Questions Begging For Answers In The Trial of Aminulrasyid Shooter

by Eyes Wide Open

HartalMSM views with dismay the dismal standards of journalism in this country where reporters are so afraid to analyse information. Journalists and the media in general in this country have been reduced to a level akin to primary school  children in our anemic education system – simply regurgitating the data that had been fed to them to please their masters, no deviance allowed.

Seeing that the trial for Kpl Jenain Subi commenced today, and knowing that the MSM will never have an opinion about it, perhaps HartalMSM can play the role of a journalist again and review 2 analyses that we did of this tragedy.

The first was “What 6km chase?” in which 3 issues were raised:

1. Why was a 1.2 km chase lasting for only about a minute reported as 6km?

2.  Where was the ‘roadblock‘ which the PDRM claimed was in place that night?

3. How could Aminul who was already dead from a head shot, reverse a car with 4 shot out tyres to ram into the police (the police’s official story)?

It would be interesting to see how these issues will be addressed as the trial progresses.

The 2nd HartalMSM article was entitled “1Cop arrested for Aminul’s murder and no more?” In that piece, several issues were raised that questioned whether only 1 cop could have caused everything to happen in that tragic event.

1.  Why were the drivers of the police cars not arrested and charged as accomplices since they had to maneuver the squad cars into position for the shooter/s to shoot out ALL Aminul’s tyres?

2. Can 1Cop REALLY fire 20 rounds in a space of 1 minute to shoot out 4 tyres and kill Aminul with a head shot?

Even a casual examination of witness statements and the facts of the case would tell the densest of people that the official story does not hold water!

However, the MSM seems to see no problem in the fact that the FIRST (armed robber shot dead by police) and SECOND (high-speed chase and attempted killing of police) official police stories has been quietly forgotten and had been replaced by a THIRD and equally unlikely story that a lone gunman caused all this damage. In the Malay Mail today, it was reported:


“Selangor 614 radioed in saying it had spotted the Iswara pass Concorde Hotel heading to Bulatan Kayangan before turning back. That was the last thing I heard from Selangor 614.”

Asked by deputy public prosecutor Mohd Dusuki Mokhtar whether he knew who were the policemen manning Selangor 614, Mohd Sabri said he only knew them after checking roster. He told the court Selangor 614 was manned by Jenain and Konstabel Hafiz Moiz.

Mohd Sabri also said he was not sure who made the radio call. He told the court after he failed to contact Selangor 614 over the radio system, he called Jenain on the latter’s cell phone.

“Kpl Jenain told me over the phone that the Iswara had gone off the road and the driver was injured. He asked to get an ambulance to the scene at Jalan Makyong 11/2G, Section 11, Shah Alam.”


By itself, this piece of witness testimony only serves to put Kpl Jenain at the scene. Perhaps the prosecution is building up its case to show how Kpl Jenain singlehandedly called in a report, fired 20 shots from a speeding squad car to shoot out all 4 tyres and kill Aminul, and answer a call to his handphone and request for an ambulance.

I look forward to the prosecution’s re-enactment of the events. Specifically, I’d like to know how how Kpl Jenain was able to do all that (and maybe even more) within the space of about 1 minute!

It should be at least as entertaining as the MACC lawyer cross examining Dr Pornthip!

2 Responses to “Questions Begging For Answers In The Trial of Aminulrasyid Shooter”
  1. Paul Warren says:

    BTW, the guns they carry got how many bullets in the barrel? Or is it cartridge? And how many guns do they carry anyway? If I recall all the TV shows I have watched, if barrel then there would be either 6 or 8 bullets. See, so much I know about guns. The two guns will need to be fired assuming each cop had a single gun. And one needed to be reloaded at least once to make up the many bullet casings found. Unless of course there was a third cop and a fourth firing away as well. And yet only one charged.

    • Whatever the case may be, 17 shots fired in a space of about 1 minute is heluva lot! Even IF Kpl Jenain was the only one firing, his colleagues could have forced him to stop his shooting spree or reported him later. Neither of which happened. Thus they are accomplices because they condoned the shooting. Yet none of them were charged…

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