Palestinian commentators are allowed to get away with.

We’ve ourselves noticed the bias practised by the CIF moderators, which is similar to the bias evident in Lim Kit Siang’s blog on the Israel-Palestine issue.

On July 9, we posted on how the LKS blog allowed his reader to call Perkasa “just a bunch of useless beggars” but censored another reader who commented “why are we wasting our limited [scholarship] funds on [‘useless’ — deleted] Palestinians”.

We had also pointed out that LKS permitted profanity by a reader – “damned Jews”. Hartal MSM had e-mailed our complaint to Lim’s blog, after which remedial action was taken by the blogmaster/web admin on the DAP supremo’s blog double standards.

Blog moderators are indeed human, biased and unprofessional — some more than others. A bunch of people hopping mad at Guardian‘s unfair and unethical journalism set up a website called CiF Watch to monitor and expose antisemitism in the paper’s Comment is Free blog.

In Malaysia, we’ve had specialised watchdogs on certain organizations and agencies too, e.g. Sime Darby Watch, and Policewatch earlier by Hindraf.

If Malaysians believe that Utusan ‘s racism should be monitored or exposed, then netizens should set up an Utusan Watch. Or the Pakatan state governments might spearhead this initiative as they’ve already boycotted the paper and even kicked up a fuss when Zaid Ibrahim gave Utusan an interview recently.

After all, Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim not too long ago announced an RM15 million allocation for ‘information’ (we’re shying away from the word ‘propaganda’) purposes.

PAS members are active in the Malay online forums and DAP cybertroopers are trawling everywhere, even in Ridhuan Tee’s blog (ha-ha-ha-ha) and writing in BM (that’s so rajin lah, tabik!)

So with all their manpower at hand, the opposition should seriously think about a dedicated countering of Utusan and the damage the paper has been inflicting on race relations.

5 Responses to “Here’s one way to tackle Utusan”
  1. anak_perelih says:


    if you can be pro/biased towards Israel.. why can’t others be pro/biased towards Palestinians..>????


    Hartal MSM: Salam. We don’t censor anyone who makes pro-Palestinian comments here. Nor do we ban anyone who is pro-Palestinian from participating in our discussion threads. Whereas, Guardian’s CiF both bans and censors the pro-Israeli commentators & the CiF Watch blog is devoted to documenting those instances.

  2. Oneofthesedays says:

    When I was a free radical in college I was totally pro Palestinian ( I am not muslim).

    They make such a compelling heart breaking story.

    As I grew older I began to see the duplicity and outright lies used to further their cause. The many peace summits. The out right rejection of land for peace. The return of Gaza and its subsequent descent into civil war.

    The last straw for me personally was when I saw photos of poor Palestinian babies dressed up by their mothers in mock suicide bomber outfits.

    How do you pro-Palestinian supporters feel about that?

    Even animals don’t kill their young for PR.

  3. Maz says:

    “Mahathir the Musical”=”The Producers” (subtitled: “Springtime for H*tler”) by Mel Brooks

    Those Malaysians who need scapegoats and ‘Zionistic’ global protocols
    cannot be educated because then what crux would they rely on ?

    Many are angry that modern Jews today come with IDF uniforms and know how to
    use an Uzi and are handsome or cantik (if female)-this does not comport with the Shylock
    stereotype and anti-Semitic Malaysians aren’t about to be disabused of their stereotypes
    (e.g., Mahathir and ‘Ustaz’ Tee). I have news for you buddy !…..Israelis KNOW how to
    operate their submarines which actually do sink and float when needed (hear that
    MOD you imbecile !); and aircraft engines also don’t go missing from Israel….ending
    up in Uruguay.

    Need I say more….

    • esse says:

      “Mahathir the Musical”=”The Producers” (subtitled: “Springtime for H*tler”) by Mel Brooks??

      hahah I’ve seen “The Producers” – it’s hilarious. You mean MtM is like that, or like the play within, “Springtime for H” which brought the house down?

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